Ekweme stared at the
skies, the moon was in full bloom as it had hidden half of itself behind the
clouds. The trees in his compound made a rustling noise as though to assure him
that there existed a mightier presence with him. It was the perfect night, a
night when curses were invoked and blessings reversed. He held the Nzu (native
chalk) in his hand and raised it towards the skies.

“Obinna! Obinna!
Obinna!” He called out. “Tonight the masquerades dance in rhythm to the beats
of the spirits. Tonight the earth refuses to shake at the voice of the storm,
tonight everything works against you! You have done nothing to me, you haven’t
harmed my children or my family but I hate you. I hate you because my elder
brother bore you and out of his three sons, you alone survived. I loathe you because
I have sold off all my lands and I have nothing to bequeath to my children
while you have acres of lands which you inherited from your father which he in turn inherited from my father. I hate you because you are successful and
making money in the city, you even went ahead to get a wife, a woman
I have sworn will never live to bear you children. Obinna! It is time for you
to leave the comfort of your home and face the music. Dance your heart out for
the music that you alone can hear is playing loudly in your ears. Obinna! Dance….dance…dance…”
He said and spitting on the chalk he made three markings on the earth and he
tossed the chalk into the earth he had previously dug and covered it. He picked
up the three fowls he had kept at his side, two were as black as the night and
the last was white like the chalk he had buried and holding the three chickens
on their feet, he circled them around his head thrice and threw the chickens
inside the ground. The poor chickens cried mercilessly as Ekwueme buried them
alive within the earth. When he was done he said;
“You will dance till you
leave this earth, Obinna and nothing will stop it. As long as these chickens can
never be resurrected after burial, your state can never and will never be turned around for good.”
He said with finality and left the place.
Obinna and Thelma were
having dinner at the dining of their house, they ate and joked, laughing over what had
happened during the course of their day.
“So…honey, as I was
saying ehn, you should have seen the way the accountant walked up to Mr. Badejo
and said, ‘hold it there, you don’t have the keys to this company!’”  Thelma, his wife said laughing loudly.
Obinna burst into  laughter but abruptly stopped.
“Do you hear that?” He
asked once he stopped laughing.
“Hear what?” Thelma
“There’s music…loud
music…danceable tune…” He said.
Thelma watched him and
“I have told you that
wearing those earpieces every time would affect your hearing or didn’t I warn you?” She
“What earpiece? This is
real music ooo. Can’t you hear it?” He asked suddenly smiling and standing up to dance.
Thelma watched him with
amusement at first wondering where he was hearing the music from and deciding
that he was just joking with her as usual.
Obinna broke into a
dance, he danced so dutifully as though one in a cultural group, he danced so
well that Thelma laughed heartily. “Stop it honey, you should finish your food
and let it digest before you dance ooo…” She said laughing loudly.
It was when Obinna
proceeded to remove his shirt and his trousers that Thelma was alarmed. As he
rid himself of his clothing he was still dancing like one listening to a wild
“Obinna! Stop this! I
have laughed…I agree that it is funny but please stop.”
Her husband paid her no
heed, he shed his singlet and boxers and continued to dance.
“Obi…please…I am
begging you, stop this expensive joke…please…” She pleaded, falling to her
knees before him and hoping that the sight of her on her knees would make his stop dancing.
Obinna hurried to the
door leading out of the house stark naked and danced outside the house while
Thelma followed him in tears. The gate man came out looking at his oga in his
naked state and his wife following him closely behind in tears.
“Yusuf lock that
gate…please…I don’t understand what is happening ooo.”Thelma said as she saw Obinna dance towards the gate.
“I don lock am tey…”
Yusuf said still staring at Obinna.
Obinna surprised them
and climbing the gate as though it was a ladder, he scaled the fence while his
wife screamed in agony.
Stephanie was asleep, she
was lying on her bed soaked in sweat. There was no light and the generator had
developed serious issues. She was half-awake and half-asleep when she heard
something at her window.
Stephanie sat up with a
start, ‘what was that?’ she thought.
“Meeeeeaaawoooo” The
sound came again, sounding strange as though it didn’t belong entirely to a cat.
She turned to look at
Sunday, he was asleep beside her. She shook him awake.
“What is that?” He asked
“It seems like there’s a
cat at the window!”
“What are you talking
about? Please let me sleep, I have a long day tomorrow.” He said quickly.
“I’m sorry.” She said as
she watched Sunday go back to sleep. 
They had been off and on for the past two
years and he was taking too long to make her his fiancée or wife as the case maybe and she wasn’t sure
that she was his girlfriend either because he always introduced her to people
by name. For instance, at his work’s Christmas party last year, he had said;
“Meet Stephanie…” And
not, “Meet my girlfriend” However, not disputing, they still had sex and spent
more time with each other than they liked to admit. Stephanie for one would love
if they could define the relationship and even though she wanted to walk away
some times, she knew that she had no one else on her list. Sunday was the only
man she had been able to snag and last year when she left him in order to find
new men, she ended up returning to him because for three whole months of being
single, no man said ‘hello’ to her.
She was still reminiscing
when she heard the sound again.
“Meaaaaawwooo…” She
looked stood up and walked towards the window, hoping to see what it was and
why it was crying so loudly.
She pushed open the
curtain and got the shock of her life, she was staring into the eyes of a young
scruffy girl and once their eyes met, the girl cried out again.
“Meaoooowwww…” She vanished.

To be
continued on Sunday….


  1. Ada nwan……you have come again for real o. Chai
    But mehn people are wicked o. But that's what this life has turned into. Jealousy….wickedness etc. May God protect us from this terrible people


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