I yawned and walked to the door, sighing after having spent another night on an almost empty stomach. I was so sure that it was Suzie at the door. Suzie had come home yesterday morning looking terrible and exhausted. I had heard the taxi drop her off at the gate in the wee hours of the morning and I had quickly left my apartment to meet her.  I saw her stagger into the compound and I couldn’t speak. She looked a sight. Her hair was messy, her dress was worn inside-out, and she was walking in a disoriented manner that I wondered what had actually happened with Joss and the guys. I helped her to her apartment and got her into bed. Her eyes were glassy and red, and for a moment, I was scared that she might die but thankfully, five hours later, she was knocking on my door and asking for a knife.

“Do you want to kill yourself?” I asked in fear.

“Kill who? Why?” She asked, walking into my house and heading towards my kitchen.

“You looked so scary when you came in this morning, I was afraid that you…you might…”

“Die?” She finished. “Naaa…it’s not my time yet.”

“What happened last night?” I asked.

“I had the time of my life and I got money to show for it…” She said sniffing. “Wait…did you by any chance see my purse when I came in? I’m positive I kept my money in it.”

“I didn’t see you with any purse.”

“Oh dang! I hope I didn’t leave it in the cab.” She said in frustration. “I’m sure it’s in my apartment, I’ll look for it when I go in.”

“Tell me…what happened?” I asked.

“Same ol…” She said and hiccupped.

“Did you have so much to drink?” I asked.

“Well…a lot of things found their way into my system.” She said to me.

I walked to her and turned her around to face me. Her eyes were still blood shot and for some reason, her face looked quite strange.

“What did they do to you?” I asked.

“You know what? You shouldn’t ask so much questions. You should have been there to experience it first-hand.” She said. “Wait a minute, I didn’t know you came from a rich home…the guys know your family. They said your dad is really rich and that your family is affluent.”

“You’re avoiding the question.” I said to her.

“There’s nothing to tell…we used drugs and…that was that.”

My eyes widened at her words.

“You what? Drugs?”

“There’s no way I could go all those rounds without getting high. We all used the drugs together…”

“That’s dangerous.”

“To whom?” Suzie asked. “Look here angel, this is a very hard world. I don’t have the brains to sit in an office and type into a computer and neither do I have rich parents. Yes, my sister married a rich guy but she’s focused on her family and since she doesn’t work, she relies only on the money her husband gives to her. I’d rather use what I have to get what I want.”

“I understand and I’m not judging but drugs?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never used drugs before…”

“No, why should I?” I’d said.

“One day I’ll teach you how…” She’d said to me with a smile.

As she left my house with the knife, I closed my eyes and said a prayer of thanks that I had been spared from Joss and his guys even if it meant that Veg now knew where to find me.

The knock jolted me back to the present and I slurred as I turned the key in the lock.

“I’m coming…stop knocking like you own this place!”

I opened the door and I was surprised. Standing at my door and staring at me was none other than my brother.

“Cleopatra, we’re going home today!” He said.


To be continued…


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