The nurse came in to take her for
the X-ray and as quickly as she came, she ran out screaming for the doctor. Within minutes the
doctor has come in rushing into the hospital room as though pursued by dogs.

He stared at his patient in shock,
her body had lost all colour and she was as white as a ghost while gasping for breath . The doctor
quickly barked
an order to the nurse.
“Quick get the defibrillator now!”
As the nurse rushed out to get it,
the doctor placed his hands on her chest and applied some force to see if he could resuscitate her but to no avail. The nurse hurried back, handing the defibrillator over
to the doctor and he got to work.

“1…2…3…” The doctor
shouted and placed the defibrillator on her chest and lifted it up almost immediately.

“1…2…3…” He said
again and repeated the procedure he did before.
He was already sweating.

“C’mon madam….come on!”
He said in a voice filled with hope.

He did the procedure the third time
and Odili’s mother felt a rush of air enter her lungs, she breathed in deeply and exhaled, already feeling tired.

The doctor heaved a heavy sigh of
relief and wiped the perspiration from his forehead.

“Whatever happened? I was with
her here not too long ago!” The doctor said.

“I have no idea doctor, just
moments ago, her daughter walked up to me and said she had to quickly go home
to get some things. I just came into her room to check if she’s stable and get
her ready for the neck x-ray, only to come in and see her pale and gasping for
breath!” The nurse said breathlessly.

“Once she’s stable, prepare her
for the x-ray…and when you leave the room, get another nurse to stay here with her. I don’t want her staying all alone in this room.” The doctor said to the nurse then after a while said,
“I don’t understand this at all. first she comes in unconscious, then she
wakes up and we find a huge lodgement in her throat and now this…” The
doctor said and shaking his head, he walks out of the room.

Odili’s mother lay there, she felt
so numb and drained. Whatever happened? She thought. All of a sudden she was
feeling better and then something had threatened to choke her to death. She had
tried coughing but it was as if something squeezed her throat tighter and
The mystical creature was not
pleased, it floated about the room in a circle as though angry and quickly

Odili’s felt the air touch his face and
felt breath push into his lungs.

“O di ndu? Is he alive?” He heard a man

“Eeee….yes he is.” Another

The two men were conversing about him and
confirming if he was alive.

“This man ehn…Chukwu’gi fu gi nanya!” The man who had spoken first said. “Your God is not asleep.”

Odili opened his eyes and stared at
the men who had rescued him. He was lying on the river bank, the upper half of
his body was on dry ground while the lower half was in the water.

“What happened?” Odili

“You fell into the river with
your companion and the car. You are very lucky you survived…as for your
companion…he broke his neck…he’s dead.” The first man answered.

Odili remembered everything, his
conversation with his father and finally the cow which had jumped into the
road. He sat up and looked at his body, there was no sign of bruises or
scratches. He had emerged unscathed.

“Thank you so much for saving
my life, I am so grateful.” Odili said in gratitude.

“You are very lucky we were
here when the car fell into the water.” The second man said.

“We were able to retrieve a
bag…” The second man said, raising up a bag and showing it to him.
“Is this yours?”

“Yes it is…thank
you….” Odili said in gratitude and he rose from the ground to take the

“Are you sure you won’t sit and
rest a while before leaving? Besides what’s the hurry? We are digging sand out
of the river and wouldn’t mind giving you a ride to your destination.” The
first man said.

“What have I done to deserve
your kindness? Thank you so much…” Odili said. He was still drenched and
a bit shaken. He realized that he had lost his phone and knew it must be at
the bottom of the river. ‘How do I get hold of Soluzo?’ He thought.

People had begun gathering and some men were lifting up the taxi driver’s body from the other side of the river. People came to see him and as they peered at him, they kept exclaiming at how lucky he was. 
Odili stared in numb silence as the people lay the taxi driver’s corpse at the other side of the river bank, discussing amongst themselves about ways to reach his family. Odili shuddered, realizing that it would have been his body that was lain on the ground in a lifeless heap. 

What happened? He thought. ‘God, is this how you save your children? Thank you Lord! Thank you Jesus!’ He said inwardly, vowing to take things of God more seriously from now on. He looked at himself again, his body was wet and his clothes were wet but he saw no scratch on his body, he only felt a dull thud in his head.

Odili lay down on the ground, patiently waiting
for the men to finish with their business and take him to his destination.

Uyi hadn’t said a word to Nosa all
through their ride home together. He had kept calm through the drive and as
soon as he parked the car and alighted, he gestured that Nosa followed him.

They ended their journey in his room
and as soon as the door shut behind them, Nosa felt a heavy blow land on
his cheek. As he recoiled from the blow, another fell on his arm and soon he
was been beaten all over with a heavy stick.

Uyi needed to teach Nosa a lesson.
He had picked up his huge games baton at the corner of his room and he used
it on Nosa’s body.

As the heavy stick landed on Nosa’s
body he was too weak to fight back, Uyi was so strong and he hit him
mercilessly till he felt the pain in his bones and felt himself bleed.

“Don’t you ever try that again!
Never ever! You foolish ingrate! I brought you under my roof, I took you in and
this is how you pay me back? By running off to your mother? God punish you!”

Nosa started crying, his body ached

“Uyi please…Uyi abeg!” Nosa cried.

“I should finish you off, you
know…I should kill you right here and now, just the way I finished off my
wife…” Uyi said and paced about. “Why am I plagued with such useless people?
Why do I surround myself with nonentities like you? Listen to me Nosa, do you
see all these?” Uyi gestured to his house, “I paid with my flesh, blood, body and
soul to acquire all these and I will not let someone as little as you, destroy
what I have built for myself.

“Uyi…Uyi…abeg…I nor want
again…I don’t want to live with the fear…I don’t…” Nosa cried.

“You don’t what? You don’t want to
live with the fear? Hahahahahaha….” Uyi laughed mirthlessly. “Your life is in my hands and I decide whether you
live or die. If you want to be free of me, then I’m sorry but I have to do away
with you…”

“Uyi…please let me go…I
promise…I promise to go far away…” Nosa cried.

“Hahahahahaha….and what will you
say when the police comes searching for you for the murder of my wife.” Uyi

“What? Murder of who?” Nosa asked,
his eyes were already puffy.

“Do you think anyone would believe
you when you say you didn’t murder my wife?” Uyi asked.

“What are you saying Uyi? I didn’t…I
only came to help you dispose her body and you’ve made it clear that no one
must know about it…” Nosa said in shock.

“Well…that’s your story but that’s
not what the police would believe.”

“Excuse me? What do you mean?” Nosa
asked still on the ground.

“What you didn’t know was that all
the while you dug and buried the corpse of my wife, I was recording you…I’ll
tell the police that you wanted an affair with my wife and lured her to a place
where you asked her to pledge her love for you and when she refused, you killed
her. And that I was coincidentally at the place of the incident because I was suspecting my wife’s
uneasiness as soon as she received a phone call and when she said she was going
out that night, I followed her without her knowledge and witnessed the whole
incident and even recorded it.” Uyi said.

“What? Uyi! Who are you?” Nosa asked

“I am the devil you wish you stayed
far from. There’s no escaping me, Nosa, you should have been content with the
little you had instead of coming here to have the fine things of life. I paid a
price to get here and you will pay the price of living under my roof.” Uyi

“Uyi…please…please…let me
go…I beg of you…I haven’t touched the money you gave me, it’s still in my
room…please take it back and set me free…”

Uyi gave him an icy stare and
raising the baton high above his head, he brought it down on Nosa’s head.

To be continued on



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