Ben left Amanda’s house
the next morning, promising to return to accompany her to Sharon’s church later
that day, as soon as he left, her brother teased.

“He seems okay….”
Marcus said.

“Who says I need your
opinion?” She asked.

“Of course you know you
do.” Her brother laughed as he made his way out of the house. “I was offering
Ben a ride but he refused, I guess he’s scared that I might start with the big
brother questions…hahaha…”

“Oh go to work jo, I can
assure you that Ben’s mind is not in any of those things…” She smiled at her

Calista came out of the
kitchen holding a pot of stew, she had a habit of licking the pots clean with
her fingers once the soup or stew was in its remnants.

“Go to work please…”
She said to her husband.

“Look at her licking the
pot, after that we’ll ask, where are the rats.” Marcus joked.

They all laughed. As
soon as he left, Calista turned to face her.

“I want to go with you.”

“Go with me where?”

“To Sharon’s church,
it’s going to be an adventure.” Calista said with a glint of mischief.

“Are you okay? Can I
check your temperature?” Amanda asked her worriedly.

“Don’t worry I’m fine,
I’m just tired of sitting at home and waiting for this baby to come.” Calista

“Do you know what you
are saying? Do you want to endanger your life and the life of your unborn
child? You should know better that a deliverance ground is not a playing

“Don’t worry I’ll stay
in the car.”

“You won’t complicate matters
for me, you are going nowhere.” Amanda said and left her in the sitting room.

Calista sulked as she
walked back to the kitchen clearly disappointed.


Sharon’s father had
woken up to see Layla lying by his side on the ground before the altar. Sharon
was still lying at the altar, she hadn’t woken up since the spirit left her.

“Layla…Layla you’re
back!” Her husband said in joy, he was about to hug her when the words of the
pastor startled him.

“Don’t touch
her…don’t!”  The pastor said, emerging
from the other side of the church. His face was swollen and blue black, his
eyes were red and in his hand was a very large bible.

“She’s back…she’s back, pastor…” Mr. Ekanem said as though the pastor didn’t know that she was back.

“I know…” Addressing
Layla, he said, “What are you doing here, you possessive spirits? What have you
come for? Go out for this body doesn’t belong to you.” He commanded.

Layla stared at him in

“I don’t know what you
are talking about.” Layla said, then standing up she said. “I want to see my daughter, I want to take her home.” She sobbed.

“You can’t deceive me!
There are demons in that body, more than there was yesterday and I will not
rest till you are cast out!” The pastor started.

“I am not a demon. I am
Layla, the mother of Sharon.” Layla started. “Please, I am no demon…I beg of
you…” She cried.

“Pastor…look at her,
she’s devastated, she’s crying…do demons cry?” Her husband asked.

“We are not going to let
her confuse us.” The pastor said.

“She can do no harm, she
just wants to see Sharon and honestly, I am also worried for my daughter, she
hasn’t woken up since you finished the deliverance on her.” Mr. Ekanem said.

The pastor looked at
Sharon’s parents and said quietly to her father, “You can go and see your
daughter, and as for you, Layla, I will call my fellow pastors to begin prayers
for you before you go to see Sharon. I must be sure that…” The pastor

“Pastor! Pastor! Please
come, my son is sick…I am afraid he’ll die….please…please come…I beg of
you…please!” A woman shouted as she rushed to the pastor and fell to the
ground wailing.

The pastor spoke to her
and after sometime, decided to follow her to her house. Turning to Mr. Ekanem,
he said.

“Listen to me, on no
account should you allow your wife go to that girl….until she is prayed for
by the ministers. They will pray for her once they have broken their fast,
right now they are praying in preparation for the final deliverance of your

Layla’s husband agreed
and watched the pastor leave the church. As soon as he left, Layla rushed up to

“You can’t listen to
that pastor and bar me from seeing my daughter….she’s my daughter…” Layla
said with tears in her eyes.

“You slapped the pastor
yesterday and he says you were possessed.” Sharon’s father said.

“I can’t remember
slapping him…I can’t remember anything…please let me see our daughter.”
Her husband looked
around the church and satisfied that they were the only two people present, he

“You can see her but just
for one minute.” He said.

Layla rushed to the
altar and sat beside her daughter, Sharon was still on the ground, breathing
slowly but not awake. Suddenly a strong wind blew and Layla felt a kind of
strangeness in her body, her eye balls rolled and they focused
on Sharon. She began the incantations to allow the possessive spirit pass
through to Sharon.

Mr. Ekanem watched his
wife closely and immediately noticed the change, he noticed that she had
started making incantations on their daughter and he ran towards her screaming.

“No! Layla No!” He

Layla turned back to
stare at him and he froze, she was unrecognisable, he suddenly felt a strong
wind hit him squarely on the chest and the more he tried to struggle, the
weaker he became till he fell to the ground in weakness.

Sharon’s father regretted
his decision of trusting his wife and at that moment he said silently; “Blood of Jesus,
save me! Save my family, set us free…”


Ben arrived Amanda’s house before noon, as soon as he stepped out of the car, he saw her walk towards him.

“Hey…” He greeted.

“Hey Ben, can we go?” She replied, rushing into the cab that brought him.

“Sure…how’s Calista, I would have loved to say hi.”

“I don’t know if it’s hormones but my sister in law wants to accompany us.”


“If she knew what I saw yesterday with my eyes she wouldn’t insist on going with us.”

The cab driver slowly drove out of Amanda’s gate and Amanda told him the location of where they were headed.

“Did you get some sleep after I left?”

“No, I couldn’t…did you?”

“After what happened to me, I doubt that I’ll ever be able to sleep again with two eyes closed.” He said.

“Don’t worry Ben…it will be fine…”

“I still have four days more for my deliverance to hold…” Ben said worriedly.

“Is it too far or too near?”

‘Too far…I just want this to be over and done with, I don’t want all these formalities of fasting and stuff, I just want the deliverance to be done after which I can fast for as long as the pastor wants.”
Amanda snaked her hands through his, she wasn’t in his shoes but she could tell that he was going through a lot.

To be continued on Sunday….

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  1. God will deliver the Ekanems but you see why God said obedience is better than sacrifice. Simple instruction, he refused to obey.
    I'll miss this characters but I trust that you'll bring even more interesting characters and a more engaging story line.


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