Kentura stared  in disgust as two other girls on the same
mission as she was, walked up to stand not too far from her spot. She felt
irritated. This was her spot and she never shared it with anyone. Why did they
have to come here today? She wondered. Not letting them deter her, she walked
up to her spot and stood, placing her hands on her hips and staring ahead at
the road.

The first car pulled up and
just as she bent to look inside, the car drove up to the other girls and after
a while, one of the girls got in and the car drove away. Kentura was mad! Not
only were they stealing her spot, they were taking her clients too. She wanted to
storm up to the lady who had been left behind and warn her off her spot but on
second thoughts she let her be. She didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention
to herself or get the police involved as that would mean, no work for tonight.

She was still standing
there when a sleek blue vehicle rolled up and stopped beside her, she flashed her
winning smile and rushed up the car.
“Hello pretty…” He
greeted, he had two gold teeth and they sparkled at her.
“Hi, handsome…”
“So, what’s your price and
where do we get down to business?” He asked.
“I charge per hour…” She
said with a smile. “I have a spot not far from here, we could also get down in
your car or you could rent a room somewhere affordable. What’s your choice?”
“You are so
different…almost like a respectable lady…” He started. “Is this your first
time on the road? Are you in some sort of financial trouble?”
“Are you a journalist?” She
asked, already having second thoughts of doing business with him.
“No, I’m not, I’m just
curious besides can’t I compliment you? You don’t look like a whore you know…”
“Of course I’m a woman….I
should look like every other respectable lady in Lagos.” She said.
“Why don’t you hop in and
let’s discuss further in the car?”
“Sure but we need to settle
on a price first.” She said.
“I like you, you sound very
smart….what’s your name?”
“Alicia, what’s yours?”
“Kemen!” He said with a
“So Kemen, are you willing
to pay me without hassle?”
He smiled at her and they
spoke for a while before she got into the car and let him take her where he

Melvin woke up feeling on
top of the world, his father’s decision seemed so surreal.

“Me, the new GO of the
church? Wow! This must be the biggest position ever given to man! I am so
happy…” He said to himself as he made his way to the bathroom.
His phone beeped and he
walked over to pick it up, it was a message from Bianca.
“Rise and Shine for the glory of the Lord is
risen upon you.”
She’d texted.
He smiled as he read the
message, it was almost as though she knew about the announcement today. He
wanted to call her and share the news with her but on second thoughts, he discarded
the idea. Bianca was a nice lady, she was very dedicated to church activities
but there was something about her that didn’t look too sincere. She was always
too happy, too excited, too elated and never ever sad, and that wasn’t a good
trait. Sometimes, men and women had high moments but they also had low moments
but the way Bianca hid her low moments was so alarming that he was somewhat
afraid of what her true intentions were.
He went through his call
log and his eyes found what he’d been stylishly looking for-Kentura’s phone
number. He quickly opened the message icon and typed.
“Good morning Kentura,
happy Sunday to you. I hope you join us at church today and join me to
celebrate my new post in church as well…shhhh…it’s top secret. Hope you had
a restful night?”
The message sent and he
hurried into the bathroom to have his bath.
Kentura opened her eyes and
yawned, she stared at the clock on her wall, it was some minutes past ten am in
the morning. She looked at her untidy bed and sighed, her body hurt like hell.
“Kentura, these body pains
of yours shouldn’t be ignored anymore…it’s almost as if you’ve been pounded
by a Stallion.” She sighed.
She rose from her bed
and stared at her reflection in the full-length mirror in her bedroom, she was
dressed in her nightgown. She left her bedroom and made her way to her
kitchen, she had to prepare something to eat or she might die of hunger, she
was so hungry and wasn’t thinking straight at all.
She opened the kitchen
cupboard and a mouse jumped out, she yelped.
“Yeh! What sorts of rodents
are these ehn? Mtchewww! I hope it hasn’t eaten my noodles or my cereals?”
She brought out a pack of
cereal and examined the pack, satisfied that the rat hadn’t done any damages,
she opened it, took a plate from her rack and filled it with a generous measure
of cereal. She opened her fridge, took out a milk pack and poured the liquid
into the bowl and taking a spoon, she scooped some cereal into her mouth as she
walked about her mini apartment. She walked into the small sitting room and
picked up her phone which she’d left at the TV place to charge. She turned it
on and saw two messages, one was from her bank, informing her of the charges
deducted from her account for text messages, she hissed. The second was from a phone
number without an ID and as she read the message she realised that it was
Melvin, the GO’s son.
“How come I didn’t store
your number?” She asked with a small smile. “It’s a shame that I woke up late
or I’d have gone for service in your church and listen to the big news.”
She dropped her bowl of
cereal on the small center table and quickly typed a reply.
“I overslept, I’m sorry…I’ll
make it up to you. Congratulations on your new post, I hope we get to
She hit the send button and
picked up her TV remote control and turned on the television.

The applause from the
church almost deafened Melvin as he stood up from his seat and walked up to
stand by his father.

