She wasn’t in a hurry to wake up, the dream could last
forever and she wouldn’t care. Queen dreamt of Tunde and herself, they were in
a private beach, she was wearing a red short and a bikini top while he wore a white
boxer short.
Their lips were locked in a kiss, it was truly superb. He lifted
her up from the ground and carried her towards the beach, giving her a sly
smile and staring at her with unreadable eyes, he threw her into the beach’s
waiting waves.
Queen gasped and woke up, her whole body was soaking wet,
she looked around her room, trying hard to understand the workings of her dream. Staring
at her, with eyes of pure mischief were her brothers Samson and Kenneth, in
their hands were small jugs of water. That surely explained the reason for her
drenched state.
“Happy Birthday Queeenie!!!” 
They chorused.
Queen was angry, she frowned hard.
“What…why?” She asked. “You guys could have killed me…it’s
so not fair.”
“Aww…the baby cries, she doesn’t know that this is the way
we receive baptism at the University on our birthdays.” Said Kenneth.
“I was bathed with sand last year or have you forgotten?” Asked
“How could I? When I was one of those who heaped a bucket
filled with sand on your head.” Said Kenneth as he burst out laughing.
“Look at my bed? I’m soaked.” Queen screamed in frustration.
“Sharrap! Just one jug of water has soaked your bed, you
must be kidding me.” Said Kenneth mockingly.
Queen rolled her eyes, her brothers had returned from school
two days ago and since then, they had constantly pestered her life. Gone were
the days she impatiently awaited their arrival, now she suddenly
wished they would disappear.
“How’s Queen’s super eighteenth birthday bash going to be
like huh? Tell us, we could give you anything you want. Just close your eyes
and make a wish.” Laughed Samson who had already pulled her reading chair close
to himself and sat down.
“Yeah tell us, a prince or a frog? Choose your pick.” Said Kenneth chuckling.
“I don’t want anything, you guys just ruined my day…look at
my hair. I made it yesterday, see what has become of it now.”
“Wow! I can see the colours of the rainbow on your
hair…green, blue, violet…blab la…it’s funny how girls feel they must look
beautiful with so many colours playing in their hair.” Teased Samson as he
referred to her dyed hair.
“Such colours will never make you pass the Jamb exam ooo.”
Echoed Kenneth.
“Yeah! Check this question out! One hundred times two
hundred equals to X, find X. I am sure she would think so hard that the colours
of her hair would provide the answer…em…the answer would be…blue, black and
yellow.” Joked Kenneth.
Her brothers erupted in laughter, Queen didn’t find their
intrusion funny, she rose from her bed and walked out of the room. Her feet led
her straight to the kitchen where her mother was already instructing the house
help on what to make for breakfast.
“Good morning ma.” She greeted.
“Birthday girl…come and give mummy a hug, why the frown?
Aren’t you happy? You have waited to clock eighteen for a long while.” Said her mother.
“I am happy mom but Brother Samson and Kenneth spoilt my
day, they poured water on me…look at my body.” Queen whined.
“Is that all? They love you too much that’s why. Don’t let
that frown spoil your beautiful face.”
“Alright ma. Is daddy at home?”
“No dear, he left early today. He had to see some people.”
“But it’s a Saturday morning, Daddy never goes out on
Saturday.” Queen whined.
“Don’t make me laugh, you are talking as if you miss him or
should I rephrase your thoughts? I know you were expecting money from him
today.” Her mother said playfully.
Queen smiled, her mother knew her too well. She walked to
the Island at the center of the kitchen and dipped her hand into a bowl of
fried plantains, her mother hurriedly snatched her hand away and Queen frowned again. She walked to the refrigerator and was about
to open it when she heard her name. She closed the fridge and
hurried out of the kitchen, to see her brother walking towards her, immediately
she saw him, she knew something was wrong.
“You have two missed calls.” Said Samson.
