There were five groups
representing the five classes and two French students representing each class,
making the count, ten. The French quiz begun in earnest with five judges and five
tutors present, after the first round, Sharon’s team led by twelve points, by
the time the second round began,  the
other teams were determined to defeat her team.

Ben sat with the crowd
of students, his mind was far away from the French quiz. He hadn’t eaten in a
whole day and despite the hunger that gnawed at his insides, he wasn’t ready to give up just yet. His eyes caught Amanda at the front of the
assembly with the tutors and judges, she was operating the monitor which was
displaying the quiz questions to students. She too was fasting with him in support and he was so grateful to have found a friend in her. She looked a bit drawn and pale and
so different from the way she was weeks ago when she resumed camp, back then
she had a twinkle in her eye and she looked so cheerful. Now, she had grown with time and she had a wiser look in her eyes.
Ben had spent the night
in his room, as he had paid heed to Amanda’s advice to pay no heed to fear, he had had his
bible opened beside him on the bed and he had read the psalms before sleeping. He was surprised to wake up in the morning after a
restful night. He hadn’t been able to tell Amanda about his experience, spending the night alone after a long while because
she had been busy with the French quiz competition.
Soon, the quiz was over
and Sharon’s team won by two points, there was a resounding round of applause
as her team were handed awards and certificates. As
soon as it was all over, Ben walked over to Amanda who was still at the podium.
“Congratulations! Your
big day has come and gone…” He said.
“Thank you! Now I can
rest and enjoy the remaining free days at camp.” She said.
“Camp ends in two days
my dear, I wonder what there is to enjoy…” He said.
“There’s the beach, some
of the tutors have planned a short picnic at the beach tomorrow…” She said.
“The what? Never!” Ben
“Oh, I’m sorry…that’s
true…you don’t like beaches anymore…”
“You can’t stay away
from God’s creation all because of some rubbish spirit you know…”
“I can’t think of the
beach without remembering her, she has ruined my life.”
“No she hasn’t…”
“I am scared Amanda, I
haven’t gone to the office to provide the information required, I am scared
that she has destroyed my means of livelihood.”
“The devil can never
triumph over the children of God. Don’t worry, after the fasting, prayers and
deliverance, you will be fine.” Amanda said.
Ben smiled and nodded. “Can
I help you out with anything?” He asked.
“Yes please, I need you
to help me dismantle this stuff.” She said.
“Hahaha…that’s where
operations come in…” He laughed.
“Well…I thought you
guys have forgotten your job, I can’t seem to find any of your team anywhere…” She replied and laughed with him.
“Don’t mind them, I think they are relaxed because the camp rounds up the day after tomorrow.” Ben said.
Unseen to them was the
male spirit that lurked around in a corner, watching Amanda closely.

That night as Layla
prepared for bed, she heard the knock at the door.
“Who is it? She asked as
she walked up to the door.”
“It’s me…”
“Get out of here!” She
spat at her husband.
“Can I come in? I slept
at the church last night and I want to sleep at home tonight.”
“Get the hell out! Get
out of here! You evil man! I thought you wanted to end your life, why didn’t you end it?”
“Layla, please don’t
harden your heart to my voice I beg of you.”
Layla stormed into the
room, picked up a battered bag and taking some of her husband’s clothes, she
stuffed them in, by the time she was through, she dragged the bag to the door,
opened it and tossed the bag at him.
“I don’t want you here
anymore…you crossed the line when you accused my daughter of being a demon!”
“She’s my daughter
“Really? Are you sure
you believe that? You are pathetic and I think you are the one who’s brought
all this bad luck into our lives and not Sharon. So, get out!” Layla shouted
and slammed the door at him.
“I’m not going anywhere,
I’ll spend the night here, outside the door of the house…”
“Please do that!” Layla
spat and went into the room to sleep.

Amanda saw herself in a
room filled with men, tall, short, chubby, lean, and handsome, she was lying on
the bed stark naked while they too were naked, they smiled at her and she felt
herself grow aroused at the sight of them. 
“I love you Amanda…I love you so much…” The voice resounded.
She looked up and saw one of the men, it was Ben.
“Ben? What are you doing here?” She asked.
“I told you I’ll marry you didn’t I?” He echoed as he walked towards her.
Ben and two of the men walked towards her
smiling, something instantly nagged her and she bolted upright screaming at them.
“Our brothers and
sisters won the victory over him by the blood of the lamb and by the truth
which they proclaimed, revelation chapter twelve verse eleven. You have no
power over me, you incubus! I dwell in the shelter of the most high and abide under the shadow of the almighty and He will keep me safe from all hidden
dangers and from all deadly diseases!”
The men stared at her as
though she had spoken an abomination and one by one, they merged into the other
till they became one man. Ben.
“Amanda, it’s me…Ben…”
“No! Whatever spirit replacing Ben’s face with his, show yourself and don’t be a coward!” Amanda screamed.
Suddenly, the face changed to reveal the face of a man she didn’t know.
“You are going to be
mine!” The man said to her, walking towards her in his naked form.
“I can never be yours
for I am led by God’s Spirit hence I am God’s child. For the Spirit that God
has given me does not make me a slave and cause me to be afraid, instead the Spirit makes me God’s child and by the Spirit’s power, I cry out to God ‘Abba
Father! Since I am His child, I will possess the blessings He keeps for His
people and I will also possess with Christ what God has kept for Him, for if I
share in Christ’s suffering, I will also share in His glory!” Amanda screamed.
Suddenly, she felt
herself robed and as soon as he saw that her clothes were on, the spirit-man screamed and lunged towards her but it was
obvious that he was loosing power.
“Oh how naive of you to
think you can ever be greater than He who is in me! You are weak, powerless,
and frail, I have the spirit of God in me and I can never be defeated. No one
can separate me from the love of Christ! For the scripture says ‘We are in danger of death at all times, we are treated like sheep that are
going to the slaughter-house, but in all these things we have complete victory
through him who loved us! Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I demand that
you leave me alone and return to your abyss where there’s nothing but weeping
and grinding of teeth!”
The spirit-man screamed
in a loud voice and disappeared like a puff of smoke.
Amanda opened her eyes
to a dark room, she sat up, turned on the lights and quickly picked up her
bible, thanking God for the victory over the power of the evil one.

Deep in the waters, a
loud cry was heard, at first it sounded like a shrill, then, it was a groan, a
loud groan. The marine spirits were shaken, what was happening they thought.
He rushed in like the
wind, tired and greatly wounded, he nestled at the bottom of the sea in agony.
“Take him away, he has
been bruised!” The Queen mother said.
:”What happens to him my
Queen?” A marine spirit asked.
“He has been hit by the
All Powerful, he has been doomed….” She said.

The marine spirits
dragged the lifeless spirit and threw him into the bottomless pit!
To be continued on Sunday….

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  1. Wow
    Ada it gets better each day. The spirit of God shall prevail over the spirit of darkness.
    My God is amazing. He is awesome.
    Keep up the amazing work hun.

  2. Oh…goosebumps!!!this episode brought the power we have through Jesus to mind anew…I felt like I was standing behind Amanda saying "tell am! yes tell am"

    • Funny enough, it felt as though I hadn't written well-enough in the prayer department of this episode, I found myself editing and re-editing.
      Thank you for reading dear.


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