The club was full to the max, the whole place was crowded as though the city had been emptied inside it. I made my way into the crowd, holding on to Suzie’s hand. My red sexy dress hung to my body as though begging to be ripped, it was too tight. I didn’t know that I had put on weight since I left Abuja as that was when I’d last worn the dress to a dinner date with my ex-fiancé.

“Come on…I can see him…I can see the guys, they are already seated and having drinks. Let’s get there quickly before some other girls replace us.” Suzie said tugging at me.

I wasn’t used to this, this was definitely not my turf and I was afraid that I might blow it up. I dragged in a deep breath and made my way to the small lounge with Suzie. There were about five guys seated there, they were laughing and chatting over drinks when we walked over to meet them.

“Hello baby…” Suzie greeted, rushing to kiss the cheeks of a young man.

The man looked at her and it seemed that he was taken aback by her display of affection.

“Hey…” He said. “Have we met?”

“C’mon, Joss, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten me so soon.” Suzie chided. “I’m Suzie, the girl you had a good time with last two months.”

He nodded slowly but seemed to have no clue of what she’s saying.

“You’re Joss right? Or am I mistaken?” Suzie asked, still plastering a smile on her face.

“Yes, I am Joss.”

“You told me that you’ll be back from SA in two months and I saw on your Instagram page that you are back and here I am.” She continued.

He looked at her, he still didn’t seem to recall. I was already feeling embarrassed. With the way Suzie had talked about the guys we were going to meet, some moments ago, it had seemed like she’d known them very well.

“Oh, well…I give up! All I know is that you accepted my friend request on Instagram and you never accept those you do not know.” Suzie said.

“Well…if you’re on my Instagram list of followers, then I’m sure that we must have hooked up last time.” He said.

“Definitely!” Suzie said in triumph.

Joss looked ahead and his eyes caught mine and held, without breaking eye contact, he said to Suzie.

“Who’s the lady?”

“Oh…that’s my friend, Cleopatra.” Suzie said turning to introduce us.

“Can she come forward? You’re blocking her way…” Joss said.

Suzie didn’t look too happy with Joss’s remark but she made way for me to pass through. Joss moved a little so that I could sit beside him.

“Cleopatra, that’s a very rare name. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone bear that name before.” Joss said to me as soon as I sat beside him.

“Well…I’ll take that as a compliment.” I said, flashing a small smile at him.

“So, Joss, how long will you be staying in the country, this time?” Suzie started, intent on cutting through our conversation.

“Errrm…Sukie…will you mind seating somewhere else? This place is a bit too tight for us. My friends have their ladies already and they are actually on the dance floor right now. There’ll be no space for you.” He said to Suzie.

“It’s Suzie.” She corrected.

“What’s that?” Joss asked.

“I mean my name…it’s Suzie and not Sukie.”

Joss nodded and waved her away, then turned to regard me. From the corner of my eye, I watched Suzie glare at us in anger. It was obvious that she wanted to me to come up with a lame excuse as to the reason she should stay with us but my mind was blank.

“Cleopatra, let’s go and seat someplace else.” Suzie said when she realized that I wasn’t about to take a cue.

“I’m fine here…” I said quickly.

“But I won’t be seating with you guys…” Suzie stressed. “And we came TOGETHER!”

“Oh, I…don’t think there’s any other seating space around here…” I said. “But you could check the other end.”

Suzie glared at me in fury.

“Please move over…I’m trying to enjoy my company.” Joss said to Suzie as he took out a cigar and placed it in his mouth.

Suzie nodded and walked away. I sat there with my palms on my knees. Did I just betray her? Did I do something wrong? I asked myself in wonder as I watched her disappear into the crowd.

“So, Cleopatra…I’m glad to have met a queen in person cos I’m sure that you’re related to queen Cleopatra.” Joss said.

I knew he was trying to be witty and smart with his words but it sounded so lame but I smiled anyway. I had to because I have no food at home and my apartment is practically empty. Here was a solution to my problems and I’ll be stupid to let it go.


To be continued….


  1. What was so bad in her former life that Cleo has to subject herself to this. It has to be that either her father slept with her or she discovered that her ex-fiance was actually her brother.


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