That night as Soluzo slept, she had a very funny dream, she
was in a dark bush path and running about in search of something. She ran about
hastily looking for a way out of the bushes but always met a dead end, soon,
while in the dream, she encountered masquerades, many of them, they formed a
circle around her while she was there at the middle. She had nowhere to run,
then, suddenly she screamed and woke up.

“What’s wrong Soluzo? What happened?” Amaka asked, she was
lying beside her friend.
“I …I had a nightmare…I can’t understand how masquerades
found me in a bush path and surrounded me…” Soluzo said in an estranged voice.
“Masquerades? Are you sure? It’s just a dream…go back to
“I shouldn’t have followed mommy to the prayer place, I
guess their prayers made the devil remember that I exist.” Soluzo continued.
“Don’t worry my dear, just go to sleep…it could be that
you were dreaming of the movie we watched together.”
“The meeting? That’s not a scary movie! It’s a sweet movie
on love, corruption and plenty drama…I just don’t understand where this dream
came from.” Soluzo said worriedly.
“Go back to sleep, it’s three am, go to sleep.” Amaka
Soluzo nodded and closing her eyes, she prepared herself to
sleep. Amaka’s right fist was curled behind her back, deep in its center was a
lock of Soluzo’s hair.
That night, after delivering the corn to Uyi and his wife,
Nosa went to his room and sat down on the bed, thinking of what had happened
that evening. He was hungry but didn’t know how to go about in search for food
in the big house. Just this afternoon when he had arrived at Uyi’s house for
the first time, he had been served a king’s banquet but now, he had no idea if
such still exists for him. The hunger was becoming unbearable so he got up from
his bed and headed out of his room to the kitchen. In the kitchen, the
delicious aroma of food wafted across his nostrils and he walked in, greeting
two of the maids who were doing chores.
“Good evening ooo…abeg na hungry carry me come.” He said.
The women looked at him and ignored him as they continued
their chores.
“I am greeting ooo…good evening.” He said again.
“Evening…” One of them replied.
“Abeg food dey? I dey hungry.” Nosa said.
“You have to ask Oga Uyi if you can partake in the meal.”
The younger maid said.
“Serious? So to chop food for dis house na crime…” Nosa
said, trying to joke.
“Please comot for dis kitchen if you nor get business for
here, I nor want make madam come here dey para. She say make we nor dey allow
anybody for inside kitchen because of germs.” The older maid said quickly and
shooed Nosa out of the kitchen.
Nosa was shocked, he walked around the house in search of
Uyi and finally found him settled in an all-white sitting room, watching
cartoons with his toddler daughter.

“Ohhhh…beautiful angel, see as you resemble ya papa for face
and come carry ya mama oyibo skin.” Nosa said in praises as he walked forward
to touch Uyi’s child.
“Don’t come close! This sitting room belongs to my daughter
and it doesn’t entertain dirt! Did you have a bath before coming here?” Uyi
barked at him with eyes flashing.
“No…I wanted to have my bath later…when I’m about to go to
bed.” Nosa said.
“Then you are filthy! Please stand there…and never touch her
or you might pass germs onto her body.” Uyi said.
“I am so sorry…” Nosa said in a subdued voice.
“What do you want?” Uyi asked.
“I am hungry and I went to the kitchen to ask for food and
they said I should ask you.” Nosa said quietly.
“I have not eaten yet…when I am through with dinner, you can
have my leftovers!” Uyi said and continued to watch the television.
“Okay sir…thank you.” Nosa said and turning away, he left
Isabel’s sitting room as hungry as he had arrived there in the first place.
“What are you looking for?” Amaka asked Soluzo as she
watched her frantically rummage through her bag.
“I thought I placed two of Odili’s t-shirts in my bag,
imagine my surprise to see only one.”
“Are you sure you packed it?”
“Yes I did, I brought it out of my wardrobe and placed it in
my bag. Odili gave me these clothes to help him bleach them because he was
complaining that some of his under-shirts are turning brown due to heat. I
bleached five of them and spread them to dry but only two dried properly, so I
brought them into the house, took them to my room, folded them and placed them
inside my bag.”
“Are you sure it didn’t get missing in the prayer house? Who
knows if one of those prayer people took it?” Amaka said.
“I left my bag with mummy, I don’t think anyone touched the
bag except her.”
“It doesn’t make sense that she’ll take out her son’s shirt
from your bag or maybe she wants to pray over it or something.” Amaka
“Maybe. I’ll search at home…when I get back from the
hospital…ouch!” Soluzo yelped in pain.
“What is it?” Amaka asked.
Soluzo bent to see the cause of the pain, it was from her
big toe.
“My toe looks pierced, it is sore…” Soluzo complained.
“Wow! See so much troubles all in one day. Maybe you hurt it
somewhere.” Amaka started.
Soluzo bent to examine her foot.
“Na wah ooo…this looks like a needle prick…”
“You are a doctor, you shouldn’t be complaining if you see
needle pricks on your body, the hospital is full with needles.” Amaka said,
trying to throw in humour.
“That’s a big problem. Stray needles are not supposed to prick
me unawares and truth is, I don’t even wear sandals or slippers in the
hospital. I wear shoes so how come a needle passed through my shoe and pricked
“Enough of this Soluzo! Stop letting inconsequential things
bother you…your trad wedding is in a few days and you need to look beautiful on
that day, frowning will only mar your beauty.”
“You’re right dear…I am sorry…thanks for everything. I
really had fun with you except for the nightmare incident though…” Soluzo said
and hugged Amaka.
“Yea…get that off your head okay…dreams are not real.” Amaka
“Sure I will…definitely. I have to go now, see you when I
see you.” Soluzo said and opened the door leading out of the house.
“Bye dear.”
“You forgot to say something…”Soluzo said, stopping at the door.
“Say what?” Amaka asked confused.
“You won’t be with me for the trad, won’t you wish me luck?”
Soluzo asked.
“Good luck my dear…best wishes…”
“That’s what I wanted to hear! Thanks babe.” Soluzo said and
left the house.
As soon as Amaka locked the door behind her, she picked up
her phone and dialed her mom.
“Hey mom…I’m taking the next bus to the village, I’ve got
all I need.”

To be continued on Thursday… 


  1. Yes Soluzo needs to receive sense.
    Thank you for the comment namsie and I'm so sorry for accidentally deleting it. Now I've learnt my lesson, never to moderate comments with my phone.
    God bless u.

  2. Lol.
    I'm trying not to blame Soluzo. The trust she has in her 'best friend' is expected. It's sad Amaka wants to harm her just because she's jealous.
    Nosa biko carry it load comot Uyi house. Can't u read between the lines ni.


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