Time flew and all urge to sleep ran through the
window. It had started to drizzle and the cool wind pushed her curtain further
above the curtain rails. Ego lay on her bed restless, the time chimed two am in
the morning and she hadn’t closed her eyes for once since she lay her head on
her bed at ten pm. Recounting the events which happened earlier yesterday, she

convinced that Queen is a good friend. That evening after Ego had been
confirmed pregnant by the doctor, Queen had stormed Mr. Nwabunor’s house with
Ego at her heels.
Mr. Nwabunor was not around and neither was his wife, the two
girls had no choice but to go back to their respective homes. Now as Ego
thought of her involvement with Mr. Nwabunor over the past months, she sighed;
it really wasn’t worth it. All the declarations of love, commitment were trash
and he made it known to her yesterday. Indeed, her eyes were clear, now she was
pregnant and in huge trouble, there seemed no way out to the mess she had
gotten herself into.

Queen raised her hand and knocked at the door.
Whoever was in the house took long in answering but Queen persisted, minutes
later, the door opened and sister Gee peered at her.
“Oh my gosh! Queen! It’s you…it has been so
“Hello sister Gee… I am sorry I haven’t paid you
a visit in a long while. Exams are not far away and I have been studying.”
“Aww…that’s so sweet. Please come in, Ego is
still in her room.”
“Thank you sister Gee.”
Queen stepped into the house and sat on the
small sofa in view, sister Gee sat directly opposite her.
“Queen, I must confess that I haven’t been too
happy with myself after wrongly confirming you pregnant the last time you came to
visit.” Said Sister Gee.
“No… it’s fine, we all make mistakes
sometimes…err… pregnancy is…” Queen started but was interrupted by Ego who
had chosen that moment to walk into the sitting room.
“What is this talk about pregnancy?” Ego said,
sounding alarmed.
“Well I was just apologizing to your friend over
the slight misunderstanding, months ago.” Said sister Gee.
“What misunderstanding? Queen has been to this
house just once, why are you making a big deal out of nothing.” Ego snapped at
her elder sister who was clearly very older than her young self.
“Why are you worked up? What is wrong with you?
Ego, I feel you’re becoming too disrespectful and I won’t take such attitude in
my house.” Said sister Gee, sounding upset.
“It’s okay, sister Gee… Ego is just weighed down
by some mathematical problems in the tutorial school, I am sure that when jamb
is over, she would bounce back to her usual bubbly self.” Said Queen.
“Alright, I’ll be in my room. I have night shift
today so, I need all the sleep I can get.” Said Sister Gee and turning to Ego
she said “You’d better eat something before going for lectures today, you
skipped dinner last night and you look pale, I hope you aren’t coming down with
something serious.”
Ego stared at her sister and gulped audibly, she
just realized that her sister would spot her pregnancy sooner than she had
imagined. As soon as sister Gee left them, they spoke in hushed tones.
“I hope you didn’t tell her anything.” Whispered
“No way, how can I do that? She’ll be
“And I’ll just as soon as say goodbye to Lagos
life and university education.” Sighed Ego.
“But…why Ego? Why did you have to have sex with
Nwabunor?” Asked Queen.
“He told me he loved me and I believed him.”
Said Ego in between sniffs.
“You can’t hide this pregnancy, it must show.”
Said Queen.
“But yesterday you sounded as though you could
provide a solution.”
“My solution is, that we go and confront Mr.
Nwabunor but after not finding him at home, we had no choice but to leave.”
“What do I do? I feel helpless… Queen, I am in
soup…” Cried Ego.
“I understand… first of all, we must confront
“Wouldn’t that draw attention?”
“I don’t think so… that’s the reason we have to
do so this morning before he leaves for tutorial school.”
“Okay… please wait, I’ll go have my bath and
join you soon.”
Ego ran off to the bathroom while Queen waited.
They waited at the sitting room for Mr. Nwabunor
to appear. His wife had opened the door for them and from the look on her face,
they knew they weren’t welcome. Mr. Nwabunor did not come out of the room till
thirty minutes after they had been seated.
“What are you doing here?” Nwabunor demanded,
hatred oozing from his every pore.
“We came to see you, can you please sit down?”
Said Queen, amazed at her stable voice.
“Are you mad? What are you girls doing in my
house?” Asked Mr Nwabunor again.
“You got me pregnant and I cannot bear the
consequences alone.” Said Ego.
“Me? You must be crazy or dreaming. Do I know
you? Look at this girl ooo… who do you think you are trying to snare? Where are
the young boys you have been dallying with?”
“We are not going anywhere till you take full
responsibility of this pregnancy. Haba! Mr. Nwabunor, you are a disgrace.”
Screamed Queen.
At that moment, Mrs. Nwabunor appeared from the
“What are you girls doing here? Ehn…. Does this
look like your classroom?”
“Madam… your husband impregnated my friend and
he must take full responsibility for her and the child. We are not leaving here
until he signs an agreement that he will do as we say.”
“Agreement? Okay… I will get a paper for you to
write your terms… wait for me.” Said Mrs. Nwabunor as she left the sitting
“Get out of my house this minute.” Mr Nwabunor
thundered, unrepentant of his actions.
Queen and Ego ignored him and patiently waited
for Mr.Nwabunor’s wife. Minutes later, Mrs. Nwabunor came out of the room like
