Tara stayed with Yemisi in the
hospital till her parents arrived. The school authorities had alerted the police as regards the text message on Bella’s phone and the rest was history. Tara had stayed in the school premises till the police had alerted that they had caught Melvin and his gang. 
It was an emotional day and Yemisi’s parents
were so grateful to Tara for once again saving their daughter’s life. As for
Tara, she felt tired and grateful that she was able to help in apprehending her cousin’s kidnappers. They were all seated at the waiting
room, the doctors and nurses where attending to Yemisi while the family members
held hands.
Tara, Yemisi’s parents and brothers prayed for the worst to be
over. The school principal and teachers had left the hospital as well as the
police. Bella was being held at the police station and Melvin never survived
the police attack, he died on the spot.
Moments later, the doctor
walked into the waiting room and asked to speak with Yemisi’s parents. They
both went into the doctor’s office and emerged after thirty minutes. When they
joined their sons and Tara at the waiting room, Tara asked them what the doctor
“Yemisi is going to be fine
but…” Yemisi’s mother stammered.
“But what ma? Is everything
alright?” Tara asked.
“Yes…Yemisi is fine but she lost
the baby.” Yemisi’s father said tiredly.
“Oh God! I’m so sorry…” Tara
said not knowing what else to say.
Oni looked around at the guys
sitting beside him. It was a long day and they had just finished a transaction one
of the other gangs. They were far away from Lagos and life was more peaceful
here. Oni dragged in the smoke from his cigar and took a long drink of the dry
gin he held in his hands. His eyes were blood shot and his face was rough with
unshaved beard.
“Oni, which way?” Coughed one
of the men in his gang.
“I don’t know yet. Has Pickollo
answered us?”
“No Boss…” Said another guy.
Yomi had sent Oni out of Lagos
on a mission for the past five months and so far, Oni was impressing his cousin
with the steady returns. One thing Yomi never knew was despite the fact that he
had dragged his cousin into the drug business and was determined to initiate
him into his ways, Oni wasn’t happy to be in the gang. He desperately wanted to
pay up his debts and move on with his life. He remembered granny grans and his
entire family and he missed them terribly, he has not heard from them for a
long while and he was forbidden to contact them.
“Omo…everywhere is dull ooo.
Why don’t we go to the campus and have fun. I heard that there’s a new inflow
of students to every department of the school. We have the cash and the looks…let’s
go get em’ girls.” Said Jude one of the gang members.
“Is there a campus close to us?”
Oni asked.
“Yep and there are lots of
amazing girls there.” Said Fred another of the gang.
“I know one girl…Ada, she can
hook us up with beautiful babes.” Said Jude.
“Serious..” Oni said.
“She owes us big time. You know girls and their quest for cult practices and all. She owns a cult and since they are just a bunch of girls she comes to us every time for help especially whenever they are faced with opposition.”
“Really? What are we waiting for then, let’s go.” Oni said, so desperate to leave the small bungalow he shared with the rest of the gang.
Shade was tired and she had already
missed a class. They sat in Ada’s mini flat, off campus and listened to the long
rules she read out loud.
“No girl should date a guy that
hasn’t been tried and tested by the group. No girl initiated by this cult
should fight against another sister.”
And the list continued but they
were interrupted by the doorbell. Ada quickly stuffed the list away and
beckoned to one of the girls to open the door. About eight guys stormed in,
they were very different from the guys on campus. They were rough, handsome and
very foreboding.
“Hello…it’s been a while…oh my
God! Jude! Where have you been?” Ada screamed and ran to hug the young guy who
had walked in with the pack.
Jude smiled and hugged her
back. He introduced the guys to the girls and everyone exchanged pleasantries.
“So girls…these men are our defense
system. They are our big brothers and they are always there for us in times of
trouble.” Ada said in smiles.
The guys laughed and Jude
introduced the guys to the girls.
“And last but not the least is
our newest head Oni. He is very shy and too friendly actually…” Jude said and
everyone laughed as they acknowledged the handsomest guy in the group.
“Welcome handsome, I hope you’ll
stay in our boring state for much longer than the other guys.” Ada said as she
extended her hand to him.
“The pleasure is all mine and I
don’t wish to stay here longer than I’m supposed to.” Oni said trying hard to
smile but not being able to.
Shade felt drawn to him, she
kept staring at him till her eyes hurt. Oni was the most mysterious person she
had ever come across. They was something deep about him that she couldn’t place
a finger on.
“We are so happy to have our
big brothers in our midst and I’m thrilled to announce that they are single and
can pick any girl they choose.” Betty, the second in command to Ada said.
“Who told you so? Tatafoo!” Said Kate.
Betty gave her a dangerous glare.
“Yes…Kate is right. We are single and ready to mingle.” Jude replied.
Shade felt herself being
propelled from her seat by an invisible force, suddenly, she mouthed;
“I pick Oni for myself. I couldn’t
ask for anyone else.”
Everyone clapped, Ada was so
pleased at Shade’s boldness and the other girls quickly hurried to pick guys
for themselves but the girls outnumbered the guys so most of them where left without.
As soon as the small meeting
dispersed, Shade had a chance to speak to the very mysterious Oni.
“Hi, my name is Shade.”
“If you’re looking for a
long-term relationship, sorry but you chose the wrong guy.” Oni said.
“That’s not nice, considering
that I picked you.” Shade said.
“You’re bold and I detect an
accent, where are you from?”
“America, Nigeria, take a wild
guess.” Shade flirted.
“I know that look…your face
looks so familiar. It’s like I know you.” Oni said.
“Really? Where? Who knows
perhaps my family knows yours. I was born in America and I’ve only come to
Nigeria twice since birth. When I was eleven and now that I’m eighteen. So tell
me, what’s your family name, who knows, we may have met before.”
“That’s an aspect of me that I never
talk about.” Oni said silently.

“So what sent you down to Nigeria? Were you disowned by your parents or has Universities in the states suddenly run extinct?”
“Nice try dude but that’s an aspect of me that I never talk about.” Shade replied.
Shade looked at him
closely and smiled, she loved the fact that he was the leader of the group and
was quite elusive. Shade had always been the puzzle solver, the fixer and one
thing her parents never realized was that she dated only those that needed
they walked out of Ada’s mini apartment, she made a strong vow that
she’ll make Oni fall madly in love with her that he’d never let go. If only she
knew that it was blood that drew him to her and nothing else


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