“Oh really…” Answered Queen as she made to retrieve her
phone that was in Samson’s hand but he refused to give it to her.
“The call was from a certain Tunde Baby, who in the world is
Queen’s mouth hung open, ‘why now?’ she asked herself.
“Em…he’s a friend.” She blurted.
“Wait-a-minute so you store friends names with baby, right?”
“Noooo…ah ah Brother Samson, this Tunde ehn …well, he is the
little brother of one of my friends. You
see… em…his pet name is Tunde baby and he is just twelve years old…there’s nothing
to it at all ooo.”
“Look at me Queen!” Ordered her brother. Queen looked at him,
terrified at his sudden change of attitude, “I hope you haven’t started talking
to all these small street boys. You have a greater life in front of you, any
guy that wants you now, is just looking for a fling. Many girls your age have
had unplanned pregnancies and some have contracted dangerous diseases, I hope that’s not what you want for yourself.
“No way! Brother Samson, it’s…it’s not possible. I can never… I don’t
have a boyfriend.”
Samson handed over her phone to her and walked away. Queen let out a huge sigh of relief, she glanced at her mother who had moved to her side and shrugged. After a while, she hurried to her room, closed the door firmly behind
her and placed a call to Tunde who picked  at the first
“Hey babe.”
“Tunde love, how are you?”
“I’m fine baby…where have you been? I called you twice this
“Well…I left my phone in the room…I didn’t know when it
“I just called to wish my Queen a happy birthday…I love you
too much.”
“Thank you and I love you more.”
“You are coming over, aren’t you? I want to spoil you
“Tunde love, you rock my world. When should I come?”
“Hmm…is ten okay by you?”
“Ten O’clock? That’s in the next two hours. I can make it.”
“Come prepared to spend the whole day with me.”
“Em…Tunde love, I don’t think that can happen ooo…my
brothers are back from school, they have hawk eyes…I can’t stay for too long or
they might begin to suspect me. Just this morning ehn…Samson warned me
seriously about guys and I am confused.”
“Confused about what? Isn’t it the same Samson I used to
know? Have you forgotten we schooled together? He used to have different
girlfriends…not that I was like him though…but why shouldn’t he let you have
fun when I bet he does the same….please spare me the lecture.”
“Shebi? My brothers are wicked, they don’t want me to have a
They both laughed.
“Won’t you come to the house and say ‘hello’ to them for old times’
sake?” she asked.
“Naaa….I’m bigger than that joor…besides I have new friends,
old ones don’t appeal to me anymore.”
“Ah ah…what of when you come to ask for my hand in marriage,
won’t you meet them after all?”
Tunde erupted in a long shout of laughter.
“Till then dear…just come quickly, I have special things
planned up for two of us.” He chuckled.
“Really?” she blushed, “What kind of things?”
“When you come, we will see.”
“Please tell me over the phone, I hate surprises.”
“Okay, well …you are a big girl now, at eighteen, you own
the world and you can do whatever you want to do, so I have decided to give you
a little dose of something wonderful.”
“What’s that all about?” Queen asked, puzzled.
“C’mon babe, I’m a man and a man’s gotta do what a man’s
gotta do.”
“In what sense?”
“I hope you know that many girls are on my case on a daily
basis and I haven’t been looking at them.”
“Yes, that’s why I love you.”
“Well…you must know that love is sharing and for every love
shared, there must be a sacrifice to help that love grow.”
“I don’t understand, please explain further.”
“Today is your birthday, what better day than to hit the
“What sack?”
“Stop talking shit girl, open your eyes, I am hot cake and
highly priced in the girls market…infact many girls come to me each day,
offering to give me whatever I want.”
“Tunde please don’t give in to their offers or I’ll die of
heartbreak.” Said Queen worriedly.
“I won’t but that depends on you babe, will you give me what
I want when you come over?” He asked.
“Yes anything, but what do you want me to give you?”
“Don’t sound so worried, just come over at ten and we will
discuss further.”


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