an enraged animal, she held a bucket filled with liquid substance and not
minding that they were in the sitting room, she poured the contents of the
bucket on Ego and Queen.
“Mad dogs, you want to spoil my home with your
lies. Don’t you dare come back here again or else.” Screamed Mrs. Nwabunor with
a threat filled promise.
Ego and Queen rushed to the door and hurriedly
unlatching it, they ran out of the compound smelling horribly of leftover water
from washed clothes.
Ego sat desperately in the class, staring at the
students and the noise they made and she sincerely wished she was like them. So
carefree and untrapped in a mess like hers. After being bathed with dirty
water, she and Queen had returned to her house to dry off and change clothes,
luckily, her sister was still asleep. With much persuasion from Queen, Ego
decided to attend lectures even after the scene she had created yesterday with
Mr. Nwabunor. Her English textbook lay open infront of her, but she could
hardly see a word, her mind was a juggle of thoughts and she felt too weak to
learn anything new. Queen had gone to get some snacks from the canteen and Ego
sat like a robot and waited for her friend’s return, dreading the stares from
her tutorial school mates. She was interrupted from her reverie by a nudge on
her side, turning, she stared at a very dark complexioned girl.
“Hello… my name is Ann.”
“That’s none of my business.” Ego snapped, angry
at being sneaked upon and worse, angry with herself.
“I am sorry to disturb but… I am sure you need
my help.”
“I have all the help I need thank you.”
“I know you are pregnant.” Ann hissed.
Ego was shocked and looked at the girl in alarm.
“I know, many of my friends have been pregnant
before, myself not excluded.”
Ego’s eyes trailed to the girl’s abdomen which
was as flat as a draw board.
“Where…I mean… what…” Ego stammered in response.
“I wore your shoes last year. I was involved
with Mr. Nwabunor and he got me pregnant but… I found my way out. My parents
would have disowned me if they knew about it but I am smarter than they ever
will be.”
“I don’t understand. Didn’t you give birth to
the child?”
“What? In this present age when girls are having
fun? Don’t let a child take away your fun Abeg… arrange yourself.”
“Get rid of it.”
Ego felt her eyes spin.
“What? Get rid of what?”
“Or do you want your family to find out? Do you
want to be a teenage mother? Come to think of it, look at the women on the
street and markets, carrying babies and tending to them without paying much
attention to themselves. Babies are a burden especially to girls who aren’t
ready for it.”
“But… are you suggesting I kill it?”
“Where you born last night? Wake up and smell
the coffee. The society has no place for teenage mothers, this is Naija. A
place where teenage pregnancy is scoffed at, be realistic.”
“O my God! I am in a deeper mess than I
thought.” Cried Ego.
“Hmmm… I wish you know how people will look at
you when they find out that you have caught the baby fever. It’s a horrible
“What do I do… please help me.”
“It’s easy. It’s the same thing as urinating,
trust me. Just pay five thousand naira and all will be taken care of.”
“Five what? I have no such money.”
“When you and Mr. Nwabunor were an item, wasn’t
he giving you enough money? I dated the man, he throws money around.”
“Did you confront him when you got pregnant?”
Ego asked, wanting to learn more about Ann’s story.
“Well… that was a waste of time… he denied it
and I was left alone. That was the reason I failed Jamb last year and here I am
again, this year.”
“I am in trouble, I don’t want to fail and… and
I don’t have the money to get rid of the pregnancy.”
“Then, hustle for it or you might regret it.”
Ann said with a sound of warning.
Ego nodded quickly. Queen entered the class and
immediately Ann sighted her, she said;
“I have to return to my seat. Think about what I
said and get back to me, remember, it’s your choice.”
Ann went back to her seat and Queen came to seat
by Ego’s side.
“Ego… what was she doing here?”
“Ann… the most notorious girl in the whole
tutorial school.”
“Oh… well… she was asking for a literature text
“Hmm… that’s a surprise, I can bet that girl
has never opened a book in her entire life.”
“Maybe…” Ego sighed.
“What’s wrong? Ego… we will work through this
mess and get it sorted out.”
“How do we hide the fact that I am pregnant.
What do I do? My sister is a nurse, she will find out soon.” Said Ego with
tears in her eyes.
“Why don’t you tell her…?”
“What are you saying? Do you know how many times
she has warned me about men?” Cried Ego, looking at Queen incredulously.
“We have no other option left…we must tell her
the truth. It’s a good thing that you only got pregnant, some other girls have
been plagued with syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, staphylococcus and other veneral
diseases.” Said Queen, trying to sound hopeful.
“It’s obvious that, you don’t understand where
my shoe pinches and I am the only one who ever will. I thought you were my
friend and here you are, trying to rat me out to my sister… I am sorry to have
believed you really cared for my own good. If you think that I’ll tell any soul
about this pregnancy, then, think again because, you’ve got the wrong girl.”
Said Ego in anger as she rose up from her seat, packed her bag and walked out
of the class.
Ann was not oblivious to the ongoing racket by
the two girls, as soon as Ego left the class, she followed closely behind.



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