Sharon waited for her
parents to fall asleep before opening her eyes, her father’s usual snore filled
up the room while her mother didn’t toss and turn as she would have if she was
As soon as she was sure
that they were asleep, she stood up from her small bed at the corner and walked
towards the bed. She stood there for about two minutes, breathing in and out slowly
till she had built up the right amount of energy she needed. Soon, her eyes
flew open and fire stood in the stead of her pupils while she held out her
hands towards the bed.

She incanted in the native tongue of her kin.
The sides of the bed
soon were engulfed in flames while her parents slept within.
“Bind them! Chain them!
Destroy whatever force protecting them! Hold them captive!” She proclaimed.
Layla Ekanem dreamt that
she was on her way to church, she had tied a long scarf and was wearing a long
beautiful dress when all of a sudden, she saw herself in the midst of a burning
forest, she looked at her outfit and was shocked to see that she was wearing a
black dirty garment instead. She couldn’t take any step further as the flames
threatened to burn her.
Sharon’s father dreamt
of walking up a tall building and as he climbed higher and higher, he suddenly
felt himself falling into a pit of black smoke. He screamed and woke up!
Sharon froze the moment
her father’s eyes opened and just as she had started her binding spell, she
quickly ended it as she fell to the ground in a heap.
“Who’s there?” Her
father called out, sitting up on the bed to regard her.
The room was dark so, he
stretched out his hand to turn on the lights.
“Sharon…what are you
doing here?” He asked, puzzled that his daughter was in the house and that she
was lying awkwardly at the foot of his bed while her bed sat at the corner,
“Daddy…” Sharon yawned
and stretched, opening her eyes to look at him.
“I thought you were at French
“I was home sick so they
let me go…I will have to get back this morning…the driver is coming to pick
me.” She said, clearly disappointed that her father had woken up and spoiled
her spell.
“Welcome home…” He
said as he stood up from the bed and started walking out of the room.
“Where are you headed?”
She asked.
“To the sitting room…I
had a bad dream and I can’t go back to sleep.” He said.
“It’s just a dream…”
She said.
“Well…it just knocked
the sleep out of my head…” He said. “Get back to sleep, remember that you
return to camp, first thing in the morning.” He continued as he left the room.
Sharon’s eyes flashed in
disappointment, she wanted to scream. There was no way she could do the binding
spell with her mother alone on the bed. She let out a frustrated sigh and sulked
off to bed.
Amanda sat on the bed
trying to decipher what had just happened to her in the dream, she wanted to
call her sister in law but it was already too late at night and she would be
asleep. Ben stared at her in concern, he had never seen her look very disturbed
since he knew her.
“Just get some sleep…”
He said, short of what to say to her.
“I can’t Ben…I am too
scared to…” She said in a shaky voice.
“If you are scared, with
your faith in God and all, what of me? Don’t tell me that you are afraid
because I’m actually drawing strength from you.” He said.
“Don’t draw strength
from me! As you can see, God abandoned me in my dream…I never used to have this
sort of dream before and actually get attacked in real life. This is an alien
experience.” She said.
“Abandon you? God abandoned
you?” He asked her with arched eyebrows.
“I am really
disappointed….” Amanda said in a resigned voice.
“What? Why?”
“Well…I never expected
that with my active prayer life, I’d ever be attacked…I thought it was meant
for unbelievers alone.” She said.
“Serious? My mom is quite
the prayerful sort and she has trials….you know what? Back then when I asked
her why she still served God even when trials kept coming her way, she told me ‘God
is too faithful to fail and His grace is ever sufficient for me, even if the
trials seem to overwhelm me, I’ll still triumph.’”
Amanda looked at him and
“The way you spoke
nonchalantly about the word of God made me think that both you and your family
members are pagans.” She said matter-of-factly.
Ben laughed despite the
situation and shook his head.
“No way….my
parents are good Christians…” He said.
Amanda’s face cringed
and she began to cry, Ben pulled her closer to himself and patted her back.
“I am so sad…may God
forgive me but I feel so abandoned by Him…” She cried.
“Shhh….I don’t believe
God ever abandons His own…” Ben said.
“I am so scared…”
“Don’t be….this is
just a dream and the fact that you almost strangled yourself might be just ….”
“You don’t have an
explanation for it…” She sniffed into his shirt.
“How I wish I was only
plagued by a dream…” He said and paused. “On my way back to the camp,
Princess paid me yet another visit.”
“What?” She said in
alarm, staring at him with tear stained eyes. “But you stormed off at the
church you know…” Amanda scolded.
“Yes…and I’m so
sorry…but you can’t begin to imagine how freaked out I was….I can’t explain
how this lady got so much hold on my life…I feel like she’s watching my every
“Wow! Serious?”
“I even feel that she’s
the cause of your dream tonight.”
“I don’t think she is…”
Amanda sniffed. “The beast was not of the waters….Princess is marine…”
“Well then, let’s pray
about it and trust that God will intervene.” Ben said, surprising himself with
his spiritual talk.
Amanda smiled, “Yes, let’s
place everything into God’s hands.”
“And so you know, I’m
not going anywhere tonight, we’ll stay in this clinic together and tomorrow, we’ll
find a way out.”
Amanda smiled and
nodded, something told her she had found a new friend.
Sharon had waited for
her father to come back to bed to no avail, the time flew faster than she
wanted and she checked the clock at every opportunity she got. By the time it
was fifteen minutes to five am, she stood from her bed and headed to the small
sitting room where her father was.
“Dad…I have to leave
now…” She said quietly.
“Now? Are you crazy?”
Her father looked at her and at the clock at the wall.
“The bus driver said
that he would be at the front of the house before five am.” She said urgently.
“Then you should wait
for him inside the house so that when he comes, he’ll horn and you’ll go out.”
Sharon was frustrated,
if she didn’t leave now, she might as well cancel her trip back to the camp. It
was a long way by air and she needed to get back while it was still dark. Angry
that she had to succumb to the use of hypnotism, she quickly rolled her eyes
and watched her father’s eyes follow her eye balls.
“I’ll leave now…” She
said to him.
“Yes…you have to go
now…” Her father said in a strange voice and slowly slumped in his chair in
This was one of the
reasons she hated hypnotising her parents, they were too weak to fight back and
no sooner had she begun than they fall asleep. She exited the house quietly and
as soon as she got outside she quickly turned into a black bird and flew off.

A young boy, Peppeh was
seated at a corner on his potty doing his morning business when he saw sister
Sharon who was in the habit of giving him sweets open the door of her house and
step out, he was about to call out to her excitedly when the unthinkable
happened, she turned into a bird and flew away. Peppeh’s mouth stood ajar! 
To be continued on Thursday…

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