I was holed up in my apartment for one full week, and the only time I ever left was to dispose the trash. Suzie was my cook, caregiver and nanny, she came in everyday and dropped a bowl of food for me which I only ate at the end of the day. I fast through the mornings and afternoons, and then during the night time, I eat, have my bath and lie on the bed again.

However, today was different because Suzie walked into my apartment with a look of determination across her features.

“Get up!” She said to me.

I moaned and covered my face with the blanket. She yanked the blanket away from me and I buried my face into the pillows.

“What’s your problem? Do you want to die? Or wait…do you think I’m some kind of a nanny? Wake up jor!” Suzie spat.

“Leave me alone! Let me die! I’m tired of life…!” I groaned as tears rushed to my eyelids.

I had to admit that I was emotionally drained after seeing my brother at my doorstep and speaking with him. I was home sick and I wanted so desperately to go back home but I couldn’t. I’d be stupid to.

“I don’t know what’s up with you but after that night at the club, something in you changed.” She continued. “I didn’t want to ask you about it but since that guy…what’s his name again? Veg! Since he said something about you being the daughter of a very influential man, I can’t help but ask. What trouble have you gotten yourself into?”

“Me? Trouble? How?” I asked, sitting up and staring at her through bleak eyes.

“Yes, you! What did you do? I know that rich kids mostly play by the rules of their parents and when they stumble, it’s either their parents cover up for them or disown them. So, tell me, what did you do to have left your high and mighty parents?”

“Just go away…leave me alone.” I said.

“Cleopatra, I’m warning you. If you tell me to go away again, I swear I will and I’ll never speak to you again.” She said sternly.

I looked at her face, she was serious. I sat up, rubbed my already sore eyes and sniffed.

“My brother came here last week.” I said.

“Serious? Is he hot?” She asked, sitting at the edge of my bed.

I looked away and sighed.

“Sorry, just kidding. I wanted to lighten up the mood. So, tell me, what happened? How did he find you? Did Veg tell him where to locate you? What did he say to you?” She threw a barrage of questions at me.

“He wants me to go home.” I said.

“What did you tell him?” She asked.

I shrugged and looked away.

“Lemme guess, you don’t want to go home.”

“I moved out for a reason and I also cut contacts with them.” I said.

“Why? Didn’t your parents love you? Weren’t you happy with them? If I were from a very rich home, I’ll sit my ass tight in my mansion and continue to live the good life. I wonder why you want to suffer this way. But tell me, what happened? Weren’t you happy with the life your parents offered?”

“I was…at first…” I said.

“What happened?” She asked.

“It’s nothing. It’s all in the past now, I need to move forward with my life and there’s no turning back.” I said firmly.

“I can’t help but wonder what made you turn your back on your family…they are your family.” She said to me.

“I just want to be happy…” I said as I hastily wiped the stray tears which fell from my eyes. “I want to be happy in my new life.”

“But darling, you’re making a mess out of your new life. Look at you! You haven’t eaten properly in weeks and your skin looks so dull. Is this what you call happiness? Even if you decide to pimp up like me and get rich guys to give you money, I doubt you’d ever get as much as you used to while you were daddy and mommy’s girl. Do you remember your experience at the night club where I told you about the activities that goes on with Joss and his guys and you almost fainted? Girl, take the easy way out. Apologize to your family and get back with them. It’s surely better than begging guys for money or getting a low or zero paying job.”

“I can’t…I just can’t…” I started.

“Of course, you can. You just have to decide to be happy with your family and…”

I looked at her and yelled in frustration.

“How can I be happy after what happened to me? I have tried so hard to get the past behind me but it keeps coming up. It keeps rearing its ugly head. How can I be happy when all I can think of is what he did to me…”? I wept.

“What who did to you? What are you talking about?” Suzie asked.

“My dad…he raped…me…” I blurted.


To be continued…


  1. Oh my God! I suspected this from the last post. I feel so sorry for her but running from such is never a solution. Thank God she opened up to her friend.


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