Ben opened his eyes and
saw the light, it was shining ever so brightly, he moved towards it slowly
and surely but was suddenly pulled back by rough hands. Ben was horrified to see what was pulling him back, they were hideous monsters with countless heads, horrific
teeth, bad smell, scary eyes and gruesome bearing, he began to cry.
“You belong to us!” The dreadful
beasts screamed.
“No! I don’t …no!” Ben
pleaded as he was held in their strong grip.
Ben fought harder than he’d ever fought before but to no avail as they were much more stronger than he was. Suddenly an illuminating
light appeared from nowhere and one like an angel advanced towards him.
“Please help me! Save me
please…” Ben pleaded.

The angel looked at the
demons and held out a hand motioning that they stop dragging him. Ben stared at
the angel in awe, the wings at the angel’s back was so huge and so pristine
white while the angel was as bright as sunlight. 
“Leave him alone!” The
angel said in command.
“Why? The heavens can
testify that he belongs to us and that he has been a sinner from birth. This is
not fair!” The demons shouted.
“The Lord says, ‘let him
be’ and that’s a decree.” The angel said.
The demons let go of him but kept staring at him in want, they bickered aloud making groans and moans, all in
agony at the loss of his soul.
“Thank you…thank you
so much…” Ben said to the angel in gratitude.
“You are lucky Benjamin
because for many, there is no pardon beyond this point!” The angel said.

Ben began to cry, he let
out loud heart wrenching sobs and his wails echoed in his head. He suddenly
felt a strong force drag him dowward and he hit a solid surface with a loud thud.
He blinked and opened his eyes.
“Chei! See how life was
wasted just like that ehn!” A male voice floated to him.
“The poor man, but how
come his car dived into the other lane? Wasn’t he driving safely? Or was he
drunk?” Another man asked.
“We have called the
rapid response, they should be here any minute. May his soul rest in peace. The
trailer driver was not harmed, but his trailer has to be impounded.” The first
man said.
Ben sneezed loudly and sat
up, he was lying on the side of the road.
“What? Did the dead man just sneeze? He’s alive!”
Shouted one of the men as he ran up to him.
“He’s alive? How come?
Did you see the car? It is destroyed completely! What? This is a miracle!” The
second man said in surprise.
Ben looked at them, at
first his vision was blurry but soon his eyes cleared.
“What happened?” Ben asked in a whisper.
“You survived that car
accident. You are a miracle!” The man closest to him said, pointing to his car
which was tucked under a trailer.
Ben looked in the
direction of the man’s finger, he saw his car crushed and beyond repair and
recognition, he saw the trailer tyres crush the front bonnet of the car.
“I am alive!” Ben said
in gratitude.
“Yes, you are…you
luckily escaped the mortuary.” The second man said in disbelief.
Amanda had abandoned her
mission of speaking to Sharon’s parents about their daughter’s medical problems, instead she
was at the church with them waiting for the pastor.
The pastor arrived soon
enough and immediately he saw Sharon on the ground he said.
“Oh! How the enemies
fall defeated!”
“She’s not the enemy! It’s
either you pray for her or I take her to the hospital!” Layla shouted at him.

“Listen to yourself! But
then again, I can’t blame you. You have been blind for so long, she has had you blinded…she has hidden the truth from you!” The pastor said to her.
“How can you be sure of
that?” Layla asked spitefully.
“Who is Mama Emem?” The
pastor asked.
“That’s my grandmother
and what does she have to do with this?” Layla asked.
“This is her…she took
control of your child and has possessed her to the full. This woman has vowed
to destroy your life because you never joined her cult…” The pastor started.
“Aarrggghhh…” Sharon
screamed and jumped up, running to the pastor with a strong force and almost
knocking him down. “Who do you think you are? You mere mortal!” Sharon screamed
in an old alien voice.
Layla gawked at Sharon
in shock, she couldn’t believe what she had heard.
“I am the servant of the
Most High God and I am going to subdue you in God’s name!” The pastor shouted
jumping back and holding his bible high over his head.
“You think you can do
that? Do you think you can subdue me? I am not an ordinary spirit! I am
“The power of evil can
never triumph over good!” The pastor said.
“Aarrrghhhh…I will
triumph over you! I will possess what is mine! I will get Layla for myself! She
is mine forever!”
Layla’s eyes almost fell
out of its sockets, she began to cry.
The pastor kept moving
about while Sharon kept following him like moth to flame. He quickly shouted
out to Layla, her husband and Amanda.
“According to Matthew
twelve verses forty-three to forty-five, ‘when an evil spirit goes out of a
person, it travels over dry country looking for a place to rest. If it can’t
find one, it says to itself, ‘I will go back to my house’, so it goes back and
finds it clean, empty and tidy. Then it goes out and brings seven other spirits
even worse than itself and they come and live there. So that when it is all
over, that person is in a worse state than he was at the beginning.’ Listen to
me, close your eyes and begin to pray, do not let your eyes be caught up with
the activities of the deliverance session, rather, let your minds be lifted up
to God. The spirit can possess anyone of you and after it’s sent out, it can
return!” The pastor screamed.
Amanda and Layla’s
husband quickly shut their eyes and began to pray but Layla was so shaken and
heartbroken, she stared at the pastor and Sharon who were running about the

“I will destroy you! I
will destroy your church!” Sharon spat.
“This is no church of
mine! It is the house of the Lord and the gates of the underworld can never
prevail against it!” The pastor said.
“I command you demonic
agent, you conspiring agent of the devil to be separated from the Ekanem
family! Lose your hold on them, get out of this young girl’s life! A life you
have vowed to destroy!”

“Hahaha…you lie! I can’t
get out! I am Sharon and Sharon is me!” Sharon screamed following the pastor and making dance-like movements.
“That’s not true! You
are a possessive spirit who has possessed her from birth but with the power of
the Lord, all things are possible. You shall set her free! Set her free now in
the name of Jesus Christ!”

“No! If I go, Sharon
goes with me! I have been a part of her for too long. I have been a part of the Ekanem’s family for too long!”
“In the name of the Lord
Jesus Christ, leave this body now!”
screamed in a strong voice laced with pain and after pivoting around like a whirlwind, she fell down in a dead faint.
“Thank you Jesus! Thank
you Lord! The enemies have been defeated.” The pastor prayed.
At that moment, Layla
felt the something forcefully enter her body, she jerked and stood quietly
still. She quickly closed her eyes and opened them again,  they were
as red as hot burning coals.
“The Lord has given us
victory! Where are my ministers? Sharon should be laid before the altar.” 
pastor said. “Pastor Greg and Pastor Musa!” The pastor called out.
Sharon’s father opened
his eyes and Amanda followed suit, they were both relieved. The pastor walked
up to them as one of his ministers came to carry Sharon to the altar.
“We have victory!” The
pastor said smiling at Mr. Ekanem.
“Thank you so much
pastor, May God be praised.” Layla’s husband said in relief.
Layla took a step
forward and gave the pastor a very mighty slap which almost turned his head
backwards, no sooner had she done that than she turned and fled the church.

To be
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    The spirit entered Layla. Chai
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    Greater heights.

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    There is power mighty in the blood of Jesus.
    Not many men get a second chance..Ben is favoured
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