The matron was seated at
the entrance to the clinic, staring at the world. ‘What is going on?’ She asked
herself while looking around in disbelief, she knew what she had seen and yet,
she couldn’t place a finger on it. ‘What was that?’ She thought. She had peered
into the keyhole to see Sharon, the patient fighting with the air, she had
watched her roll about on the ground and knock her head on the hard surface and
get up again still fighting with no one but herself. 

What was this all about?
She thought again. Did she do the right thing in discharging her? Couldn’t she
pose a serious threat to her fellow students at the camp? She remembered
tiptoeing away as though she had seen nothing and had hurried to her office
only for Sharon to come in minutes later asking if she could be discharged. She
had no choice but to discharge the girl as she couldn’t explain what she had
Now, still seated at the
entrance to the clinic, the matron slowly stood up and walked back to the
counter, pulling out Sharon’s form from the desk drawer. She had to submit the
form to the authorities later today and she owed them a detailed explanation so,
she began to write.
Sharon’s father was
spent, he had spent the whole night tossing and turning on his bed due to the
revelation he had just received. How was that possible? Do people turn into
birds? He thought. He had gotten up from the bed and walked to the shabby
sitting room of his house and holding onto his second-hand phone, he opened the
browser and began to Google for the meaning of humans taking the form of birds.
His search came up with the same results ‘witchcraft, sorcery, spells’. As soon
as the hand of the clock struck six am, he didn’t even wait for his wife to
wake up before leaving the house, he hadn’t told her anything about the job he
had gotten at the church and neither did he breathe any word to her about
Peppeh’s revelation.
In no time, he arrived
at the church. As he opened the door to the church compound, he felt some kind
of peace engulf him, he knew he was too early for work but he needed some space
to think about all that was happening.
“Mr. Ekanem….you are
early to work today…” The pastor said walking up to meet him. He was dressed
very casually and as he strode towards him, it was as though he knew what was
on his mind.
“Yes….I….” Sharon’s
father stammered.
“Come, let’s have a
small chat…” The pastor said leading him towards side of the church and
pulling two plastic chairs with him.
They both sat down in
silence, Sharon’s father felt as though a heavy lead had replaced his tongue as
he kept staring at the ground.
“How was your night?”
The pastor asked with a friendly smile.
Sharon’s father nodded.
“Is there anything you’d
like to share?” The pastor asked.
“I think you already
know what’s on my mind.” Sharon’s father said.
“No…I don’t. God alone
knows what’s in our hearts and minds humans…” The pastor said.
“But you know what I
found out…”
“Yes…I think I do.”
The pastor said.
“Why me? Why?” Sharon’s
father asked.
“The devil loves to make
his tent in homes that do not have Christ present in them.”
“I believe in God…”
“Yes you do, but how
well do you show it? It’s not enough to believe in God, go to church every Sunday,
pay your tithes and do all the things a Christian has to do. You need to grow
deeper in love with Him and make ample time for Him.”
“I am so confused….my neighbours son said that….my daughter….my Sharon took the form of a
bird…” He broke down into tears.
“She’s not your
daughter…” The pastor said.
“What do you mean by
that? I was in the delivery room when she was born…” He said as tears
streamed down his face.
“Your child was dead
long before she was born.” The pastor said.
“Excuse me?”
“You see…the works of
the devil can be very tricky. When your wife was pregnant, something happened.
I don’t know if she can remember it. It happened at the dead of the night while
she was asleep. There was an exchange and by this I mean that, the spirit of
the baby in her womb was seized and the spirit of the dead was placed in its
“I don’t understand…you
are scaring me.”
“Don’t be scared, I only
meant that your child was killed in the womb and replaced with that of the
woman you call Sharon. Sharon is not a child, she is a woman whose spirit has
been hovering the earth for years and years.”
“Where is my child?”
“Gone! It’s spirit has
gone back to God…”
“This is confusing…I
can’t believe this! Why is this happening? Where did this come from?”
“Good question. You see,
your wife’s maternal great-grandmother placed a curse on her generation and
made a covenant with them. She vowed that all her female generation must follow
the ways of her kin. Unfortunately, her daughter didn’t do that and in fact,
none of her generation of females followed her ways, somehow, the barbaric tradition
was forgotten and your wife’s great grandmother was cast out from her kin
because she failed to do as promised. So, when your wife was about to get married
to you, her great grandmother begged to be let back into the fold, on the
