Stephanie wrestled with
her mother, but despite her mother’s fragile state, she wasn’t strong enough.
“You must go for
counselling or deliverance! Your attitude to life is not normal and you need
“Help? Hahaha! I don’t
need any help! You need help mummy and not me!” Stephanie screamed as her eyes
flashed in anger at her mother.

Elohor sat on the bed
and watched her step-sister and step-mother argue, she actually didn’t understand
what was going on. All she knew was that sister Stephanie had taken over her
room for the meantime and she wanted it back.
“You are coming with me
even if it’s the last thing I do!” Stephanie’s mother shouted.
“No she’s not coming
with you! The last time I checked, she’s a grown woman and not a child!” Aunt
Maggie fired from the doorway.
Stephanie’s mother
looked at her co-wife in surprise.
“Who do you think you
are? Are you are mother?”
“Yes …I am her second
mother and I am telling you that you should leave her alone!” Maggie shouted.
“You have a hand in all
this don’t you? I know that there’s something evil going on in this house and
my God will expose you!”
“Are you threatening
me?” Maggie shouted, walking over to Stephanie’s mother and staring at her in
the eye.
“Yes I am…you came
into this family eight years after I married my husband. I am your senior wife
and you have no right to talk to me disrespect.”
“Senior wife?
Hahahaha….have you looked at yourself in the mirror of late? You are nothing
but bones…”
“You caused this and I
will prove it to the world that you are nothing but a witch…”
Aunt Maggie’s eyes
flashed as soon as Stephanie’s mother called her a witch.
“Get out of this room! This
is my side of the house and not yours so, get out!” Aunt Maggie shouted.
Stephanie’s mother
turned to look at her daughter who had sat on the bed and had a stubborn look
in her eyes.
“I will go but mark my
words, that it isn’t over yet!” Stephanie’s mother said to Aunt Maggie.
“No…it’s far from
over!” Aunt Maggie said in anger. “You’ll regret confronting me! I promise you!”
The night was pitch
black and no one was in sight except the gathering of women and men who had no
other purpose but to kill, steal and destroy.
“You look worried…” A
male voice said.
“I am worried about my
husband’s wife! She has learnt to challenge me and I won’t have it! I won’t!”
Aunt Maggie huffed.
“Do you mean the woman
your husband married first before marrying you? That woman you’ve riled with so
many kinds of illnesses?”
“Yes…that woman…”
“What are you waiting
for? Offer her to us! Kill her once and for all! We have almost all her
personal belongings in our possession so finishing her off is not a problem.”
Aunt Maggie looked
around at her fellow witches and said.
“Yes, I will kill her
and I want it done tonight!” She shouted.
“Let the ritual begin!”
One of the witches said.
The witches smiled in
jubilation as they brought out an old box and searched for Stephanie’s mother’s
belongings. The box contained people’s belongings from underwear to hair,
nails, pictures and the like. They soon collected all the items they needed and
Maggie brought out an effigy of Stephanie’s mother and set it on a small stake
at the center of the arena. The whole items were placed beside the effigy and
the rituals began.
Aunt Maggie was pleased,
she danced around and sang with hope that dusk will not meet Stephanie’s mother
Stephanie’s mother
closed her eyes to sleep but she was restless, somehow, sleep evaded her and
she decided to make good use of her time awake. She brought out her bible and taking
her anointed oil, she began to pray. She sang loud songs of praise at first and
after which she delved into prayers. She was literally shaking as she prayed
and the world didn’t matter anymore but the God who created her. She suddenly
began calling out the name of Jesus asking Him to fight her battles for her.
She presented Stephanie’s case before the Lord and began rebuking any spirit of
lukewarmness from her, she even began rebuking the satanic agents and in her
prayers she called out Maggie’s name.
“You satanic covens, you
places of hazards, you creatures of the underworld. The bible states that we do
not battle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and
hence we are given the power to fight the serpents and they shall not harm us.
Hence every power known or unknown, working against my daughter and my family,
I send the thunder fire of God upon you right now! I don not care where you are
at this moment but as I speak these words of prayer, catch fire and die! Maggie, if you have a hand in my daughter’s reluctance to continue with her life, if your plan is her downfall, the battle line has been drawn, it is between you and the God who created heaven and earth. You are no match for Him, may he send all your evil intentions back to you now, in Jesus Mighty name.”
Maggie was still dancing
when she felt the thunder ball of fire fall heavily on her face.
The other witches looked
at Maggie, they were confused as they could see no fire anywhere.
“What is it? You have
stopped the rituals ….what is it?” One of the men said.
“I am burning…my face
is burning…it’s hot! Arrrggggghhhh!!” Maggie cried loudly as she fell to the
ground and beat her face.
Her fellow witches
surrounded her and began incantations to stop whatever fire was assailing her.
Maggie screamed like a mad woman and her cries could be heard, miles away.
“Mummy!” Elohor called
out as she entered her mother’s room and tapped her sleeping form on the bed.
Maggie forced her eyes
open and turned to face her child. Elohor screamed in alarm.
“What is it?” Maggie
asked in panic and rushed up to see her reflection in the mirror. She was
wearing a small night dress so as soon as she stood before the mirror, she saw
her body clearly. 
It was as though her body had been shared in half, the right
side was normal but her left side was burnt from head to toe.
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To be
continued on Thursday…..


  1. Adaaaaaa eez short nau! But the plot is getting more interesting! evil will never triumph over good. Thank God! well done dear, more ink to your pen.

    • Thank you dear.
      Yes, I am slowly building the plot. Black Mail is quite challenging because everyone wants to see good triumph and quickly too. And then again, when you decide to stall evil for so long, everyone begins to loose hope and it might somehow affect their fate.
      I guess it's time for retribution.


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