Something happened! Everyone
felt it, even Evangeline did as soon as they ended the prayers. They saw the
lightning flashes, they heard the rumbles of thunder and they knew that God had
fought on their behalf.

Obiageli lay there on
the ground, in a pool of her own sweat, Thelma stared at Obiageli in panic, she
hoped that everything would be alright.
Obiageli’s husband and
sister looked at her in fear, hopeful that something had been done to
permanently take care of the problems they faced.
“Thank you Jesus….”
Pastor Emmanuel echoed and re-echoed.
Everyone began to say
‘thank you Jesus’ exalting the name of the Lord as they waved their hands.
Obiageli opened her eyes.
“Her eyes are opened! Oh
my God! Her eyes are open!” Chi screamed as she hurried off to her sister.

“Obiageli! Obiageli!”
Her husband shouted as he ran to her side.
Obiageli stared around
at everyone, she was confused at her environment.
“Where am I?” She asked.
“Thank God…she’s
fine…” Her husband said.
“How did I get here?”
Obiageli asked.
“You came to the village
to help our brother and ended up mad…” Chi said with tears in her eyes.

“Where is Thelma?”
Obiageli asked.
“I’m here…” Thelma
said walking over to her sister in-law’s side.
“I am sorry for
everything…I am sorry for insulting you and calling you names….please
forgive me…” Obiageli said.
“I have forgiven…you
are after all my sister…” Thelma said.
“Please tell Obinna that
I love him….tell him that…” Obiageli said with tears in her eyes.
“What do you mean by
tell Obinna? You will tell Obinna that you love him with your own mouth.” Her
husband said.
Obiageli shook her head.
“I…am going home…”
She said and winced in pain.
“Pastor!” Obiageli’s
husband shot to his feet and spoke to pastor Emmanuel. “She has been free, hasn’t she?”
Pastor Emmanuel looked
at Obiageli and said.
“We’ve prayed and asked
God for mercy but she took an oath with a lesser god…I really don’t know the
next step but children of God are not supposed to serve any other God except the
Lord especially when they have prior knowledge of God. You can’t have light and seek
darkness. Obiageli was a good Christian till she stepped her foot into that
shrine and took that oath. The madness has been broken but I pray she survives
“No! No! You must talk
to God! You must tell Him that my wife is going to serve Him all the days of
her life….please….please….” Obiageli’s husband cried.
“I can’t tell but I
think that it the process of taking the oath, she sold her soul to the devil
and he’s demanding for it. I am sure that there are some words she might have
uttered at the shrine that…” The pastor trailed off quietly.
“Obiageli! Wake up! Obiageli!” Chi cried, shaking her sister’s form and beating herself on the
Thelma was confused, she
began to cry, she didn’t know what to do..

Stephanie couldn’t
sleep, she kept dreaming of blood, cats and darkness. In her first dream she
was mercilessly flogged, in her second dream she was stripped and her blood was
sucked by some kind of blood-sucking demons. She cried loudly and woke up.
She was in Elohor’s room
and she was so scared, she wished with all her heart that she could go back to
the room she shared with Pamela her sister but pride won’t let her go. She was
still haemorrhaging and she was really troubled, her body had changed too fast
and she didn’t appreciate the change at all.
She sat up on the bed
and walked over to turn on the lights in order to rid the room of darkness but
the lights refused to turn on. She quietly walked back to the bed and let sleep
overcome her.

As soon as her eyes
closed, a form appeared in the room, it was aunty Maggie and she looked very
different. She had sharp, long nails, and her eyes were scary-looking. She
walked up to Stephanie and spread her hands over the bed making some
incantations, soon she lay over Stephanie’s form on the bed and stayed there
for about thirty minutes, by the time she rose from Stephanie’s figure, her mouth dripped with blood.
Stephanie sat at the
dinning table, she was having breakfast with her dad, Aunt Maggie, Elohor and
Alvin. They were all chatting about the economy of the country and laughing
over jokes. Unknown to Stephanie, she was beginning to look so pale and a bit
haggard as her eyes were so sunken and her face seemed to slowly loose its
“When does your leave
end?” Her father asked.
“Today…” Stephanie
said, biting into a toast.
“How come you didn’t
tell me? You should be preparing to return to work…”
“No, am I not going back
daddy.” Stephanie said.
“What?” Her father asked
“Honestly, Lagos is a
stressful city and I’ve been thinking…that there’s nothing left there for

“Are you out of your
mind?” Her father asked in confusion.
“Don’t worry her
sweetheart. She wears the shoes and knows where it pinches.” Aunt Maggie said
in support of her.
“Stay out of this
Maggie…stay out!” Her father barked at his second wife.
“Why are you disturbing
yourself? She doesn’t want to go back…is it by force?” Aunt Maggie said.

Stephanie’s father
ignored his wife and faced his daughter.
“I expect you to pack
your bags and return to Lagos and work. I won’t be responsible for catering for
a full grown woman under my roof.”
“If daddy doesn’t want
to cater for your needs….I will…” Aunt Maggie said.
“What is wrong with you
Maggie?” Her husband shouted.
“Nothing, I am just
seeking her best interests besides who says she can’t work here in Delta state?”

“Stephanie has a good
and well-paying job in Lagos and staying there gives her a sense of
independence. I do not want her here.”
“My decision is final
daddy and the last time I checked, I am over eighteen years old.” Stephanie
said angrily.
“You are beginning to
get on my nerves. Get out of my sight this instant!” Her father screamed at
Stephanie left the table
and hurried to Elohor’s room.

Stephanie’s mother was
drinking pepper soup with yam when her husband walked in. She ignored him
completely and kept eating her food.
“Do you know what has
come over Stephanie?” He asked.
“I thought you said she
was fine….when I invited a pastor to pray for her…” Stephanie’s mother

“Who said a pastor is
the solution to her problem? That girl is growing senile! She has refused to return to
Lagos or work, she says she wants to stay here….”
“What?” Stephanie’s
mother said, looking at her husband.
“You heard me right….”
Her husband said. “Her leave ends today and she has refused to return.”
“Her leave ends, today?
What? She must be silly to think she’ll sit in this house doing nothing with
her life!” Stephanie’s mother said standing up and walking past her husband and
out through the door.
“Stephanie!” She shouted.


  1. You people can't blame Stephanie. she is under a spell and except The Lord shows her mercy, she wouldn't know that she is in bondage. I only hope her Aunt Maggie wouldn't finish her off before she realizes it.I pray Obiageli finds mercy o! Let her not die please


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