“What did you…you say?” I stammered.

She looked at me and smiled.

“Wait…don’t tell me? Don’t tell me that this is your first time. My goodness! It’s almost like you’re a virgin.”

I was stunned, more stunned than I’ve ever been in my life.

“Do you know what a lot of girls do to get money?” Suzie continued. “The world is hard and if you don’t have a steady rich guy who keeps rolling out cash, you need to hustle.”

“Multiple partners?” I said in a small voice.

“Yes, a maximum of five or so…”

“Won’t I be dead by the time we’re done?”

“Hey…don’t be a baby…c’mon…that’s the easiest thing to do to make money, if you ask me.”

“Are you being serious? How can you suggest that?”

Suzie gave me a serious look.

“Wait…don’t tell me you want to back out. How do you expect to furnish your empty apartment?”

I looked at her in stunning silence, so, she’d noticed, I thought to myself.

“My furniture is coming soon…” I said quickly.

“From where? The skies? Who are you kidding? Unless you come from a well-to-do home or you have a well-paying job, you can’t make the kind of money that apartment deserves.”

I looked at her and sighed, if only she knew. My room at home in Abuja was bigger than my whole apartment and my father used to pay into my account more than half a million naira on a monthly basis for allowance but how could I tell her that? I didn’t want to blow my cover.

“Are you in or out?” Suzie asked.

“I really don’t know…I’m scared.” I said.

“Wait…this is just the beginning and you’re scared. What of when they decide to get creative? What will you do then?”

“Creative?” I asked in confusion.

The door opened and about five girls walked into the bathroom giggling and talking.

“Let’s go…” Suzie said to me.

I nodded and followed her out, I still hadn’t made up my mind.


I looked at Joss and smiled at him as I pleaded with my eyes.

“She has no one to go with…please…” I said.

“But there’s no space in my ride and to be honest with you, she’ll just be a third wheel because we are complete.” Joss said to me.

“I need her with me…not only did we come together, she’s a good friend and I can’t leave her on her own.”

“What is she? A baby? Of course, she can take care of herself. Are you her mother?” He asked, sounding upset.

At this point, I really wanted to leave him and his friends and disappear. I didn’t want to go through with what Suzie had told me. This made me realize how much of a blessing Enitan was. Even though he’s married, he didn’t ask that I participate in orgies.

“I won’t leave if you don’t bring her with us.” I insisted hoping he’d leave so that I could make up an excuse of how I couldn’t go without Suzie and leave as well.

He gave me a long look and nodded. I scanned the crowd with my eyes and signalled to Suzie. She hurried to us with a huge smile on her face. As soon as she sat down beside me, she gave Joss a seductive stare and smiled at him, he looked irritated and turned away.

“Let’s go!” Marc, one of Joss’s friends said. “We’ve been here for hours already and it’s time to relax.”

The men laughed as they got up from the sofas.

“What of Veg, we need to wait for him.” Joss was saying.

“Veg? He texted us hours ago that he’s on his way, we’re tired of waiting already.” Tim said.

Suzie nudged me and whispered into my ears.

“Hmmm…it seems like we’re having company. I guess I’m going to have a partner after all.”

I looked at her and swallowed hard, how was she enjoying this? I thought to myself. Just then, Tim exclaimed.

“Veg my man! We’ve been waiting for you…”

We all turned to see the young man who had just walked into the lounge, he had a mischievous smile on his face. My eyes widened in alarm and I almost turned and fled but I couldn’t because Joss had wrapped a firm protective arm around my waist. Just then, Veg turned to look at Joss and then his eyes clashed with mine.

“Cleopatra! What…what are you doing here?” He asked.

I shut my eyes and wished this was nothing but a dream. My father’s business partner’s son who also was a good friend of my brother, stood there and stared at me, hoping for an explanation.


To be continued…


  1. OMG.

    Still wondering what Cleopatras parents must have done to her.
    Why would she give up living a ‘good life’ with her parents for all of this? #deepsigh

    Veg will definitely tell her brother then kasala don burst be that.

    Let’s see how did unfolds.

    Good job Ada.


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