Amanda was stuffing her
overnight bag when Ben walked in with his in hand. She looked up to see him
walk into her room.
“Hey…is my door open?”
She asked in surprise.
“Yea…sorry I pushed it
open…I should have knocked.”
“It’s okay….so…are
you ready?” She asked.
“Yes…I am…we’ll use
my car…” He said a bit testily, recalling the incident of yesterday when
Princess had suddenly appeared in the car.
“Are you scared?” Amanda
asked, managing a smile.
“Yes….I can’t believe
I said that…but yes, I’m scared.” He confirmed.
Amanda reached out to
take his hands.
“Let’s pray before we
go…”  She said and closed her eyes.
As she prayed, Ben
looked at her, it was the first time he really stood up-close to her and he
noted that she was indeed very pretty. Amanda was oblivious to Ben’s stare as
she passionately prayed, committing herself and Ben, into God’s hands.
A few minutes later,
they were driving away from the camp and in an hour, they were headed towards
Amanda’s house. Since her sister in law was at home on maternity leave, Amanda
had felt that it would be best to introduce her to Ben so that she could tell
him her mind and make him understand the situation better.
They drove into the
compound and parked the car and once they alighted, they walked into the house.
“My best sister-in-law
in the entire universe….” Amanda’s sister in law screamed in delight.
Amanda quickly gave her
a hug and said.
“Hope you didn’t miss me
too much.”
“You know I did…your
brother doesn’t gist long enough with me. When is this French camp going to end?
I need to have you to myself.” Amanda’s sister-in-law said.
“Hahahaha….” Amanda
laughed then she quickly made introductions. “Meet my friend Ben…”
controversial Ben huh?”
“Me? Controversial? What
has Amanda been telling you?” Ben asked with a smile.
“Everything…” Amanda’s
sister in law said mischievously. “Anyway, I am Calista, it is very nice to
meet you.”
“Same here…” Ben said
with a smile.
They all sat on the
sofa, ready for a long chat, after Ben had been served a cold drink and Calista
was settled with her flask of tea while Amanda sipped a bottle of water. Soon, the
main discussion begun.
“You mean the lady
appeared in your car last night?” Calista asked with eyes wide after listening
to Ben’s tale. “And you mean you almost strangled yourself last night?” She
turned to ask Amanda who in turn had told her the story of her dreams.
“Yes….I am so scared
sister…so scared.” Amanda said.
“This is serious ooo…
even though I don’t see any relation between the two attacks. I don’t think
that the beast that attacked Amanda in her dream was sent from the marine
Kingdom. You see, these spirits know how to make and leave their marks and from
the situation you described in the dream, I doubt that it’s the marine. I think
Amanda must have dealt with an environmental spirit, which is territorial.  Amanda must have upset them. Can you recall
the events of the day and the stuff that happened before the attack?”
Amanda nodded in
“Wow! This
is…surreal….” Ben said, shaking his head.
“Ben dear, you
see…this life is filled with so many mysteries and much more than the
fraction we know about. There are spiritual beings that we cannot see and those
that inhabit bodies of people for a while to do harm or good as the case maybe.
Most often than not, these harmful and evil spirits lurk around us and we have
to do everything to withstand them.”
“But why me? Why did
they target me? I’m not the only guy in the world.” Ben asked in a devastated
“You won’t believe how
many men and women that have been bound by these spirits. They must have
monitored your movements for a while and seen you as an easy target. I think
they picked up on your lifestyle. For instance, how many women have you had
sexual encounters with this year alone?” Calista asked him matter of factly.
Ben looked away in
embarrassment, he didn’t want to go into details especially as Amanda sat there
staring at him.
“You really don’t have
to tell me…but I’m trying to figure out your problem…” Calista said.
“Well…” Ben did a
mental count. “Daphne, Tessy, Chiomy, Maggie, Melinda, Belinda, Queen,
Bose….” He said as he counted.
Amanda’s jaw dropped, it
wasn’t the end of the year yet and she had counted eight names in all that Ben
was listing.
“About fifteen or
thereabout.” Ben said with a straight face.
“The marine kingdom has
been monitoring your movements and they have noticed that you sleep with any
girl you meet….sorry if my blunt response offends you…” Calista said
“I didn’t do anything
wrong…I just had sex….it’s just sex…how complicated could it be?” Ben
“Just sex? Should I go
into the spiritual aspects of the word ‘sex’?” Calista asked rhetorically. “Sex
is not only physical, it also is spiritual and just the way there’s physical
energy during sex, there is also spiritual energy hence it aids the fusion of
two spirits together.”
“I don’t understand…”
Ben said.
“Once you merge yourself
with another human being during intercourse, it goes beyond the physical. In
other words, at the point of the merging of bodies, there is also the fusion of
spirits, both yours and theirs and they become a part of you as you become a
part of them, forever.”
“What? Forever?”
“Yes…it’s as simple as
that.” Calista said, sipping tea from her flask.
“Does it mean that I
have become One with all the women I have had sex with?”
“I’m glad you understand
my lecture. Yes, you are One with them all.”
“Well…everyone who has
had sex shares himself or herself with all their partners but then, because
most of these people have little or no baggage, nothing affects them. But once these
people have baggage in their lives, trust me, you get a share of it.”
“This is strange…I
have never heard of this before…never!”
“You are hearing it
“How do I solve this?”
“My gift is to see and
not to proffer solutions….in order words I can’t solve your problem.” Calista
finished with aplomb.
Amanda felt so sorry for
Ben, he was so crushed, he buried his face into his palms and was silent.
“Wow….this is
depressing.” Amanda said.
