Benita let out a loud hysterical laugh and stared at the young girl who’d
threatened her.
“Do you dare to touch the tail of the tiger? Do you know who I
am?” She screamed.
“I don’t care who you are or what you are but I know that He who
is in me is greater and more powerful than you are.”
“Look at this silly child. Is that what you were thought at bible
classes? Is this what your church teachers told you? Are you trying to defeat a
woman who has seen things and been to places you’ve never dreamt of?”
“Get out of here Benita…this house has God at its center.”
Sophia spat.

“I don’t see any God…” Benita sneered looking around and
laughing mockingly.
“You can’t step a foot in this house! The house is surrounded.” Sophia
“I don’t see anybody…” Benita laughed. “Tell me little girl, who’s
surrounded the house?”
“The Spirit of God is here.” 
Sophia said.
“Hahaha…you’re such a stupid child.” Benita spat.
Benita took a step towards her and tried to enter the house but
Sophia didn’t budge.
“Get out of my way now!” Benita shouted in fury. “You can’t stop
“You can’t get in Benita! Go back home!” Sophia said.
“Look at the little girl! How old are you? Four or five?” Benita
sneered. “My goodness! Look at the little rat who’s come to save the day,
At that moment, Gregory rushed out of the house and hurried to the
gate. Sophia was surprised to see him because she’d believed that he’d gone to
speak to her aunt.
“Gregory…my love…” Benita smiled, suddenly turning from a
venomous viper to a sweet lamb.
“Go away Benita!” Gregory said to her as he walked to stand in
front of Sophia.
“What are you talking about? I’m your woman, how can you send me
away?” Benita asked sounding seductive.
“I have decided to make things right with my life and you’re not
in the picture.”
“You can’t decide that…you can’t…” Benita said, feigning
tears. “We’re meant to be together. You promised to marry me.”

“I am a married man and I know that I have made mistakes and you’re one of my biggest mistakes.”

“What?” Benita said in shock.

“Go away from here and save yourself the trouble.” Gregory said, and
then turning to the gateman who was still on the ground, he ordered. “Go inside
and drag that housekeeper out, I want her out of this house today or she’ll find herself locked up in a prison cell.”
“You can’t do this Gregory! You can’t!” Benita screamed at him. “I
own you and you have no right to stand against me.”
“You own me? Are you mad?” Gregory asked in shock.
“I mean…I meant we love each other and own each other.”
Gregory slammed the gate in her face and locked it.
“Gregory!” Benita screamed banging at the gate. “Open this gate!
Remember our promises to each other.”
Gregory turned to Sophia.
“What were you discussing with her?” He asked.
“Nothing, I was curious to see who she was…that’s all.” Sophia
“Come inside the house.” Gregory said, leading her away from the
Sophia knew that Benita was still lurking outside the house, so she said.
“I left my bicycle outside, lemme go and bring it in.” She said
and hurried towards the other side of the house.
Gregory nodded and made his way inside the house feeling as light
as air. As soon as her uncle went into the house, Sophia hurried back to the
gate. The gate man was dragging a very reluctant housekeeper out to the
“Leave me alone!” The housekeeper cried.
“Oga say make you comot.” The gate man stressed.
“My madam says I shouldn’t go anywhere…” She retorted.
He dragged her to the gate and opened the gate to shove her out
but Benita was quick. she stormed into the house, more determined than ever.
The housekeeper and gate man stopped in their tracks.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Sophia asked, hurrying to block
the way for Benita to pass through.
“Get out of my sight.” Benita said and shoved her hard.
To her surprise, it seemed as though she’d just tried shoving Olumo
rock as Sophia didn’t budge, instead, she stood there with arms folded.
“You dare to challenge the servant of the Most High?” Sophia asked
“You’ll pay for this.” Benita warned as she raised her hands to
start her incantations.
Sophia stared at her in the eye and when Benita stared back at
her, she felt a chill grip her heart; what she saw in Sophia’s eyes shook her
to the core.
Lillian was in her room when Gregory knocked and walked inside.
She didn’t respond, she was packing her things in a bid to leave. She saw him
stride into the room and she said.
“What are you doing here? You’ve finally succeeded in destroying
this marriage.” Lillian said to him.
“I’m here to place the broken pieces together. Lilly, I’m not
perfect and I know that I have made mistakes. Call me stupid but it took Sophia
to make me realise what I was about to throw away.” He said to her.
“I’m setting you free Gregory, you can go ahead and marry whoever
you like.” Lillian spat.
“That’s not the point here, Lillian, and please stop pointing
accusing fingers at me. You also contributed to our estrangement from each
other and I did too. I guess that after we’d waited for a child for too long,
we drifted apart but that’s not how it should have been, we should have been
closer to each other.” He said.
“You didn’t stand by me, you made it seem as though I was the one
who’d wanted to get pregnant by all means possible. You didn’t give me a
shoulder to cry on when things got rough and when I didn’t get the results I
wanted.” She said.
“You shut me out babe, you hid yourself in your cocoon and refused
to come out of it. I was tired of running after you, of making you realize that
even if we had no kids, we could still be happy just as always but…” He started
as tears fell from his eyes.
Lillian stopped what she was doing and turned around to look at
her husband.
“We screwed up Greg, we ruined what we had…” She said in tears.
“I can’t believe that it took a little child to make us see the
obvious…it’s like we were touched by an angel.” Gregory said.
“I remember that I didn’t want to bring her into our home but now,
that she’s here, it’s hard to think of life without her. She’s brought so much
life to our home and because of her, I look forward to coming home every day.”
She smiled.
Gregory held out his hands to Lillian and she rushed towards him.
They both hugged each other tight crying and regretting their mistakes of the
past. When they broke the hug, Gregory asked.
“Are you ready to start again? From scratch?”
“Yes…I’m ready.” She said. “What of your second wife? What will
you tell her?”
“What second wife? I have just one wife and she’s no one but you.”
He said with a smile.
She smiled in return.
“Let’s go downstairs and tell Sophia the good news.” She said.
They both held hands as they left the room happily.
Benita clutched her heart, she couldn’t explain what she’d seen
but it was there, it was like fire burning deep within her heart. She let out a
terrified scream and raced off. The housekeeper ran after Benita, she was
terrified. Benita didn’t bother taking her car, she ran out into the street
like a crazy woman, screaming and yelling.
“Help! I saw it! I saw….I saw….” She shrieked as she ran down
the road.
She soon found herself at a major expressway and just as she ran
across the road, a heavy truck crushed her.
The housekeeper saw the truck crush Benita and opening her mouth
wide, she let out a terrifying scream.
Sophia felt so weak, she was drained of all energy and just as
soon as Benita ran off, crazed, she fell to the ground helplessly.
Lillian and her husband walked out of the house and were startled
to see Sophia sprawled on the ground while the gate man was there trying to
revive her. They both ran towards the gate man and Sophia.
“Sophia! Sophia! Wake up!” Her aunt cried.
 “Madam…Oga…she just
faint.” The gate man said.     
“What happened here?” Gregory asked.

“I nor fit explain wetin happen but I know say the small girl
pursue that mad woman comot.” Yusuf said.
“Quick Gregory! Let’s take her to the hospital. She’s bleeding
from her nose.” Lillian screamed in panic.
Gregory ran into the house to get his car keys as though his life
depended on it.

Last episode on Thursday.
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  1. well done Adaeze. May God open our eyes to see the evil ones around us, Amen. Men are such easy prey when they wont stick to the one they have taken a vow with.

  2. Am in love with dis particular blackmail series, it gives me joy to know that our God works in mysterious ways always.Sophia i pray you will live in Jesus names, Amen.


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