“Come out of her! You evil
spirit! Loose her! I say loose her in the mighty name of Jesus!” David said
placing his hand on her head and speaking the word.
“Are you mad? Will you
let me go?” Stephanie screamed in anger.
“By the power the mighty
name of Jesus, whatever satanic agent, marine kingdom agents and witchcraft,
loose your hold now!” David screamed.
Stephanie’s family
watched David pray over Stephanie as though she possessed some kind of evil
spirit in her. Her mother and sisters were worried, was something wrong? They

“Get out now!” David
screamed, while using his right palm to beat her stomach lightly.
Stephanie screamed and
launched an attack on him, she slapped him and pushed him to the ground,
scratching his face and biting him.
of Jesus….” David yelped.
“What in the world is
going on here?” Stephanie’s father’s angry voice floated to them.
“Daddy…it’s ….a
deliverance session….” Pamela squeaked.
“Will you unhand my
daughter this moment! Unhand her you….you stupid hypocrite!” Stephanie’s
father shouted at the pastor and reached towards him to pull his daughter out
from the tussle.
“He is delivering
her….she’s been acting strange…” Stephanie’s mother said to her husband.
“Are you crazy? How dare
you invite such nitwit to my home? How dare you?” Stephanie’s father barked.
“Daddy…he wanted to
kill me…he…” Stephanie sobbed and launched herself into her father’s arms.
“I am so sorry my
darling…go to my sitting room, I’ll be with you in a minute.” He said.
Stephanie nodded and
left her mother’s sitting room.
“Get out of my house
now!” Her father yelled at the pastor.
“Pastor Dave…”
Stephanie’s mother started.
“Don’t worry…we’ll see
at the church…” Pastor David said and picking his bible, he left the house.
“What is wrong with you?
How dare you invite that senile man to my house?” Stephanie’s father said.
“This is my house too
and I can invite anyone I please…besides he is a pastor, an anointed man of
God.” Stephanie’s mother retorted.
“You are mad! The next
time you try this rubbish, I am throwing you out of my house, am I clear?” Stephanie’s
father barked.
“Throwing me out? What
for? What have I done wrong?” Stephanie’s mother asked.
“I have told you my
mind….I will send you out if such thing repeats itself.”
“You don’t care for me,
you don’t even care for my girls….look at me! I am sick and I have visited
hospitals to no avail. It was when I began praying that I started seeing some
improvements. How many times have you asked me how I am doing? How many times
ehn?” Stephanie’s mother fired.
“That’s your
problem…all I know is that this should be the last time you bring such
useless being into this house and I do not want you forcing my daughters to be
delivered by them. Do I make myself clear?” Stephanie’s father said and stormed
out of the room.
Aunt Maggie appeared at
the door as soon as her husband left.
“This paranoia of yours
will kill you ooo…” She laughed.
“You are witch….a
dangerous person…” Stephanie’s mother spat.
“Hehe….when did you
see my dangerous side? Don’t say what you don’t know ooo….” Aunt Maggie
“Do you think we haven’t
seen the way Stephanie follows you sheepishly? You have her under a spell…”
Pamela fired.
“Will you shut up? How
dare you talk to me in such manner? Don’t you have respect?” Aunt Maggie flung.
“You are a witch Aunt
Maggie…stop covering it up! You saw that you couldn’t stop the pastor from delivering
Stephanie so you called my father to stop the process….but guess what? God is
still fighting our battles and He will expose you!”  Pamela fired.
Aunt Maggie laughed and left their sitting room.
It was Midnight and as
soon as the clock struck at twelve, the prayers began. In the thirty two years
of her life, Thelma had never heard such an intensive prayer like this before.
Obiageli lay on the ground laughing and speaking in hysterics while her hands
were bound in chains. Evangeline, her husband and the ministers began to speak
and pray. Obiageli’s husband and her sister stood at the side, with their eyes
closed and praying hard while nodding their heads in prayer.
“The four hundred and
fifty prophets of Baal stood in contest with the Lord God almighty, they
brought bulls, killed them, cut them in pieces and put them on the wood but did
not light the fire hoping that their god would send fire to consume the
sacrifice. They prayed louder, cutting themselves with knives, daggers according
to their ritual until blood flowed. They kept on ranting and raving but no
answer came forth. Elijah took twelve stones, each representing the twelve
tribes and rebuilt an altar for the worship of the Lord. He dug a trench round
it, large enough to hold almost fourteen litres of water. Then he said; ‘fill
four jars with water and pour it on the offering and the wood’ and he kept
commanding that it be done again and again and the water ran down round the
altar and filled the trench. At the hour of the afternoon sacrifice, the
prophet Elijah approached the altar and prayed, ‘O Lord, the God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob, prove now that you are the God of Israel and that I am your
servant. Answer me Lord, so that this people will know that you, the Lord, are
God.’ At his words, the Lord God sent fire down and it burnt up the sacrifice,
the wood and the stones….it scorched up the earth and dried up the water in
the trench!” Pastor Emmanuel said in a loud voice. “Almighty ancient of days,
show your people that you are God! Show whatever barren gods that have caused
this madness on your daughter….show that useless piece of wood and made of human hands, that you are a
consuming fire! Wherever they are, may they burn to ashes! May they be
destroyed!” He screamed.
Lightening struck at a
distance and the lights of the church went off.
Ekweme waited till the
strike of midnight to enter the room where he had kept Obinna, he walked
inside, holding in his hands, a small wrapper which he intended to use in
strangling the young man.
“Obinna….your time is
up! It is time for you to die and join your father and brothers!” He said, rushing
over to him to strangle him.
Obinna was asleep when
he felt the hand reach for his neck, he felt the pressure against his throat
and as life was snuffed out off him, he saw a lightning flash and a loud crack
of thunder. Suddenly, he reached out and slapped Ekweme hard on the face.
Ekweme felt the heavy
impact of the slap and staggered backwards, and fell, hitting his head on the
ground, he passed out.
Dibia was asleep when he
felt the moulded gods in his shrine begin to wail in loud incoherent sounds.
“Agu nta! Dike! The
strongest one! What is happening?” He asked aloud as he jumped up and walked to
the moulded gods and began incantation.
The noise continued for
what seemed like an eternity and Dibia tried hard to stop them. In the process
of his incantations, one of the biggest moulded gods fell face forward to the
ground and broke into pieces.
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2. www.wallpapersxl.com
To be continued
on Thursday….



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