I sat sandwiched between two men, the first was Joss and the second was Seyi. Seyi was into me, I could tell but I belonged to Joss at least for tonight and then again, Seyi had a lady who looked like she was fifty years old but tried so hard to look thirty-five.

“Ready…”Joss whispered into my ears.

I smiled at him. I didn’t know how this thing works. How do I get the money I need from him? I wondered. Should I tell him to pay me before we started anything or should I follow him out of the club when he’s ready to go? What if he just has fun with me and doesn’t give me anything. That would be a big loss and I won’t know what to do about it. I quickly whispered into his ears.

“I need to use the restroom. I’ll be right back.”

He nodded and I made my way out of the lounge. The club was less crowdy than it was before so I searched the crowd for any sign of Suzie. She was the only one who could tell me what to expect and how to get the money I needed. I saw Suzie dancing with a bald man, she looked drunk. I walked to them and snaking my hand around her elbow, I pulled her gently. She turned, looked at me and took her hand away with a force that almost sent me reeling.

“Get away from me!” She spat.

“Suzie, I don’t act like a child.” I started.

“Me? Act like a child? I should poison you for what you did.” She spat at me.

“Let’s talk somewhere more private.” I said quickly. “Let’s go to the restroom.”

She gave me a long look then turning to flash a smile at her companion, she whispered into his ears and followed me out.

When we reached the restroom, there was just one lady washing her hands, we waited for her to leave but two more came in so, we decided to talk anyway.

“You won’t understand but I did what I did for your own good. For our good.” I said.

“You’re mad! That’s not true. You did what you did because you are selfish!” Suzie spat at me.

“No Suzie! What did you expect me to do? Leave Joss there and…”

“Joss was mine from the start and you took him away.”

“I didn’t take him away, Joss doesn’t belong to anyone. He’s the kind of guy who takes a girl for a good time and tosses her off the next day and moves on to another girl. What makes you think he wouldn’t do that to me too?  I said.

Suzie looked at me, I had won her over by my words.

“You made me feel like a fool.” She said.

“Suz, we both need to snag someone rich and ready to spend and the fact that they chose one of us doesn’t mean we have to throw our opportunity away. Joss chose me but it benefits the two of us because there’s no way that I’ll not give you a share of what I get from him.”

“You’re right. I acted a little childish.” Suzie said then she smiled at me. I’m sorry I almost blew our friendship.”

“I won’t let you do that.” I said with a smile.

“Now, are you guys ready to go?” She asked.

“Yes, but how do I get money from him? I don’t want a situation where I leave empty-handed.”

Suzie smiled at him and said.

“There’s no way that you’ll leave empty handed. You see, those guys are in a group and all their money will find its way into your palms.”

“I don’t understand you, how…how do you mean?”

“Well, they all book a large suite and they come with their girls and everyone takes turns with everyone.” Suzie said.

I let her words sink in. Then, my eyes widened.

“What? You mean orgies?”

Suzie smiled at me.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never participated in that before?”

“What?” I said in shock.

“Well, as they take turns, they also doll out the cash. Don’t get carried away because you need to keep your purse close and place your cash in there or some of the other ladies will take it.”

I staggered backwards, I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard.


To be continued….



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