It was one month after Yemisi
was discharged from the hospital and her family was trying hard tot get back to normal. Bella, though
under-age was taken away by the police and her parents were contacted. Funny
enough, Bella’s family never knew anything about her sneaky life.
Tara on the other hand, watched
her parents drift apart and while she worked harder to let her biological mother in, she
blamed herself for falling into her mother’s scheme. Tara sat
cross-legged on the floor of her family’s sitting room, solving a word puzzle when she heard the knock
at the door. Her brother was fast enough to open the door and Yemisi walked in.
Tara didn’t look up but concentrated on the word puzzle she was solving.
“Hey Tara.” Yemisi greeted.
Tara looked up from the word
puzzle she solved and spoke.
“What are you doing?” Yemisi
“Word puzzle.”
“Oh…okay, I came to pick up
some of your notes for catch-up. My parents have re-enrolled me in school.”
“Congratulations.” Tara replied
without looking up from her puzzle.
“So can I borrow your notes?”
“Sure” Tara said and turning to
her brother, she spoke. “Deji could you please get my school bag and give it to
Deji hurried out of the sitting
room. Yemisi made herself comfortable on the sofa.
“Everything is going to be
weird…I mean…going back to school and blending with the students again. I’m
going to need help… your help you know. I’d like us to get back on the
friendship track.” Yemisi said.
“Oh…that…sorry, I’ll pass. I
already have new friends, I don’t need anymore.” Tara said.
“So, you don’t have space for
your me? We are sisters remember?” Yemisi said.
Deji entered the sitting room
with Tara’s bag, someone knocked at the door and he hastily dropped the bag and
went to answer the door. As soon as he opened the door, he called out to Tara.
“It’s for you Tara, he says his
name is Robert.”
“Oh! Let him in!” Tara replied
and stood up from the floor.
Robert walked into the house, said
hello to Yemisi while Tara walked up to him in greeting.
“As I can ever be. Hope we’ll
be back before noon?”
“Yes…ofcourse.” Robert replied.
Tara quickly picked up her hand
bag on the sofa and walked out of the house with Robert. Yemisi stared at them
mute in shock.
“How is she? Hope she’s faring
better.” Asked Bee.
“It’s a struggle but she is
coming out better than expected.” Replied the doctor.
“After the scene she displayed last month, I couldn’t
help but wonder if she needs more treatment that I’m offering her.” Bee said.
“You have done the best you
could. I bet her parents can’t even afford one-third of what you have paid for
her hospital bills.”
“It’s all for her to get
better. Can I go and see her?”
“Yes you can…but she has been having memory lapses.”
Bee nodded as the doctor guided
her to the wards. Each patient was given a room and Bee had paid extra all for
Temi to be treated specially. A door was opened and Bee was ushered into a room
where Temi was. Temi stared at her strangely as though she has never seen her
“Hello Temi…Jud?” Bee greeted confused at what to call her.
“Hi…” Temi whispered.
“It’s me…it’s Bee.”
Temi stared at her long and
hard and somehow couldn’t register the face.
“Bee…I don’t know you.” Temi
said while tears trickled down her cheeks. “I want to see my mom and dad… my
“I am all the family you have…
you don’t even know your family.”
“Yes I do…I remember my street.
I live in Lagos…my family name is Dolapo, we live in surulere. I have my mom
and dad’s number in my head.” Temi said.
Bee stood up and looked at the
doctor questioningly. The doctor stared at her and beckoned to her that they
leave the room. As soon as they left the room, the doctor said.
“She has been remembering all
the names of her family members. She told me that she could give me their contacts. Why don’t you
give them a call? They could help her get better faster.”
“No!” Bee shouted.
“No?” The doctor asked.
“Temi is mine and I’m not ready
to take her back to her family.”
“I don’t understand. Temi is
not a child, she’s a teenager and she is in full recovery progress. Her multiple personality hasn’t been
fully erased but in no time, the treatment would be successful.”
“No! Doctor…stop the treatment…take
her back to how she was before…I’m not ready to share her affection with any of
her family members.” Bee said.
“What? Take back the treatment?
You are aware of how much we have spent on this right?”
“It’s my money and I do
whatever I want with it.”
“I can’t reverse the treatment,
I am really sorry.” The doctor said, unsympathetically.
“I want to take her home now!”
Bee demanded.
“Are you ready to throw away
everything we worked for? You came referred and I took up this girl’s case with
all vigour. I haven’t touched my work in days, I’ve devoted my time to Temi and
I can’t throw it all away. I’m sorry but I have to ask you to leave this
facility now.”
Bee stared at the doctor in
shock, she couldn’t believe her ears.
“I’m going to sue you and when I
do, you’ll be left worse than you are now!” Bee threatened.



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