The water that touched my skin was cold and I shivered as it washed the surface skin of all impurities. I stood in the bathroom and thought of the things I’ve done over the past weeks. I was still in Kanyinsola’s house and each and everyday, her mother threw her warnings about my leaving, into the air. As the water poured down my skin, I so felt dirty,  so I scrubbed and scrubbed some more.

I heard the door to my bedroom open and I wondered who it could be.
“Cleo, are you in the bathroom?” Kanyinsola called out to me.
“Yes, what is it? ‘ I asked, angry that I had no privacy. I chided myself for not locking my door before stepping into the bathroom.
“I want to borrow your lipstick. Can I? I have an interview for one pm.” She said.

“Okay. “I responded while fuming silently.
It’s been two weeks since I moved to Lagos and had left my family without so much as a farewell. It was two weeks since Kanyinsola’s mother had asked that I leave and I knew that she couldn’t wait for me to get out of her house. The goodnews is, I have gotten a house. It was a mini apartment which consists of one bedroom, a sitting room, a kitchen and a toilet and bathroom. With the help of Eniola and Kanyinsola’s old man, my new apartment was already paid for, all that was left was furnishing and for that, I had the perfect plan. Kanyinsola’ ‘s brother had been sending me good morning texts every day and has also been on my neck to go out with him but I’ve been pushing him away. Now,  I wasn’t going to do so anymore as I couldn’t move into a mini apartment without furnishing it. Surely, his salary could help take care of making sure that my apartment looked good enough to live in.

“I can’t believe that you’re leaving soon, Cleo. I am certainly going to miss you.” Kanyinsola said through the bathroom door.

“Me too.” I said.

“You are full of surprises, Cleo. Who would have thought that you could get an apartment in less than two weeks. If you ask me, I’d say that your family must be very rich for you to have the money to get an apartment on the Island especially as apartments are very expensive.”

“Hmmm…” I murmured.

Good thing that my benefactors had no idea of where my apartment was located as I wasn’t ready for drama. I had contacted an agent and I had given him specific instructions on where I want to live. The Island sounded like a nice idea so,  he had helped me find a place there but my God! Mini apartments on the island cost a fortune. I know that houses are very expensive in Abuja as well because my father has some properties there but having to pay for one was truly a test.

“I wish I were you, Cleo. I really want to leave this house and start a life of my own but my parents won’t hear of it. They have told me that upon leaving this house, the next house I’d ever move to will be that of my husband. I feel so trapped. Your parents must be really cool to give you space. Imagine, they don’t bug you with calls and they give you all the money you need to get a place to stay. You’re lucky.” Kanyinsola continued.

“Yes…I am.” I said from the bathroom as I wondered why she was taking too long to leave my room.

“My interview is at one pm.” Kanyinsola said.

“Yes, you said so earlier.”

“Oh, did I? I guess I’m so excited that I might get the job. Have you figured out where you’d like to work?” She asked.
I haven’t figured out what to do with my life yet. Kanyinsola has been to two different interviews and I’ve been to none. Her mother was already making annoying snide remarks about my laziness to work. For the past three days, she’d made sure that lunch wasn’t available at home except breakfast and dinner. I really  can’t wait to get out of this house.
“Do you know that the company that called me for the interview, trains its new staff? I am so happy about that because I really have no clue of what I am to do there. ‘ Kanyinsola said through the bathroom door.
“Hmm… ” I murmured. Since Kanyinsola had started going for interviews, she just couldn’t stop telling me about the companies she’d applied to. I was getting bored by it all.
“Do you know what? Maybe you could apply to the company as well. Remember that my brother has a contact there. ”
“I have told you countless times that I need to get a place first before anything else. What address will I write on my form when I’m given the job? We both know that I can’t write this address. ” I said.

“That’s true but… you’ve found an apartment, haven’t you?”
“Yes I have but I need to stay there for a while to know if that’s the place for me.” I said.
“Well, you need to be quick ooo… You know that I want us to start working at the same time.”
I pulled my towel out from the hanger and towelled myself dry.
“So, what’s the update with my brother. He seems smitten by you.” She said.
“I don’t want to come between your brother and your mom. ” I said.
“Oh cmon, I am sure that someday, my mom will see how good you are and apologize for thinking badly of you.”
I wrapped myself in the towel and stepped out of the bathroom.
“Oh, I forgot to tell my dad something.” Kanyinsola said. “He’s supposed to talk to one of his friends on my behalf. His friend runs a large shipping company.”
I wasn’t really interested, I sat on my bed and picked up the lotion I’d placed on the bed.
Kanyinsola dialled her father’s number and placed the phone against her ear.
“My network is acting up. ‘ she whined.’ I really need to call him now or he’ll forget to talk to his friend. ”
I wasn’t really interested as my mind was far away, I was thinking of how best to furnish my place since I had a couple of days to leave Kanyinsola’ ‘s house. I was going to get a bed first, so that I can have someplace to lay my head before I get other furniture. I thought to myself. Suddenly, Kanyinsola’s words jolted me out of my reverie.
“Cleopatra, how come my dad’s number is saved on your phone as Jack1202?”
Kanyinsola asked, giving me a confused look.

I looked up in surprise. I hadn’t known when she’d taken my phone.
“Huh?” I said.
She held up the phone and flashed it at me.
“I just dialled my father’s number on your phone since my network is terrible, only to find it saved in your phone and not only that, you saved it with his first name Jack and added 1202 to it? Is there something I should know? ” She asked, sounding furious.
I was lost for words. I wondered why I hadn’t thought of locking my phone with a password all along.

To be continued…


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