“This is my son, in whom I’m
well pleased.” Melvin’s father said to the congregation while patting his son
on the back.
Melvin stood on the podium
and waited for the applause to recede before speaking.
“A wise man once told me, ‘great
responsibilities are seldom placed on the shoulders of the weak’. I am not a
strong man, I do not see why my father has decided to bestow on me, this
privilege but I feel blessed.”
Another round of applause
went up in the congregation.
“The gospel of Matthew
chapter four verses eighteen to twenty-two shows us how Jesus chose His disciples.
These men weren’t high priests, neither were they the most educated men or
wealthy men in the society but mere fishermen. They were men who caught fish
for a living, men who belonged to one of the lowest stratum of society yet,
Jesus found them worthy to make the first Christians- His first followers. Jesus
said to them ‘come with me and I will teach you to catch people’ in other
words, Jesus trusted that they would make good disciples. The bible also says
that these men dropped their nets and followed Him at once. The position of
General Overseer has for a while, hovered above my head like a cloud, yes, a
lot of people would think that it’s natural that a position of such magnitude
should come to me since I’m the son of the General Overseer but that’s not
true. There are worthy and if not worthier men of God who I believe can fill my
father’s shoes better than I ever would but I was chosen, not because I’m
better but perhaps because I’m the weakest link.” He said and laughed softly.
The congregation joined in
“I want to sincerely thank
my family for believing in me, all the pastors of this church, the workers of
the church and everyone seated here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and
I promise to never disappoint you or crush the trust you’ve placed in me. Thank
As he got off the podium,
the congregation stood and cheered, the GO and his wife walked up to their son
and hugged him.
It was indeed, a day of

Bianca couldn’t wait for
service to end and as soon as it did, she rushed up to Melvin and jumped into
his arms.

“Melvin! Congratulations! I
prayed for this…oh…I prayed for this. This is your mission in life and I am
so happy to be a part of this amazing day…” She said with tears in her eyes.
“Thank you, Bianca…” He
The congregation rushed up
to Melvin and everyone offered their congratulations while Bianca glued herself
to his side.
“Thank you so much…” She
said in greeting to everyone who offered their congratulatory messages. “It’s
the Lord’s doing and it’s marvellous in our sight.”
Melvin didn’t really notice
Bianca by his side, he was so engrossed with greeting everyone who’d come to
congratulate him.
“Do I hear wedding bells
soon? Are we having a double celebration?” A church member asked, smiling at
Melvin and Bianca.
“Wedding bells?” Melvin
asked in surprise.
“Yes, for you and Bianca of
course, she obviously would make a good leading lady.”
“Thank you very much ma for
your support….” Melvin said and turned to face another church member.
Bianca was so glad, she was
still on day one of her prayers but it was obviously working.
“Melvin, let’s go and say
hello to the minister from the Salvation Church of Christ Assembly, he’s here
too…I guess your dad invited him for this big announcement.” Bianca whispered
into his ears. “I’m sure that at the handover ceremony, a lot of church heads
will be here…”
Melvin pried his hand away
from Bianca’s grasp.
“I don’t think you have to
latch on to me all day, I can take good care of myself.” He said.
“But c’mon, I’m just trying
to be of help.” She said sweetly.
“If I need help, I’ll
ask…” He said and faced another church member who was also congratulating
Bianca stubbornly stayed by
his side, she wanted to show the church and Melvin that she was made for him,
whether he likes it or not.

Melvin was about to leave
the church in his car when he turned on his phone and saw the messages. A lot
were congratulatory messages from staff at his company, some others were from
friends and more from church members who weren’t able to congratulate him in
the church. He stared at the time, it was almost three pm. He was exhausted, all
the greetings at the church had made him very hungry. He scrolled through the
messages and stopped at hers. He smiled and called.

“Hello…” He greeted.
“Hi…” She answered.
“I didn’t see you in
church.” He said.
“Oh it’s you! How are you?
How was the big news? What post were you given?” She asked.
“Kentura, you didn’t save
my number did you?”
“No…I’m sorry…I thought
I did…I’ve been so lazy all day…I promise I’ll save it as soon as we end
the call.”
“Okay. How are you?”
“I am fine ooo…I’m sorry
I missed your church service, I overslept.”
He laughed.
“You’re too honest, some
people would think of some kind of worthy lie to tell but you just blurt it
“Well…I have to tell the
truth since you’re a pastor and you can see my soul.” She chuckled.
“That’s ridiculous!” He
“How are you? What was the
big announcement? What post were you given?”
“I was made the new General
Overseer of the church.”
“Are you kidding me! Wow!”
She said in excitement. “That’s such a big role and you’re so young.”
“Well, it’s God’s will.” He
“Wow, congrats ooo…I hope
you’ll invite me to come and eat chicken when you decide to celebrate.” She
“Of course…in fact, why
don’t we celebrate today? Are you busy?”
“I’m watching the replay of
American Idols…” She said.
“Would you like to
celebrate with me? Somewhere quiet…” He said.
see if I have any clean outing clothes. Can you believe that I didn’t’ wash any
clothes this weekend? I’m such a lazy girl.” She said.
He laughed as he waited for
her to see if she had any clean clothes.
“Yup! I’ve found one!” She
said in excitement.
“So, were do we go?” He
asked. “Can I pick you up at home?”
“Sure…that would be
great, I’ll send you my house address.” She said.
When he hung up, he smiled,
Kentura was such a bubbly person and he loved her personality. He was about to
start his car when he heard a rap at his window. He wound it down. Bianca stood
there staring at him.
“You didn’t tell me that
you were leaving already, I was waiting for you in the church.” She said.
“Waiting for me? Why?”
“We need to celebrate your new
post…” She said with a smile.
“I’m sorry but that would
have to wait, I am going somewhere.”
Melvin looked at Bianca and
wondered why she was suddenly becoming a leech.
“Look Bianca, I really like
you and we are good friends but I don’t think you need to monitor my movements.”
“It’s not that Mel, I’m
just asking…you see, my folks went home with the car and I was wondering if I
could hitch a ride with you.”
Melvin spotted the church
accountant heading towards his black Camry and said.
“Jide is headed towards
your direction, you can hitch a ride with him. I am heading towards a complete
opposite direction.”
Bianca’s mouth stood open
as Melvin started the car and drove out of the church premises.
Were her prayers working at


To be continued on Thursday….


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