Lightning flashed as Vivian
groped through the dark fog, she knew she was trapped and she could see that
someone was after her life but who? She turned and saw no one so she kept
taking quick steps out of the fog. Soon, she heard the sound of familiar laughter
and she felt relief surge through her heart. Trusting that her friends were
nearby, she turned around to stare at them with a big smile on her face.

She saw no one.
She stretched out her hands as
though reaching out them and at that instant, felt a sharp stab at her back.
She screamed as she placed her fingers where the knife had struck only to feel
the warm liquid spill on her fingers. She knew it was blood. She opened her
mouth to scream and woke up.
It was a dream.
Clement was still in bed, lazy and dreading to get up and
have a bath. The church service was at twelve noon and the time was still eight
pm. He looked out at the windows from his position on the bed and sighed; the
rains were determined to spoil his wedding. His groomsmen were to be in his
room at nine am and he wanted to be showered before they came in. He stood up
from his bed and headed over to the bathroom but he heard the slight knock at
his door. He looked at the clock on the wall of his suite and wondered why his
groomsmen were at his door at eight. He walked over to the door and pulled it
open. She rushed in and shut the door behind him, she pulled his face to hers
for a long kiss.
“Babe…you took a big risk.” He warned.
“You’re talking as though it doesn’t happen all the time
with grooms and bridesmaids.” She said in a giggle.
“Ours is different…ours is a full blown relationship and
not a groom and bridesmaid fling.” He said with a twinkle in his eyes.
Vivian opened her eyes and heard
the loud clap of thunder. She sat up on her bed and stared around at the room.
“Thank God! It was a dream!” She exclaimed as she got out of
bed and made her way to the window to see if it was raining.
The heavy rains beat the window of her hotel room and she
sighed in frustration. Her wedding was today. Today she’ll say ‘I do’ to the
man who’d been with her through thick and thin. She walked up to her bed and
sat on it trying to remember what she’d dreamed but it was all in a fog.
“Stupid dreams!” She hissed. “It must be an after-effect of
the thriller movie I watched last night.”
She stood at the window, staring out and wondering if the
rains would stop and let her have her wedding reception, outdoors as she had
planned. It was dry season and she wondered where the rains were coming from.
Was some kind of force standing against her wedding day? She thought. She
wasn’t the diabolical sort and neither did she believe in magic, witchcraft and
all sorts of paranormal things so she shrugged it off and blamed the weather.
“Perhaps it’ll stop soon…maybe in an hour…” She assured
Her phone rang and she smiled as she walked over to the side
table to pick it. She knew who was calling.
“How’s the most beautiful woman in the world?” Clement’s voice
floated out to her.
Clement was her husband to be and the most hardworking and
industrious man that she’d been privileged to meet and fall in love with.
“I’m beautiful because you make me beautiful.” She said with
an even wider smile.
“I love you…you know and today marks the first day of our
lives as man and wife.”
Vivian closed her eyes and imagined herself walking down the
aisle dressed in the overflowing white dress she’d bought overseas. Suddenly
the dream flashed through her mind again and she saw herself clutching her
abdomen which was oozing out blood. She shrugged off the thoughts from her mind
and said.
“I can’t wait to be your wife, baby…but the rains…”
“Never mind the rains darling…the heavens are flooding the
earth with heavenly showers.” Clement said.
Clement always knew how to make her smile so she threw back
her head and laughed. It was a joyous sound; deep and rich.
“See you at the altar in about four hours and expect my gift…”
He said quickly and hung up.
“What gift?” She asked but the line was already dead. She
smiled again and said aloud.
“Clement and his surprises…”
She stared around at the luxurious hotel she was lodged in
and fell on her bed in a delightful plop.
