I yawned and opened my eyes, then I heard a loud snore at my right side and I stiffened.

“My goodness!” I whispered as I sat up on the bed with the sheets falling down my breasts.

I glance at the clock in the hotel room and turn to stare at the man I’d been having a sexual affair with, for weeks. I had to go back home if I was going to be able to make it to Dora’s party tonight. I slowly made my way out of the bed but a firm hand dragged me back.

“Not now baby…don’t go…” He murmured.

“Benzee…c’mon you know I have to go.” I said quickly as I turned to flash him a winning smile.

“So soon? It’s not seven o’clock yet and you know we had a long night.” He smiled still a bit drowsy.

“I need to get home but I’ll be back tomorrow.” I said to him.

He sat up and rubbed his face with his palms. He beckoned that I bring the briefcase at the corner and I stood up from the bed, letting the sheets fall off to reveal my naked body. I made my way to the table and took the briefcase, bringing it to him. He smiled at me and sent a lecherous glance down my body. I was irritated but I’d gotten so used to it. The men I’d had sex with since Enitan were about ten in number but Enitan was still in the mix even though it was coded. He’d refused to leave me alone as it was almost like he was obsessed with me and all I stood for.

“You should tattoo my name right here…” Benzee broke into my thoughts and placed a finger under my right breast.

“Your name?” I purred.

“Hmmm…everyone needs to know you’ve got a man like me in your life.”

“Benzee, you seem to have forgotten our agreement. This is nothing but a sexual pact, you get what you want and I get paid.”

He looks at me and laughs, then opening the briefcase, he brings out a wad of cash and gives it to me.

“And after this, you’ll say you’re not a prostitute.”

I give him a stern look and walk away from him, making my way to the bathroom. Just as I turn on the shower, I feel him behind me. I smile as he wraps his arms around my midriff.

‘This’, I thought, ‘is what I have’. I had power over men.


I walked into the gate of the house and made my way to my apartment, I turned the key in the lock and push open the door. Over the past five months, my apartment has taken a turn for better. It was delectably furnished and had all the appliances that a semi-detached duplex couldn’t even boast of. I had just shut my door when I heard a loud rap. Knowing it would be no one else but Suzie, I open the door.

“Hey boo.” She said to me with a smile, hurrying into my apartment.

“Long time no see. Are you back from your omugwo?” I teased.

She rolled her eyes and said. “Don’t remind me. That baby’s cries can crack someone’s eardrums.” She said talking about her sister’s baby.

“Babies are so sweet, they are such a blessing.” I said.

“Tell me that when you have a six-pound baby wailing and screaming for attention and also, there is poop in his diaper and vomit on your clothes.”

I laughed, I loved Suzie so much and her friendship was something I treasured. She had a way of making me feel that I wasn’t alone.

“So, tell me, how was your night?” She asked.

“Same as always…we went out to the club, come back to the hotel and have sex. Nothing much.” I said.

She punches me playfully in the arm.

“You’re talking as if you don’t enjoy it huh…”

“Duh! I don’t! I only enjoy the money he gives me. My bank account is healthy, all thanks to Benzee.”

“You’re lucky. Benzee came into town from Malaysia, spotted you and decided that all other ladies can go to hell.” Suzie said.

“Well, something tells me that I am some kind of enchantress.” I laughed. “There’s the power I wield over men. It’s almost like I’m Queen Cleopatra or something. I should read that woman’s history, I heard she had some sort of power over kings and stuff. Perhaps her luck has rubbed off on me.”

She laughed too and picking up the remote control, she turned on the television set.

“Oh…the noise…can’t we have a bit of quiet?” I whined, sitting on the sofa and removing my shoes.

“While I was at Jennifer’s and Enitan’s, I got used to watching the news. My dear, things are happening in our country ooo…there was this news I watched last week about a seventy-year-old man who has sex with a two-month-old. My goodness! People are sick!”

“We hear that all the time…. parents just need to be really careful.” I said.

“This world freaks me out.” She said as she tuned to a Nigerian news channel. “Ehen, this is the biggest news platform in Nigeria and they spill everything…and I mean, everythannnngggg!” She exaggerated.

I laughed and sat back to watch the news. The TV presenter was talking about an erosion affecting some states in Nigeria when a Breaking News sign pops up on the screen.

“Word has just reached us that there’s been a gun battle at the Essex Glacia Hotel and Suites at Ikeja. Residents say that some armed men made their way into the hotel at about seven thirty am this morning and murdered a male hotel guest, Benzee Mcdon who according to reports, just returned to Nigeria from Malaysia a few weeks ago.”

I sat there rooted to the spot, Suzie turned to look at me, she too was shocked. We stared at the television as a footage of the hotel and the body of Benzee was wheeled out of the hotel covered in a black cloth.


To be continued next week…



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