The matron was about to
speak when Sharon burst into the clinic.
“Mommy!” She shouted,
rushing to hug her mother.
“Sharon…it’s so good
to see you.” Layla said.
“I heard you came. Why
are you here?” Sharon asked.
“I just came to see
you…” Layla said.
“Is something wrong?”
Sharon asked.
Amanda knew that mother
and daughter wanted privacy so she beckoned to the matron that they go into her
“We will be out of your
hairs…” Amanda said, smiling.

“Oh…Sharon, meet
Amanda, I met her when she was almost your age.” Layla said.
“You know her?” Sharon
asked in open hostility.
“Yes, I do…infact, I
almost married her brother…” Sharon’s mother said.
Amanda saw that Sharon
wasn’t too happy with the revelation so, she took the matron’s hands and pulled
her further towards the office.
They entered the office
and Amanda sat down, the matron took her seat and faced Amanda in anger.
“Why did you bring that woman to me?” The matron asked.
“How do you mean by
that?” Amanda said.
“I am not going to say
what’s on my mind because I respect you as a tutor here but it is not nice to
spring people on people just like that!” The matron spat.
“I am sorry…I won’t do
it again.” Amanda said.
“It’s okay…” The
matron said. “Was Sharon’s mother a hundred percent sure of what she said?”
“Do you mean about
Sharon going home on the day she was admitted to the clinic?”
“She told me that Sharon
came home that night and even slept over.”
“This is strange infact
that girl is strange.” The matron said.
“Why do you say that?”
“On the day she was to
be discharged, I told her to stay put in her room while I go to fill her form.
On my way back to her room with the form in my hands, I heard a slight scuffle
so I decided to tiptoe to the room. I peeped in through the key hole and lo and
behold I saw Sharon fighting with herself or something invisible…”
“What? Are you serious?”
“Yes, I even documented
it and handed the report to the principal who said that one tutor was going to accompany
Sharon to her home to inform her parents of her mental disorder.” The matron
“I don’t think it’s a
mental disorder…” Amanda blurted.
“What is it? What could
it be?” The matron asked.
“I think that Sharon is
some kind of a witch….” Amanda said.
The matron stared at her in shocked silence.
At the entrance of the
clinic, Sharon and her mother sat and discussed.
“I don’t know what came
into him….he is a shadow of himself…” Layla cried.
“Do you mean that my dad
thinks I am a witch?” Sharon asked with tears in her eyes.
“Sharon…I know that
you are not a witch and I know that it’s the pastor’s ploy to take money from
“So, daddy believes it
“Yes…he does…I told
you that I saw him almost commit suicide.”
“Then why didn’t he?”
Sharon spat.
Layla was taken aback,
she saw something in Sharon’s eyes that she had never seen before.
“Mom…I can’t go back
to that house…who knows who he has told? Besides, I do not wish to share the same roof with him.” Sharon started.
“Where do we go then?”
Layla asked.
“Somewhere else…”
Sharon started.
“Okay…I’ll look for
somewhere that we can squat for a while but what do we do when we can’t live there anymore?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll take
care of that.” Sharon said.
“You? Take care of that?
You are twelve years old Sharon, you can’t take care of anything…”
“Just look for a place
that we can stay for a while…” Sharon said.
“I’ll be back at the end
of camp…see you then.” Sharon said standing up from the chair.
“Lemme go and say
goodbye to Amanda.”
“Do you need to?” Sharon
don’t…I’ll see her some other time then…” Layla said.
“I am sorry to have told
you such news about your father, I don’t mean to turn you against him.”
“He never loved me from
the beginning mom…it’s not a surprise that he wants to get rid of me.” Sharon
said and turned to go.
“Bye Sharon…I’ll see
you in a few days…” Her mother said and walked away.
Sharon watched her
mother walk away from her. Ebonee appeared at her side and spoke to her.
“Did she agree?” Ebonee asked.
“So…the ritual begins
once you are both alone?” Ebonee asked.
“Yes…it’s time we made
her realize the truth and conform to it. She needs to know what sort of power
she has and that she doesn’t need a husband to tell her what to do and
what not to do.” Sharon said.
Amanda had just left the
matron’s office and headed down the corridor and just as she was about pushing
open the slide door, she saw Sharon standing not too far from the clinic,
speaking to an unseen person. At that moment, Amanda confirmed what she had told the matron moments ago.
Deep down the waters
below sat some creatures, they looked like human beings but they weren’t. They
had long hair, beautiful eyes, translucent fish-like bodies and long sharp
“Princess!” The Queen
mother called, she was the biggest of them all, and had a half human and half nameless creature face.
“Mother, my queen…”
Princess answered.
“What happens next?” The
Queen mother asked.
“I don’t know…I have
tried all I can but he has been protected…I can’t go in…” Princess replied.
“What do we do now?” The
Queen mother asked.
“I will go!” One of the male water spirits said, swimming up to the Queen mother.
“Go? What do you intend
to do there? He is man and not a woman …” The Queen mother said.
“I am aware of
that…but I am not on a mission for him but for her…:” The male spirit said.
“Amanda! She is the
stumbling block to our mission of populating and winning souls for our kind. I
will get to her and I will seduce her…” He said.
“She is too prayerful, you can’t get in…and she’s a decent too so, you can’t woo her and expect her to have sex with you.” Princess said.
“Hmmmm…that sounds
like a plan…” The Queen mother said.
“I will take control of
her subconscious, I will penetrate her through her dreams and I will make her
mine and take control of her senses. She will not distract our mission again because by then, I would have taken perfect control of her.”
The male spirit said.
“Good! Very good! You can
go now! I give you the authority to take charge of her and any human you see
blocking our path to winning Ben’s soul. He is ours and we can never let him
go!” The Queen mother proclaimed.

All the spirits of the
underworld bowed low in respect.
To be continued….
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  1. Hmm……somepeople are ready to see the wrath of God.
    But Sharon's mum she nawa. How can you tell Sharon what her father in just like real wa.

    • Picture this…Sharon is your child and your husband tells you he believes what the pastor said. (Prior to this, you have a mother-daughter bond with Sharon) What would you do? Story apart….

      Thanks for reading Ayo and thank you for the contribution namsie.


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