Ben had felt the power
hold him and shake him hard, he knew he was losing it, something told him that
this was the end, his thirty-three years on earth was about to hit a shattering
halt. As Ben convulsed, he saw his mother’s face and her graceful smile, his
dad’s grim expression and his siblings tease, everything was coming to him in
a rush as he felt blood fill his head and threaten to choke him. Then like a burst of refreshing
spring, a voice broke through;
“Blood of Jesus….I
plead the blood of Jesus over Ben! He will not die! He will live to declare the
mighty works of the Lord! Ben, be released right now in the name of Jesus!” The
voice continued.

Amanda and pastor Shola
had wasted no time in delving into intercessory prayers on Ben’s behalf. They
had come to the car to see him convulsing and pouring out saliva from his
They laid their hands on him and kept praying, calling the name of the
Lord on his behalf till Ben stopped quaking and opened his eyes.
“What in the world
happened to me? What happened to me?” Ben asked in fear.
“Don’t worry Ben, God
has given us victory…” Pastor Shola said to him.
Ben burst into tears, he
cried and cried while Amanda held on to him and comforted him, when he stopped
crying he looked up at the two ladies.
“How? How did you rescue
me? I thought I was dead…I thought I had gone…” He said.
“We didn’t rescue you
Ben, God did.” Amanda said.
“Ben, do you really know
God?” Pastor Shola asked.
“No…I used to but now,
I don’t anymore….” He said in a teary voice.
“Do you believe that He
created the world and everything in it and that He sent His only begotten Son
to die for us that we may all live and have everlasting life?”
“Yes…I do believe…”
Ben said, still with tears in his eyes.
“Are you ready to
re-dedicate your life whole-heartedly to God?” Pastor Shola asked.
“Yes…I am ready to
give Him everything…everything…” Ben said passionately.
“Then, let us pray…”
Pastor Shola said.
Ben bowed his head and
Amanda placed her hand on his shoulders and as pastor Shola began to pray, he
felt peace and calm.
Mr. Ekanem didn’t know
how he got to the canal but there he was, standing before the canal and its stagnant
“What have I done to
deserve this God? What?” He shouted aloud.
Passersby stared at him
walking past hurriedly, for fear that he was senile.
“Sharon! Sharon how
could you bring so much curse to me and everything I own? How do I give you up
in order to regain myself again? How do I give up my first offspring in order to
be whole again? How?” He said as he cried, still looking at the black waters in
the canal.

“I should end this life instead…I should die instead…” He cried as he kept
staring at the waters below.
“Don’t you dare!” A
voice said to him.
He turned around in
alarm, looking for who had spoken to him, when he saw that there was no one, he
began to climb the pavement which barricaded the canal from dry ground.
“Do not jump!” The voice
said again.
He looked around and saw
no one again.
“Who are you? Show your
face! Stop hiding from me! Show your face now!” He screamed.
Women held their
children’s hands firmly as they hurried past him looking at him as though he had
lost his mind.
Indeed, Sharon’s father
felt he had lost his mind. Nothing the pastor had said had made sense and
yet, it all still made sense. He was still looking around to see who was speaking to
him when he saw his wife walk towards the canal, with a cooler of moi moi on
her head.
She looked his way at
that moment and their eyes clashed.
“What are you doing?”
She shouted dropping her cooler of moi moi and running to meet him.
“Leave me! I want to
die!” He cried.
“Die? We have been poor
for too long for you to decide to die now…” His wife said to him.
“No…it’s not
poverty…” He said.
“What is it then? Why do
you want to leave me? Why do you want to leave Sharon?” She asked.
“I…found out something
that could destroy our family for good.” He said.
“Destroy? What did you
find out?”
“Layla, I know you might
not want to believe it but Sharon is the root of our problems, she is some kind
of witch…”
His wife lifted her hand
and slapped him across the face.
“How dare you?” She
“I …received the
revelation today….I am sorry…” He said, not flinching from the slap he had been dealt.
“Don’t you dare tell me
rubbish about my daughter!” His wife threw at him. “I don’t blame you! You weren’t the one who went through child birth, you have never had
any miscarriages in your life! Sharon is the only proof I have that I am still
a woman!”
“She is destroying our
lives…you need to listen to me…you need to hear me…”
“I don’t want to ever
set my eyes on you again! Get out! Leave my life and my daughter’s , we will
survive without you!” His wife screamed and leaving him at the canal, she
stormed off, stopping only to pick up her moi moi cooler.
Sharon was at the door
to the French principal’s office, eavesdropping, when the door was quickly opened and she
almost fell inside.
“Sharon…please go
in…you are needed.” The matron said to her.
Sharon nodded and walked
in, staring at the French Principal who was watching her through the rim of his
glasses. She had been called while she was in the class preparing for the French quiz which kicks off the next day.
“Sharon Ekanem right?”
He asked.
“Yes sir…” She
“How are you feeling?”
“Very well sir…”
“Do you have any medical
history of any severe health issues?”
“Well…I used to be
very ill as a child.” She replied.
“Do you have any kind of
illness that has made you visit the psychiatrist?”
“Me? No!” She said.
“We close camp on Sunday
and that’s in a few days. I would like it that a tutor accompany you home to
hand over your medical report to your parents.” He said.
“My medical report? I
can give it to my parents myself.” Sharon said.
“No, it is official. I
am going to hand it over to Miss Amanda, I have chosen her to accompany you
home on the last day of camp.”
Sharon was upset to hear that Miss Amanda was accompanying her home and she didn’t hide her hatred for her especially after that incident at the
hospital where she had tried praying for her.
“No! I don’t want her.”
Sharon shouted.
“You have no right to
tell me who to send to your parents. Please leave my office…”
Sharon knew she had
stepped out of life and quickly tried to correct herself.
“I am sorry sir, I just didn’t
want her to accompany me because I feel she doesn’t like me and…” She said in
a subdued voice.
“That will be all,
Sharon, please leave!” The principal said in finality.

Sharon stood up and left
the office in anger!
To be continued on Thursday…
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