Nosa opened his eyes to see
one of the maids stare at him and and shout in delight.

“Eliza come ooo…Oga Nosa
don wake…” She cried.

The second maid screamed
and ran up to her and stared at Nosa who had opened his eyes.

“Quick go call Oga
Uyi…quick quick…nor waste time…” Eliza said delight.

Nosa wanted to lift his
hands to stop them but couldn’t his body was numb with pain, he remembered
everything that had happened but he had no idea of how long he had been unconscious so he asked.

“What day is it?”

“It’s Thursday ooo…you have
been like this since Tuesday and we have been worried.” Eliza cried out.

“Two days?” Nosa asked in

“Nosa! Nosa!” Uyi’s voice
floated through as he pushed open the door and quickly bent towards the bed to
hug him.

“Na baba God we dey thank
ooo.” Eliza said joyously.

“Make sure he gets
everything he wants. Eliza make sure you feed him like a king…I want my
brother to have enough food to heal properly.”

Nosa knew what had
transpired to place him in this condition but inorder to unnerve his friend, he asked
“What happened? I can’t
remember…” Nosa said.

Uyi’s eyes widened as he
stared at Nosa, wondering if he was being sincere.

“You fell down the stairs…”
Uyi quickly said.

“Yes ooo…Oga Uyi talk say
you dey run down staircase, come fall and na so he find you dia….” Eliza said.

“Really? I can’t remember
anything…” Nosa said further.

“You can’t? What can you
remember and what can’t you remember?” Uyi asked quickly.

“I can remember bits and
pieces of things, like how I came to this house, I can remember Cassandra, your
wife, where is she?” Nosa asked, playing his role well.

“Errr…she’s overseas…” Uyi
said, giving him a strong stare.

“Mehn! I must have hit my
head pretty badly…everything is so fuzzy…” Nosa said.

“Errr…could you both go and
get something for Nosa to eat? I’ll like to stay with him alone.” Uyi quickly
said as he dismissed the two maids.

“Yes sir…” They both
chorused and left the room.

As soon as they left, Uyi
said with a stern voice.

“Nosa…are you sure you
don’t remember anything?”

“I don’t seem to remember much, I know that this is not my room…or is
it?” Nosa asked looking around.

“Noo…err…I kept your room
under lock and key for various reasons.” Uyi said.


“Are you sure? That you
don’t remember anything? You don’t remember what happened to my wife?”

“What’s with the questions?
I only remember that she seemed to have a problem with me around and that’s
all. You said she’s overseas right?”

“Yes…she’s overseas….” Uyi

“Okay…that’s nice….what’s
she there for?” Nosa asked feigning ignorance.

“That’s a story for another
day, as for now, concentrate on getting better. I need to catch up with the
boys for something, quickly!” Uyi said and left the room.

As soon as he left, Nosa
shook his head in self-pity. He remembered it all, the beatings he had received
from his friend, the fact that he had helped him bury his wife, all of it. He
knew that Uyi wasn’t stupid and would try hard to figure out if Nosa was being
truthful to him or not and if he found out that Nosa had him fooled, he would
definitely be in big trouble. However, Nosa knew that this was the only way to
get himself out of the mess Uyi had placed him in and he’d better start
thinking fast before it becomes too late.


Soluzo had cried her eyes
out each and every night since she saw the picture of Odili in another woman’s
arms but she still loved him with
her whole heart.

‘What’s happening to me?’
She asked herself. ‘Why does my love for Odili die and resonate at intervals?’

She stood up from the bed
where she had spent the whole day soaked in tears and walked out of the room to
the sitting room. Amaka was not at home as she had gone to work. Soluzo sat down
on the sofa and turned on the television to reveal a mid-aged woman speaking to
the camera about relationships and the bad breakups.

“Yes time heals wounds but
an open heart heals it faster. Don’t just leave a cloud above a relationship,
work towards finding out what happened and what you could have done to make
things better. Call him, or her and if possible pay a visit to speak to
eachother about your relationship and understand the reason behind the
break-up. Never break up over the phone, on the internet or social media, walk
up to your boyfriend or girlfriend and tell them to their faces. Most
importantly, do not assume, always get your facts right before making any rash
decisions.” The woman in the television said.

Something in Soluzo snapped
as she stared at the screen in shock, she knew the woman was right and she
needed to patch things up with Odili and tell him what she had heard from

Quickly she hurried into the room, packed her bag and headed out,
stopping for a bit to take the camera Amaka had left on the dressing table and shove it into her bag. As
soon as she’d done that, she rushed off and headed to the
sitting room. She got to the door and turned the knob only to find out that it
was locked. Then reality set in, Amaka had locked her in.


Odili and Uche walked their
mother out of the hospital, while their father waited at the car, he had
returned from Soluzo’s hometown the day before and was pissed with his children
for not telling him about what happened to his wife.

“How are you feeling mom?”
Odili asked again.

“I told you that I am fine,
will you stop worrying?” His mother chided.

“I will worry ooo…you are my
mom and I love you too much…” Odili said.

“Have you been able to
reach Soluzo?” His mother asked.

“No…I lost my phone and
since then I haven’t been able to reach her or anyone for that matter. If I had
stored her phone number in my head, such thing wouldn’t have happened.” Odili said
regretfully, he had decided against telling his mother about the accident.

“It’s okay, I’m sure she’ll
come back in time for the wedding.” His mother said.

“Amen to that…” Uche

They reached the car and
had the small hospital bag with their mother’s stuff placed at the booth. Odili’s
mother said to her husband.

“We will have to stop at
the church first…before getting to the house.”

“Woman! Church can wait…you
need to go home and rest.” Her husband chided.

“Church? Wait? Daddy…let’s
go to the church…we are not fighting with flesh and blood but with
principalities and powers.” Odili said passionately.

Uche and his mother stared
at him in shock, they knew that formerly, Odili wasn’t really keen on the
things of God.

“Yes, let’s go to church
and pray that everything turns out fine. Let’s pray that the wedding holds on
Saturday as planned and that Odili and Soluzo would find happiness in
eachother. Let’s also pray that whatever evil that has been concocting plans against
us be destroyed forever!” Uche said passionately.

“Amen!” Odili and his
mother chorused.

“Okay, since I am the only
pagan in our midst, you all win! Let’s go to church…” Their father said.

They all laughed and got
into the car, each one having different intentions to lay at God’s feet.

To be continued on Sunday…



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