Ben and Amanda alighted
at the church, they walked in to see Layla lying on the ground in a heap and
Mr. Ekanem seated beside her.
“Hello…how are you
doing Mr. Ekanem?” Amanda asked in concern.
“My dear… this is
bigger than me, infact I experienced the power of God today through the words
of my mouth.”
“What happened?” Amanda

“The pastor had
instructed me not to let Layla get close to Sharon since the spirit took
possession of her body but I went against his words. I let her go to Sharon and
she began invoking spirits to come and…possess Sharon again, I cried out and
she pushed me to the ground…I’ve never felt such impact in my life before. As
I fell to the ground, I…whispered ‘Blood of Jesus save me’ and all of a
sudden I felt myself renewed, I stood up to see that Layla had fallen to the
ground and surprisingly, since then, she hasn’t woken up.”
“To God be the glory.
Don’t worry, it’ll end today, the strife…everything evil that has taken
possession of your life and your family would be history.” She said quickly.
“Meet Ben, he’s my friend….” She said.
Mr. Ekanem and Ben shook
hands and as Amanda and Ben were about to sit down, the pastor emerged.
“What happened here?”
The pastor asked.
Mr. Ekanem launched into
the full story and when he was done, the pastor said.
“Obedience is very
important Mr. Ekanem, your disobedience would have cost you your life and that
of your family but thank God that God intervened.”
“I am very sorry
pastor…” He said in apology.
The pastor walked up to
Layla and said.
“The spirits have been
subdued but they are still around…” The pastor said, then looking at Ben he
“You have been through
“Me?” Ben asked.
“Yes you. You are
presently on a fast for the deliverance from the hands of the marine spirits.”
“Yes…”Ben said in
surprise that the pastor knew what was happening in his life.
“Your deliverance is
supposed to be in four days but God has decided to set you free today.” The
pastor said.
Ben fell to the ground
in gratitude and began to cry.
“This should teach you a
lesson that sex is sacred and humans are not like dogs. You can’t jump from one
partner to another as though you’re tasting food at a restaurant. That spirit
that vowed to destroy you is Princess…I have cut her loose from a member of
my congregation before. She is a seductress, she is also a bringer of vast
wealth and a destroyer. If you had agreed to her, she would have made you
wealthier than you ever dreamed it possible but after a while, she’ll take you
with her and your soul would be destroyed. Your prayers have kept her at bay
but she’s waiting for a weak moment to strike, and when she does, this time,
you’ll be dead before you can say jack.”
“Please help me…” Ben
said in tears.
“Please help him
pastor…” Amanda said in plea.
“You have been a strong
support for him and because of your prayers God wants to help him.” The pastor
said to Amanda.
Ben stared at him in
“You should be grateful
to this young woman here, she has been a strong intercessor for you all these
while. A lot of other men have walked in your shoes and never survived this
ordeal…” The pastor said. “I’ll go and call my ministers out here and we will
begin a prayer session. God will be in our midst today.” The pastor said and
walked away.
“I can’t believe this!
If I didn’t accompany you here I wouldn’t receive such good news. I can’t
believe that my deliverance is holding today.” Ben said in joy. “Thank you
Amanda for everything…I owe you…”
“No Ben, God is to
thanked and not me, I’m just a vessel…” She said.
The next three hours saw
a heavy fire of prayers, there were screams of agony and tears of joy. Ben was
not excluded, and by the time he opened his eyes, he saw himself lying flat on
the ground caked in dust while Amanda knelt by his side praying with eyes
Sharon opened her eyes
and stared at her parents, she felt lighter than she had ever felt in her life
and she knew something must have occurred. Her parents hugged her in joy as
they had been told by the pastor that not everyone possessed so strongly like
Sharon ever survived. He gave Layla instructions on what to do and promised to
accompany them to their village to help break the chains of ancestral curses.
By the time Ben had sat up and was feeling better, he promised to provide money
to sponsor the pastor’s trip to the Ekanem’s village. He also, to their delight
asked that after the prayers, they send their CV’s to him through Amanda. He
was very weak after the deliverance but strong enough to know that the Ekanem’s
family needed help. At the end of the day, Sharon, and her parents, Ben and
Amanda left the church better than they came.
Sharon walked down the
long aisle, she looked so beautiful in a sky blue ruffled dress and she was
scattering flowers on the ground as she made her way to the altar. Soon the
bride emerged with her father clinging on to her right hand while Marcus her
brother held on to her left. Calista stood in one of the pews dabbing her eyes
of tears of joy while trying to wrestle her son with the other hand as he
desperately tried to remove the stylish hat she had on her head. Layla and her
husband watched their daughter leave the aisle for Amanda to walk through and
smiled in pride. Layla was expecting and the scan showed that they were
triplets. God had been so goof to them and her husband had gotten a job in a
FMCG company, they had also moved out of their former house and had settled in
nicely in a better apartment.
Ben stood at the front
of the aisle and watched his wife walk up to him with her father and brother
and dabbed the lone tear which tricked down his eyes. Soon, her father and
brother had handed her over to him and he and his wife-to-be knelt before the
pastor who prayed for their union.
“Happy are those who
fear the Lord and live by His commands. Your work shall provide for your needs.
You will be happy and prosperous, your wife will be like a fruitful vine in
your home and your children will be like olive trees round your table. May the
Lord bless you from Zion! May you see your family prosper all the days of your
life! May you live to see your children’s children.”
Everyone resounded a big
That evening, while
Amanda and Ben boarded a plane en route to their new honeymoon destination. Princess stepped out of the waters again, she had a target this time, his name
was Melvin and as soon as he saw her walk towards him, he smiled at her.
The kin spirits that had
tormented Sharon’s family for years dispersed, they were too wounded to stand
as a team anymore. The seven spirits and their leaders had been destroyed
completely including Sharon’s grandmother’s spirit and there was no one
qualified to lead the pack. The remaining spirits found their ways to desolate
places and remained there.



  1. Awwww. Beautifulness and light. I know "beautifulness" is not an actual word but it's so very apt.
    Great work, Adaeze!
    I really hope Ben has learned his lesson and learned it well.
    And for the new series, I would really love to see the Kayeto story continued.


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