Stephanie met up with
aunt Maggie and they both had a delightful time at her cousin’s place. Aunt
Maggie laughed so hard it was hard to believe that she had just lost her son
and Stephanie was quite relieved that being at her cousin’s place was a kind of healing balm to Aunt Maggie. 
They were all laughing
at something when Aunt Maggie’s cousin served them biscuits and blackcurrant

“Eat some…” Aunt
Maggie’s cousin smiled at her.
“No thanks…I am
lactose intolerant and I really don’t like biscuits…” Stephanie said holding
up her hand in refusal.
Aunt Maggie and her
cousin shared a look and Aunt Maggie said.
“C’mon Steph, don’t
break my cousin’s heart, she baked these biscuits you know…”
“Serious? That’s
nice…” Stephanie said with interest as she stared at the biscuits.
“Eat some…one or two
slices won’t hurt…” Aunt Maggie cajoled.
Stephanie smiled, nodded
and took one biscuit and ate, soon she had finished six of the sweet biscuits.
She finally drank the blackcurrant juice and their conversations continued.
Soon, while Aunt Maggie
and her cousin spoke, Stephanie found that she was very drowsy.
“Are you sleepy my
dear?” Aunt Maggie asked.
“Yes…a little…”
Stephanie said.
“You can lie on the
couch….” Aunt Maggie’s cousin smiled at her.
Stephanie wanted to
protest but the sleep was too strong that she nodded and made herself 
comfortable and soon, sleep took over.
Aunt Maggie stood up as
soon as she felt that Stephanie had slept off and said.
“She’s asleep now, can
we proceed?” She asked.
Her supposed cousin
stood up from her couch, her pleasant countenance had been replaced with a
malicious look of pure evil and wickedness.
“What’s her name again?”
She asked.
“Stephanie….” Aunt
Maggie said.
The woman nodded and
snapped her fingers and two bulky looking men appeared from thin air. Their
faces were covered with dirty and ugly masquerade masks and on their bodies
were scratch marks and inscriptions of different kinds.
The woman Aunt Maggie had referred to as cousin was actually a witch and a very powerful one at that.
“Do with her as you
please…” Aunt Maggie’s supposed cousin said to the men.
Aunt Maggie watched with
extreme fascination and joy as the men began to take advantage of Stephanie.
“By the time she wakes,
she’ll have no idea of what has been done to her but be rest assured that she’ll
never leave this town, she’ll lose the crave to work, or even to get married, she’ll become a burden to her family and with time, she’ll turn into an old hag. In fact, she would never have a progressive life
as long as she lives. She’ll be stagnant in every sphere of her life.
Aunt Maggie threw back
her head and let out a loud shout of laughter.
Stephanie’s mom returned
from the church feeling restless. Where was her daughter? She thought. Pamela
walked out to greet her.
“Welcome home mom, how
was service?”
“Have you seen your sister?”
“Ivana? She’s in the
room.” Pamela supplied.
“No, I mean Stephanie…”
“I have no idea….I
thought she went out with you.”
“Yes she did but she
left the place….I was thinking she’d be home…” Her mother supplied.
“No, she’s not….” Her
daughter said.
“Okay….I hope she
comes home soon, I don’t want her running off on me like that again…”
Stephanie walked into
the house looking dishevelled.
“Stephanie! Where have
you been? You left the church…”
“So? I was tired of
being there…” Stephanie said.
“How dare you speak to
me in such tone?” Her mother demanded.
“The last time I
checked, I’m twenty seven years old mommy and I don’t need to be babied.”
Stephanie spat.
‘If you think you’re old
enough to talk to me anyway you want, then I think it’s time you leave this
house and go back to Lagos.” Her mother spat.
‘This is my dad’s house
and you have no right to send me away!” Stephanie flung at her mother.
“Steph! Don’t talk to
mommy that way…” Her sister admonished.
“Will you shut the hell
up? How dare she tell me to go to Lagos? Infact, I am staying here for good and I am not
going to Lagos anymore….if she wants to kill herself, please be my guest.”
Stephanie’s mother and daughter
gawked at Stephanie.
“Do you know what?” I am
not staying with you any longer! I am going to stay in Aunt Maggie’s place…she
understands me better…” Stephanie flung as she disappeared from the sitting
room and headed to the room she shared with Pamela.
Soon, she re-emerged
with her bag in her hand.
“Where are you going?
Steph?” Pamela called out.
“I have had it! Now I
know why you blame aunt Maggie for your miserly sickness, it’s because you’re
jealous of her and you can never be like her. She’s better than you are and I
wish she were my mother.” Stephanie flung and carrying her bag, she
charged out of her mom’s sitting room.
Pamela and her mother
stared at Stephanie in shock.
Stephanie was sleeping
in her step-sister’s bedroom as Aunt Maggie had told her daughter to leave the
room for her elder sister. She was in deep sleep when she saw them, they were
about a dozen black cats around the room and she woke up in shock and saw
nothing but pitch darkness. 
She stood up from the bed and went to turn on the
light, suddenly afraid of the dark. As soon as the lights came on, she sighed
in relief that there were no cats in sight but stopped short at what she saw on
the bed. There was a large stain of blood on the sheets and she looked down at
herself to find that she was bleeding and it wasn’t time for her monthly cycle.
She was scared.

To be
continued on Thursday….


  1. One of the reasons I will never collect any edible from my step mother, but the blame should go to all men who married more than one wife.


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