condition that she would drag your wife back into the fold in a matter of
years. That was the only condition that allowed her back into the fold and the
pressure to drag your wife in has been a strong one but God has been on your
side because you both are naive to the happenings. It is needless to say that
she has been able to affect your finances, your situation and your life. As
long as Sharon is still your child, you can never move forward, she will make
sure of it that you die childless and in penury.”
“What?” Sharon’s father
asked, stunned. “My wife has been having several miscarriages…”
“Yes, Sharon has been
eating your children…as long as she is alive, none of your wife’s pregnancies
can get to full term.” The pastor said. “I just want you to convince your wife to
come to church in order to break the chains which ties her to her great grandmother’s
kin. You wife is the only link you have to these misfortunes. She needs to
agree to surrender her life to Christ and take the necessary steps.”
“Oh my God! Sharon? My
Sharon! This cannot be.”
“Do you need more proof?
Mr. Ekanem, God opened your eyes yesterday and your ears as well to listen to
what you heard from that little boy….do not shrug it off. This might be your
last chance of getting rid of what has been pulling you down for the past
twelve years.” The pastor said.
Sharon’s father buried
his face in his palms and began to cry.
Ben couldn’t drive in
his state, instead Amanda took the wheels, they were both headed to Amanda’s
“I doubt the deliverance
team are back yet but let’s go and see Pastor Shola to confirm.” Amanda was
Ben couldn’t speak, he
had been drinking his bottled water in chilly silence.
“Ben? Are you okay?”
“Yes sir…” Ben
“Yes sir? Ben, I am a
lady not a man.”
“Hmmm…” Ben said and
scratched his head tiredly.
They got to the church
and Amanda found it quite difficult to park Ben’s jeep as the car was too big
to fit into the parking slot she had chosen.
“Will you be okay? I
just need to confirm from the pastor if the deliverance team has arrived, you
know her phone hasn’t been connecting.” Amanda said as she placed the gear on
park and was about alighting from the car.
Ben nodded.
“Don’t worry I’ll be
back in a jiffy.” Amanda said and left the car.
She got into the church
and as though on cue, she saw pastor Shola emerge from the prayer room.
“Hello Pastor…” Amanda
“Hey Amanda…how’s
“Very well…I’m tired
of it already and can’t wait for it to end….” Amanda said.
“Is it because of
everything that has been happening?”
When Amanda nodded, she
“God put you there for a
purpose, don’t forget that. Besides, you guys have less than a week to round
up, am I correct?”
“Yes, the camp days was
lessened due to some technicalities….we should round up on Sunday.” Amanda
“Err…I am here with Ben
and I want him to start the deliverance today.”
“Today? The team is not
back yet ooo…” Pastor Shola said.
“Wow! We can’t wait
anymore…I guess I have to take him to the church my sister in-law directed us
to.” Amanda said.
“What church?”
“That one that’s quite known
for deliverance.” Amanda said.
“It’s okay….we are all
serving one and the same God…” Pastor Shola said.
Amanda nodded, thanked
her and turned to go.
“Let me see you off, did
you guys bring a car?” The pastor asked as she followed Amanda.
:”Yes we did…” Amanda
said walking ahead of her.
“Thank God Ben came to
his senses and decided to come back to you for help..” Pastor Shola started.
They both walked out of
the church and reached the car. Amanda opened the door and was about to tell
Ben to say hello to pastor Shola when she screamed.

Pastor Shola was shocked
at Amanda’s scream and pushed open the door to see what she had seen. What she
saw hit her hard. Ben was almost unrecognizable!


    You are gifted abeg…
    i see Ekanem's family getting saved
    I also see Amanda fighting a war that needs GOd's grace to save poor Ben
    @ matron, i hope you can convert this experience into writings oooo

  2. Wow wow wow.
    Ben…… shall overcome. The Ekaneem family also shall overcome. I'm wondering…..does Sharon have to die? As much as I don't like her character in this series….God can still change her infact I know he will. So I'm thinking instead of death something… wait I'm i telling the writing guru how to continue her story? Omo I shouldn't o. Make I no do oversabi. Lol
    Ada dear,it's your gift so let the inspiration do the needful. But you are too much sha. Chai. I was just imagining things in my head as I was reading. I do that with all your stories. Oshey D. God Is placing you on higher grounds this year. But abeg no forget me when you climb the ladder o #bigsmile #ehugs

    • Well…God works in mysterious ways. I don't know how the end will be but I know that God will make it perfect in His own way.
      Thank you for the beautiful wishes dear and I definitely will not forget one of my first readers when I get to the top.
      God bless you love.


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