At that moment, I wished with all my heart that I was a vampire or a magician of some sort, at least, I’d be able to vanish into thin air without leaving a trace. I was just about to speak when Suzzie’s sister walked into the sitting room, she was a very pretty petite lady and she was pregnant.

Oh my God! I have never felt so guilty in my entire life. What was I becoming? Who was I turning into? I had no clue of whom this Cleopatra was.

“Meet my beautiful sister, Jenny, we look alike don’t we?” Suzzie smiled at me.

I could feel Jenny assess me coolly with her eyes, I could sense a feeling of mistrust coming from her.

“Hi…” I simply said.

“Do you remember the vacant apartment in my house? She’s filled it and she’s been a joy ever since.” Suzzie said to her sister.

“I see…” Her sister said. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Thanks.” I said simply, wishing to disappear from the house as fast as I could.

“We were both going to shop at the supermarket when I dragged her here. I hope you guys don’t mind.” Suzzie asked her brother in law and her sister.

“Of course…of course not…” Enitan said quickly.

“We have to get going now, I am truly unfortunate because my sister has everything she needs so, I don’t get extra money for my own expenses.” Suzzie said to me.

I nod quickly.

“I will drive you guys to the supermarket if you don’t mind.” Enitan said quickly. “I err…have to buy some drinks.”

“But honey, I thought you sent Ahmed to get you some, a few days ago.” His wife said.

I was suddenly feeling very hot. The heat came from my belly and spread to my legs and even to my head, it was as though I’d developed a high fever.

“He…didn’t get all that I need.” Enitan said.

“In that case, I’m coming with you guys, I need to buy some vitamins.”

“Vitamins?” He asked his wife. “Are you supposed to get drugs that haven’t been prescribed for you by a doctor?”

“No…but my doctor prescribed and I haven’t bought them since…” She said.

I could tell that Jenny wanted to come with us in order to keep an eye on her husband.

“Do you know what? Why don’t we…err…go on our own? I mean, Suzzie and I.” I stammered, wondering where I found my voice.

“C’mon, don’t be a spoil sport, the more the merrier.” Suzzie said with a triumphant smile.

“I’ll go get my bag.” Jenny said and turning to her husband, she said. “Come with me honey, I’m sure the bag’s under the bed and I can’t bend over.”

Enitan followed his wife out, Suzzie turned to face me.

“Do you know what? I’m going out to speak to my cab guy. I’ll tell him to leave and come back and pick me later in the evening.”

“What? Why?”

“My brother-in-law has a car of course.”

“I know that but after the shopping, how are we supposed to go back home?” I asked.

“After shopping, we can stay here and chill for a while. My sister’s kids are not home till five so we can all have a girl bonding time.” She said with a wide smile and hurried off.

I didn’t know what to do. Cleopatra, think! I kept telling myself. How could I escape this? The real story behind Enitan and I was that after I’d gotten what I wanted from him, I’d barred his number from my phone and I’d cut him off. I hadn’t wanted him to have an idea of where my new house was located and now that his sister in-law happened to be my neighbour, there was no hiding the place now.

Talk about Karma!

Thirty minutes later, Suzzie and I were seated at the back seat of Enitan’s car and on our way to the supermarket. I’d never felt so low in my entire life.

We arrived at the supermarket and we alighted from the car, I watched as Jenny clung to her husband’s arm as though her life depended on it.

“Come on…let’s go in.” Suzzie, the energetic beetle said in delight. “Come Jenny, let’s shop the kids section.” She said as she dragged her sister away from her husband. “Come with us, Cleopatra.”

“No…I think I’d face the sections I want to shop from.” I said quickly.

“C’mon…let’s shop together.” Suzzie said.

“I’d love to comb the supermarket with you guys but I need to get my things…” I said.

“Enitan, let’s go to the baby section.” His wife said.

“No…I’d be at the wine section.” He said and made his way into the supermarket.

I gave them a small smile and walked into the supermarket, picked up a shopping cart and walked through the aisles, thinking of an excuse to disappear from this torture.

I had been shopping for ten minutes when I heard his voice behind me.


I froze and turned around, there he was.

“Fancy meeting you at my house.”

“What is your problem?” I whispered. “Your wife is in this supermarket.”

“So?” He said.

“I do not like trouble.” I said.

“Really? If you didn’t want trouble, why did you block me from calling your phone?” He asked.

“I didn’t block you…besides, what does it matter? You are married.”

“How does that change anything?” He said to me.

I quickly picked a pack of semovita and threw it into my cart.

“Look, I would advise that you leave this section immediately or your wife could find us here and I am not ready to answer any questions.”

“You struck me as the fearless sort but you look scared.” He said.

That was true, I showed the world that I was a tough soul but deep inside, I was nothing but a scaridy cat.

“Can we talk later?” He asked me.

I looked around in fright, all I could imagine in my head was Jenny, charging down the supermarket like a bull with long horns. The lady was small but from the look in her eyes, I could tell that she was far from small.


“I’ll come to your place…it’s same my sister in-law’s house right?

I almost groaned in frustration.


He walked away.

I turned back to face my shopping and just as I picked up a can of tinned tomatoes, I felt someone tap me. I whirled around, frustrated that it was Enitan once again.

It wasn’t, it was Jenny.

My heart did a backflip.


To be continued….



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