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Stephanie watched the
pastor speak to her mother and after a while, he turned to left her and walked up to her.
“Hello…my name is
Pastor David…” The young man said with a huge smile.
Stephanie rolled her
eyes, she hated the fact that her mother had dragged her to this church. The
fact that some young ladies and men stood by the corner holding hands and shouting at
the top of their lungs in the name or prayer irked her.

“Steph…” She said
“Your mom has told me so
much about you. I am glad to see you at last…” He said again with a smile.
Stephanie regarded his
ironed trousers and starched shirt and did all she could to restrain from
hissing but she couldn’t. She let out an annoying hiss.
“Have I offended you
anyway?” Pastor David asked.
“No…I just want to
leave here…I have things that I have to see to…” She said with a matter of
“I am sorry that I am
taking your time…I actually asked your mom to invite you for our midweek
Stephanie’s phone chose
that moment to ring and she quickly answered.
“Hello mommy Maggie…”
She smiled and said.
“Where are you?” Her
step-mom asked.
“Some kind of church…”
She rolled her eyes.
“Hmmm….are you busy?”
“Busy? No I’m not…”
She smiled and said, looking at the pastor and hoping he heard her loud and
“I need a huge favour, I
want you to accompany me to my cousin’s place…I really can’t go alone..” 
started. “Ochuko, used to accompany me there but now he’s gone and…” She sobbed.
“Don’t worry mommy
Maggie, I am on my way…” Stephanie said quickly and hung up. Turning to the
pastor she said. “I am on my way out…”
“You just arrived…” He
“Well…as you can see,
I am really busy and can’t spend time lounging around and doing nothing….”
She said.
“You are not doing
nothing Stephanie, you are in the house of God and He wants you here…”
“Listen to me pastor, I
know your type….you guys feel like you’re the best thing that’s happened
since fried fish because you are God’s servants and feel that everyone else has
a problem. I’ve got bad news for you, I have no problem…” Stephanie said.
“Can I have your number?”
He asked.
Stephanie rolled her
eyes and said.
“You can get the number
from my mom…” Stephanie dismissed and walked away.
Her mother was standing beside
the door and she walked up to her and quickly told her that she had to leave.
Not waiting to listen to her mother’s words of reasoning, she walked out of the
church and took the first bike that crossed her path.
Thelma opened her eyes,
she saw about five people surrounding her, Evangeline was one of them, her eyes
were red with tears and she was calling out Thelma’s name in joy mixed with
“What happened?” Thelma
asked, sitting up and looking around at her surroundings.
“You were almost
killed…” Evangeline cried. “Thank God for deliverance….may His name be
praised forever.”
Thelma felt pain in her
neck, it was as though it had been squeezed tight. She sat up and felt a sharp
pain in her abdomen and saw the wetness of blood that had stained her lower dress.
“My…what is happening
to me?” Thelma screamed as the knife-like pain pierced through her insides.
“Quick bring the olive
oil…” Pastor Emmanuel said to one of the men.
As soon as the olive oil
was brought, he poured it on her head and began to pray, placing his hands on
her abdomen, he prayed loudly while Thelma thrashed in pain. She had never felt
such incredible pain in her entire life, she cried loudly and kept begging God
to take the pain away from her.
The pastor prayed
alongside his wife and other men and Thelma felt as though she was on
fire, she thrashed about in pain and suddenly it seemed as though something
heavy and strong was pulled out of her abdomen. It was painful, hard and it
felt as though it had fire laced through it.
The pain stopped and she
felt relief, great relief. She opened her eyes and found herself sprawled on
the ground. Evangeline rushed up to her with a cup of water and a small handkerchief
which she used to mop her face of the sweat.. Thelma looked around at herself, she
was badly bruised and stained and she turned to look at the pastor who was
regarding a very black object on the ground.
“What is…that?” She
asked Evangeline.
“It came out from your
body during the deliverance session….Thelma, we almost lost you….I came
here this morning to see you foaming at the mouth and….you weren’t breathing…” Evangeline cried.
Thelma wasn’t listening,
she was looking at the stone-like object that the pastor was staring at and was
wondering if the pain she’d felt some minutes ago was real or not.
“We’ll set it on fire…”
One of the ministers said.
Thelma struggled up to
her feet, she felt so empty and light-weight, she walked up to the object on
the ground and looked at it, shuddering as she thought of it nestling within
her womb these past weeks.
“We are going to destroy
it…” The pastor said quietly. “God has given us victory…”
One of the ministers
came with fuel and a match and just as he was about pouring the fuel on the
stone, it disappeared.
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continued on Thursday….


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