Vivian had never tasted suffering in her thirty years of
existence. Being an only child of one of the wealthiest women in the country
had given her the privilege of living the life of a queen. Late Miss Silvana
was the world’s best mom and even as a single mother, she made sure she
provided her daughter with everything she’d ever wanted. Vivian’s mother had
built an empire before leaving this world and till her death, she was the CEO
of Northern Hotels and also the head of different chains of businesses, titles
she’d passed to her sole heir, Vivian.
Sadly, barely six months ago, her mother had passed away,
leaving her alone in the world with nothing but an overwhelming inheritance
which includes money, assets and so much wealth that people envied.
Vivian stared at the luxurious suite of the Northern hotels
and sighed.


“I owe you a great deal mom…you were strong and you are my
hero. I’m so sad that you won’t be here at my wedding…I desperately want you
to be there.” She said as tears fell from her eyes.
Angela rushed downstairs to get her body shaper, she had
forgotten it in her car and she was thankful that she hadn’t left it at home or
how else would she look sexy in the bridal train dress that was made for her.
As she hurried into the elevator leading up to the bride’s room, she thought of
how curvaceous her body would look in the beige bridal train gown that was
hanging in her closet. Angela had sworn to snag her Mr Right at Vivian’s
wedding and what better way than with her body shaper?
All her life, Angela had wanted to be married, right from
the time she played ‘mother’ in the small playground at the back of her house
with children her age and with a baby doll strapped to her back. Back then, she
saved all her mother’s tin tomato tins and made sand soup with them while she
shared the food with her friends-who played sand games with her- to eat. Of
course they never ate the sand, as all they did was bring the sand close to
their mouth and chew as though it was delicious.
Angela had a fair share of men in her life but she didn’t
know why she’d not settled with any of them. She shrugged as she stood in the
elevator waiting for it to stop at her floor and as she did, her mind went to
all the men that she’d dated. Benjamin, her first boyfriend had been a jealous
lover and had chased away all her friends including her female ones. Zack was
too boastful, Kene was too proud, Buzor had low self-esteem, Richard was
annoying and the list went on and on. ‘There
is no perfect man’
her mother croaked into her ears on a daily basis but
she wasn’t listening, she wanted her Mr. Perfect and she was sure that she’ll
meet him today at Vivian’s wedding.
The elevator stopped and she stepped out, she walked down
the corridor and stared at the numbers on the doors. She realised that she was
on the fifth floor. She groaned in pain.
“Oooohhh…what kind of thing is this jo?” She grumbled. “My
floor is the seventh and not the fifth…”
She was just about turning back towards the elevator when
she heard a door open and a familiar voice laugh out loud. She was curious and
being the confirmed tatafo that she was, she hid in a corner and peeked out.
The sound of a female giggle reached her ears as a woman she knew so well walked out of the room with Clement.
“Shhh…you’re going to draw attention to us.” Clement said.
“You’re the only one on the wedding list on this floor…” Clement’s companion said. “All the others are on other floors.”
“Well, I guess I’m lucky to have been holed up here.”
“Uh huh….you’re very lucky and special too and that’s why
I reserved a room for you up here so that I can sneak into your room anytime I
please and no one would know.” She said and tiptoed to kiss him on the lips.
Angela gasped aloud, she was shocked.
“Who’s there?” Clement asked, breaking the kiss abruptly.
Clement held up Vivian’s hand and smiled at her. He could
mentally calculate how rich he’d be in the next six months after her death. He
could see himself flying the world and living like a boss.
“Repeat after me…” The pastor said. “Vivian, take this
ring to prove my love and fidelity…in the name of the father, and of the son
and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”
Clement repeated after the pastor and as soon as he slid the
gold ring down her fourth finger, the whole congregation clapped.
Vivian smiled and turned to stare at the congregation
briefly, she could see her mother’s friends, relations and all those who meant
so much to her mother. Tears of joy stung her eyelids as she turned back to stare at
Clement and repeat the words that the pastor had uttered.
Soon, they were joined as man and wife and the
congregation’s clap almost deafened her.
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