Vivian didn’t sleep a wink
through the night, her eyes stood open till it was six am and time for her to
go to the private gym in her house. She got out of bed and walked over to the
bathroom to wash her face. She opened the door and got out of the bathroom only
to bump into her husband.

“Morning babe…” He
greeted, pulling her into his arms.

“Not now Clement, I need to
get to the gym.” She protested.
“You haven’t given me my
good morning kiss yet.” He sulked.
“You haven’t brushed your
mouth.” She said giving a flimsy excuse.
“You never bothered with
that before.” He whined.
“I’ll see you later at the
office.” She said stiffly.
He pulled back and looked
at her.
“Someone woke up at the
wrong side of the bed today huh? What’s wrong with you?” Clement asked
 “I’m fine…I’m still having an upset
stomach.” She lied.
“Why don’t we go to the
doctor?” He said.
“No…not yet…I need to
err…exercise first, then if it persists, I’ll get to the hospital.” She said
walking away from him.
Clement turned to look at
“Honey, is anything the
matter?” He asked.
“What could be the matter?”
She asked feigning innocence.
“I don’t know but you’re
kinda acting weird.” He said.


“It’s your imagination.”
She said and left the room.
Vivian stared at the private detective and looked at the pictures he’d placed on the table before her.
When she opened her mouth to speak, he brought out a newspaper and tossed it before on the table. The
headline read ‘Doctor poisons and kills girlfriend!’ Vivian stared at the
headline and the picture of the middle-aged man underneath then stared at the photos laid out before her.
“It’s stale news but this
doctor killed his girlfriend with some kind of drugs. He was arrested but he
hasn’t been found guilty because the autopsy says that the girlfriend died of
natural causes.” The private detective continued.
“What has that got to do
with me?” She asked.
“Listen to me Vivian, the people you asked me to investigate, are dangerous. If this woman could seek this doctor…then,
she needs something from him.Th is man in the picture is bad
news and I must warn you to be mindful of what you ingest from now on. My guess
is that these people; your husband and his companion, are out for your life and
since you’re a wealthy woman, they might want your money as well. If the
content of the bag is poison, then, all they need to do is drug you slowly and
by the time you’ve given the power of attorney your husband, he can own everything you have.”
“What?” Vivian gasped in
shock. “Power of attorney?”
“Yes…they need that to
get everything you own. I hope you haven’t thought of signing it over to
“I….I….No…of course not…”
Vivian said shakily.
“Watch your back Vivian.
I’ll keep you abreast with more details.” He said.
Vivain was stunned, she
picked up the pictures and stared at them in disbelief.
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