“Have you been able to
recall the events of yesterday?” Calista asked, turning to regard Amanda.
“Yes…I remember that I
started the day well and later in the day, I saw one of my students Sharon. She
was being rushed to the clinic and I offered to help out, when we got there, I
prayed for her and laid my hands on her head and as soon as I did that…I felt
a rush of heat…I was so sick…I staggered out of her room, walked out to the
corridor and passed out.”
“Have you had any
previous encounters with this girl?”
“The girl? You mean
Sharon? She’s a student I teach…she’s quite rude…I remember her being rude
to me on one occasion and later she apologized to me….wait a minute…I could
remember asking her if she believed in God and asking her about church in
general and she rudely told me that she came to the French camp for lectures
and not for religion…” Amanda started.
“Do you have your answer
now?” Calista asked, staring at her intently.
“Answer?” Amanda said
“The Sharon girl….please
describe her.”
“She’s small, she’s very
brilliant, she’s so bold and she hardly talks to anyone in class, she has this
kind of old….I dunno…she has this ….” She said.
“Old soul?” Calista
“Yes…she acts like
she’s so knowledgeable about the world and there’s this certain fear and respect
that her classmates have of her.” Amanda said.
“Many kids have the old
soul traits. For many, it’s a gift while for very few, it’s indeed because they
are old souls.” Calista said.
“You are scaring me…”
Amanda said.
“Don’t be…that girl is
the cause of the dreams you had.”
“What? How?”
“You laid hands on a
devil my dear…” Calista said in certainty.
“What? Are you sure of
“Do you want me to give
you an assignment for camp? I could give you tips on traps to set for
her…it’s just that you have to be really careful so as not to let her know
that you are on her tail.”
“I can’t believe
“The thing is…I really
don’t know the kind of spirit she might possess….she could be a witch or
something… I can’t tell…”
“My God! How are all
these things are happening at this time?” Amanda exclaimed.
“Maybe God wants to use
you as a vessel to help these people…Ben and Sharon.” Calista said.
Ben looked up at that
point, his face looked strained and his eyes were red.
“Are you okay Ben?”
Amanda asked worriedly.
“It’s not every day that
one is told that he has become One with a marine spirit.” Ben said in a low
“I’m sorry about your
situation Ben…” Calista said.
“Please tell me the raw
truth…can I get help? Can I be set free?” Ben asked in a broken voice.
“I’ll be honest with
you. There is nothing that is impossible for God, even if it’s the devil
himself that chains you down, God can break those chains in a snap. The
challenge here is, how do you properly ask God for help? A lot of people know
their problems but not everyone has gotten a solution yet and the longer you
tarry, the more hold the spirits have over you.”
“So, if I don’t get help
soon, what could happen?” Ben asked in a fearful voice.
“You will get help
because if you don’t…you will not survive this ordeal…this kind of
captivity is absolute and when I mean absolute, I mean that it is complete,
total and unconditional, it means that she will take you and you will be hers
Ben jumped up in fright,
he couldn’t believe what he had just heard.
“I’ll tell you a story
of a man from my mother’s village, it was said that one morning he went to the
stream and when he got there he saw a mermaid and fell in love with her. From
then on, he became half human and half fish, in the sense that he became a
marine as well but not in full. He continued the relationship and one day
disappeared then after a year, he returned, looking as beautiful as ever, his
skin was so translucent and he looked surreal, just like one who had been
bathed a million times over. After staying with his family for a while, he
disappeared again and never came back, two weeks after his disappearance; they
saw his body washed up at the river bank. This happened a long time ago, back
in the day when people knew God but didn’t hold unto Him as strongly as they do
today. The truth about these mermaids or marine spirits is that they spiritually
get married to you, have children with you and create a life with you in their
waters. They never and I mean never, let you marry anyone else in your earthly
life and destroy whatever relationships you try to build and most times kill
you in the process. They are dangerously possessive and they mark their
territory and you Ben, have been marked.
Ben couldn’t process the
news, he fell to the ground in a dead faint.
Sharon was lying on the
bed when the matron came to check up on her the next morning.
“You seem fine….the
doctor just came in this morning…I wanted him to check up on you but you seem
okay.” She said.
“I am very fine now…”
Sharon said.
“Okay then, I’ll fill
out your form and when I get back, I’ll let you go.” The matron said and left
the room.
As soon as she left,
Ebonee appeared looking as furious as ever.
“How could you?” Ebonee
“He woke up!” Sharon
screamed back.
“Woke up? Couldn’t you
hypnotize him back to bed?” Ebonee screamed at her.
“Yes I could but I have
told you countless times how weak my earthly parents are. They fall asleep once
I begin the hypnosis spell and…”
“Shut up! You have
ruined this for us! You have ruined this! “ Ebonee shouted.
“I was not prepared for
the fact that he would wake up when he did!”
“I will make sure that
your powers are seized for this! You will be punished.” Ebonee said in anger.
“Arrrggghhhh….” Ebonee
shouted and stood up, running to grab her kin for a wrestle.
The two spirits fell on
each other in a bitter fight, zapping around in frenzy and the energy they
exuded, knocked down the table in the room. It was a shocking sight, one kin in
spirit form while the other, in human form. They tangled on each other
determined to prove who was the stronger of the two, funny enough, to human
eye, it looked as though Sharon was wrestling herself.

The matron who had just
filled the form was on her way back to Sharon’s room when she heard the noise,
she quietly tiptoed to the room and stopped at the door of the room and bending
low, she peeped in through the key hole. 
She was speechless!
To be continued on Sunday…

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