My bags were packed and I couldn’t wait to leave but something pulled me back. It was my conscience. It was telling me that I’d done wrong to my friend and her family by taking advantage of their kindness.

‘You did nothing wrong! Kanyinsola’s dad was just a means to an end.’ I said to myself. ‘You also did nothing wrong by letting Timi buy your furniture, where did you expect to sleep? On the floor?’

How could I have realized how hard this could be? I’d thought that after all I’d been through, my heart would have turned into stone but despite it all, I still had feelings and the more I did the wrong things, the more I hurt myself.

Kanyinsola had gotten the job at the company and was starting in a week and I wished that I could be as care-free as she. I looked at the room I had inhabited for almost a month and I felt sad. Wasn’t this the same room that Kanyinsola’s mother had so many plans for? So far, I haven’t seen any relatives in sight even though I had overstayed the time she’d given me.

I heard a rap at the door and I walked over to open it. Kanyinsola’s brother stood there with a smile on his face.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” I asked him.

“Well…I took the day off to help you move.” He said. “Let’s go?”

“I err…” I started.

Kanyinsola’s father walked up to us and he looked surprised to see us together.

“Timi, what are you doing at here?” He asked his son.

“Dad, what sort of a question is that? I should be asking you the same question.” Timi said to his father.

“I meant, what are you doing at home today? Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” He asked.

“I took the day off, I want to help Cleopatra, move.” Timi said.

“That’s why I am here…she’s moving to a new neighbourhood and I want people to think that I am her father and…”

“I also want people to think that I am her boyfriend …” Timi said.

Father and son looked at each other.

“Errrm…why don’t we stop this?” I said “I can go alone, there’s really no need for anyone to come with me.”

I didn’t want them to come with me because I wanted to cut all ties to them.

“No, I will come with you.” Timi said.

“I will go with her. Timi, go and get prepared for work.” His father said.

Timi turned to his father in anger.

“What do you mean by, get prepared for work? I am a man and I make my own decisions.” He fired.

“I got you that job and I don’t want you to make me look bad in front of my friend, Mr. Akinsule.” His father fired.

“I have already taken the day off and if you think that you can shove in my face the fact that I have a job through your connections, then forget it! I will get another job.”

“What are you talking about? Am I wrong to tell you to face your work?” His father thundered.

Their argument drew Kanyinsola, her sister and their mom to the door of the guest room.

“What is going on here?” Kanyinsola’s mother asked, looking at her husband and son.

“It’s your husband.” Timi spat.

“You are stupid to refer to me in that term.” His father fired.

“What are you to my mother? Aren’t you her husband?” Timi shouted.

“Hey, calm down…Timi, dad…what’s wrong?” Kanyinsola asked.

“I took the day off work so that I can help Cleopatra get settled in her new place and dad is upset with me for doing that.” Timi started.

“Why dad?” Kanyinsola asked, looking at her father.

“Cleopatra needs my help because it’s a new neighbourhood and I feel that…people will try to take advantage of her but when they see that she has a father- figure around, they will back off.” Her father said.

“Cleopatra has a father and I don’t see him fighting with anyone to take her to her new home. What has gotten into the two of you?” Kanyinsola’s mother shouted.

Father and son looked at each other, they looked away.

“I’m sorry mom but why is dad making a big issue out of this? I like Cleopatra and I want her to take me seriously…” Timi said.

His father’s eyes widened at his words.

“You what?” Kanyinsola’s dad asked.

“Yes, dad…I like her a lot and that’s why I helped her furnish her place because I want us to be a couple.” He said.

“You what?” Kanyinsola’s father and mother said together.

I closed my eyes in grief, I have obviously mingled with the wrong people. Was it so much to ask that no one knew that Timi helped furnish my place? Besides, all he was able to get was a bed, two sofas and a television set. I really need to make money so as to stop this sort of humiliation but how?

“I…errr…just helped her out.” Timi said.

“It is a loan, and I promise to pay him back. It’s just that I didn’t have enough money to get furniture for my apartment and I begged him to loan me some money and that’s it.” I said quickly.

“You loaned money from my son?” Timi’s mother fired at me, she looked like a witch at that moment.

“Yes I did and it’s because you were so intent on sending me out of your house and I didn’t have the money yet. Is it a crime to borrow?” I spat at her.

“Don’t you dare raise your voice at me, you are still in my house.” Kanyinsola’s mother spat at me.

Kanyinsola stood there, she didn’t know whose side to take.

“Look guys, it’s been torturous, living with you all especially as she…” I said referring to Kanyinsola’s mother. “Doesn’t want me around. Guess what? There’s good news. I am leaving your house today and even though I appreciate the fact that father and son have decided to be my body guards, I can take good care of myself. I’m leaving and I don’t want anyone to follow me…not even you, Kanyinsola.” I said and dragging my luggage, I stormed out.

I could hear the shouts coming from inside the house as Kanyinsola’s family argued. I pushed open the door of the house and stepped out into freedom. I had been living with Kanyinsola’s family for less than a month but it felt like I’d been there for years. Now I was free from my friend’s father and brother, something I had wanted for the longest time. I didn’t want any of them following me to my new place because I knew how clingy they were and how they could end up spoiling the plans I have made for myself. As I left, I was glad that no one knew the address of my new place, not even Kanyinsola.

As I walked out through the gate and made my way to the taxi park, I wanted to scream with joy.


To be continued….


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  1. Chei, Adaeze. The length of today’s story feels like eating half an akara after a long wait, lol.

    Don’t know how you pull off the daily postings, but more grease to your fingers. Wish you the very best with the publishing. The sky is your starting point!


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