Ekweme was seated in his
sitting room, answering a phone call from his niece when some people came in,
wailing that they had seen Obinna running about like a mad man on the streets.
He stood up in mock shock and listened to them with crocodile tears in his
“You mean what? Eh eh?
My son! My Obinna! You must be lying!” He spat.

“No we are not
lying….we saw him right now, on our way to fetch water….” A young female
“Let us go to see him, I
must see this with my own eyes before believing anything. Obinna! My own Obinna!”
Ekweme exclaimed as he left his house.
Thelma was at home
throwing her clothes hastily into her bag, she had been unnerved by the whole
happenings and had decided to take the first bus to the village, same with
Obiageli who was at home packing her stuff, they had both decided to meet at
the park together and go to the village to see what was really happening. As
Thelma packed her stuff, tears fell from her eyes.
Stephanie smiled as she
regarded the dress her step mom had bought for her.
“Thank you auntie
Maggie…this is beautiful.”
They were both at a
small boutique not too far from the house.
“You know you can drop
the auntie title, besides, I am your mother as well.” Maggie said to her.
“Thank you mom…”
Stephanie smiled.
“That’s better…”
Auntie Maggie beamed.
As Auntie Maggie paid
for the dress, Stephanie stared at the outfit in a bittersweet mixture of joy
and sadness, she was happy about the dress but was sad over the fact that she
had no man in her life to flaunt the dress for.
“You look so sad my
dear….is anything wrong?” Auntie Maggie asked as they left the store.
“Nothing…I am fine…”
Stephanie smiled.
“You don’t look fine my
dear…” Auntie Maggie started. “I noticed that you’re not the cheerful girl I
used to know, as soon as you returned home.”
“It’s not that …it’s
just that, there’s no man I’ve ever been with who wants to marry me, no matter
what I do…” Stephanie said in a low voice.
“That’s strange, you are
a beautiful girl, why would you think that?”
“I don’t think it, I
know it and it became so evident with this guy I just dated. You see, we loved
each other, or I thought we did till he abandoned me and only for me to see the
invitation to his wedding with another woman.” Stephanie said quietly as tears
fell down her lids.
“What? He did what?”
Maggie asked astounded.
“Yes….I saw his
invitation cards in his house one night, after we had spent the night
“Oh my darling…I am so
sorry…why have you bottled up this emotion for such long time?” Maggie asked.
“Why haven’t you told me or your mom?”
“I don’t know…I just
don’t want to rope you guys into my problems. And now that my mom is sick, I
don’t want her to feel so bad for me….”
“Okay, then don’t tell
her…” Maggie said.
Stephanie nodded.
“You know what, before I
married your father, I was having the same kind of problems that you’re having.
I found a way out for myself.” Maggie said.
Stephanie looked at her interestedly.
“How?” Stephanie asked.
“Do you want to get
married by all means? You must be ready to go the extra length.” Maggie
“Yes…I am ready….at
least, all I want is a man who won’t take my heart for granted again.”
Stephanie said.

“I have a solution to
your problem but you must swear that you’ll never tell anyone about it or if
you do….you could die.” Maggie said firmly, looking at Stephanie in the eye
and trying not to blink.
To be continued on Thursday….



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