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I wore the sexiest outfit in my closet, it was the outfit I’d picked out for my engagement party- an event that never held. I stared at myself in the mirror and shuddered, was I really going to do this? Was it all worth it?

My father was one of the richest men in Abuja with companies scattered all over Nigeria, I had the best primary and secondary school education and I had decided to school in Nigeria not because the money wasn’t there but because I didn’t want to study abroad like most of my cousins and friends. I had always wanted to have my first degree in Nigeria and pursue a master’s degree abroad instead but look at me, I was standing in a black body hugging dress with a plunging neckline, hoping to secure a home for myself by sleeping with my friend’s father.

When did I reduce to this? I asked myself as I glanced at the full-length mirror before me.

“When I realized that my life has been a lie all along.” I spat at my image at the mirror. “I have decided to do this because my….”

My words were cut short by the rap at my door and the entry of Kanyinsola. She whistled when she saw me.

“My goodness! You look gorgeous. Are you sure you’re not overdressed? It’s a meeting between you and your house agent right?” She asked surprised by my look.

“Well…” I shrugged.

“You mischievous girl! Don’t tell me you’re going out on a date.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Kanyinsola…I’m just having a simple dinner with an agent.” I smiled.

“How I wish I could tag along.” She said wistfully.

“And have you mother breathe down my neck? No freaking way.” I said as I picked up my lipstick and applied it on my lips.

“C’mon Cleo, my mom is just being wary…it’s not that she doesn’t like you.” She said.

“At least, you’ve admitted that she doesn’t want me here.”

“She does, it’s just that our family members are coming over for the holidays and she has already made plans with the room.”

“I thought you said she’s renting the room out.”

Kanyinsola bit her lip and stared at me, not know what to say.

“Drop the lies dear, I know I’m not wanted here and very soon, I’ll be out of your hair.” I said.

“Please….don’t let this ruin our friendship, you know how much I regard your friendship.” She said to me.

“It’s okay, we’re still friends.” I said with a smile, not sure that I meant what I’d just said.

My phone rang and I looked at the caller ID, it was a number.

“Hello.” I greeted.

“How’s the prettiest lady I have ever met?”

“I’m sorry?” I asked politely.

“It’s me, Enitan. I didn’t give you my number.”

“Ohhh…hello, how are you?” I said.

“I am very well…how are you?”

“Holding up…” I said.

“I was wondering if you’re free tonight, I would like us to dine in an exotic place. My friend just opened his restaurant on the Island and there’s a view of the waters.” He said.

“Errrmmm…” I started, then looking at Kanyinsola who was interested to know who was calling, I mouthed the words. “Excuse me, please.”

Kanyinsola left the room.

“Do you have plans?” He asked.

“Yes, I actually do but I could cancel if you promise that it will be worth my time.” I said invitingly.

“Of course it would.” He replied.

“I was supposed to get some money from my uncle to pay for a new house I intend to move into and if I cancel our meeting, then I might not get the opportunity.”

He paused for a bit.

“So, are you telling me that I might be ruining your chances of getting your rent for your apartment?”

“You promised that it will be worth my time, didn’t you?” I asked suggestively.

“Yea…yea…sure…I did.”

“So, if I come, you’re going to give me what my uncle was supposed to give?”

He laughed nervously and I could tell that he was a stingy man.

“How much are we talking about?” He asked.

“Why don’t we discuss that over dinner? Perhaps when you see me, you’d figure out just how much I’m worth.”

“Okay then…I’ll see you…” He started.

“Wait…I don’t have any means of transportation. Could you send a driver over?”

“Errmmm…why don’t I order a taxi service for you? Send me your address via text message.” He said.

I smiled and hung up the call then sent a quick text message to Kanyinsola’s father.

‘I’m sorry boo…I will have to pass on our dinner for tonight, I just found out that your wife wants me out of your house and I need to meet up with an agent as soon as possible or the streets might become my home once I’m kicked out. See you later?’

I sent the text message and sat on my bed and waited; here I was, killing two birds with one stone. I couldn’t have passed up on Eniola’s offer as I know that he could actually have the figures I need and as for Kanyinsola’s father, I had no worries. He’s an old man and the fact that a young attractive woman like me took notice of him is enough to keep him waiting.

Twenty minutes later, my ride arrived and I left the house majestically while Kanyinsola’s mother’s gaze shot arrows down my back.


To be continued……




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