“Oh God come down and manifest your power!” The pastor sang and
clapped his hands like he’d never done before.
Pamela, Ivanka and their
mother clapped too and sang with tears in their eyes. Stephanie lay flat on the
ground, she was lifeless.

Stephanie was slipping in and out of conciousness, she saw the men and women dancing around her and
soon, they were replaced by her mother, sisters and a man with a very strong
voice. She could hear the commotion in the air, she could feel the tension in her
captors voices as they screamed.
“They called a pastor! A
pastor? A pastor!” The witches cried as they held hands and swayed as though pushed by
the wind. Aunt Maggie suddenly appeared, she lunged towards Stephanie and
headed for her neck which she tried to squeeze.
Stephanie tried
struggling but she had no strength, it was as though all the blood had been
drained from her.

“Holy Ghost fire!” The
pastor began to chant, while clapping his hands.
Stephanie suddenly felt
herself released and Aunt Maggie thrown to the ground in a loud crash. She
opened her eyes and stared at Auntie Maggie’s frame on the ground, she was
breathing loudly, she suddenly began twirling as though by a heavy wind and
soon regained power again. This time, she was on the air, she wasn’t walking
anymore but flying about like a bird.

“Isaiah 62 verses one
says, ‘I will speak out to encourage Jerusalem. I will not be silent until she
is saved and her victory shines like a torch in the night’ says the Lord.” The
pastor breathed and said. “God Almighty, make manifest your words in the holy
book in Stephanie’s life. She has been held captive by the spirits of the
darkest places, but she is a child of light. Make her victorious Lord, fight
her battles and let her victory shine.” To her sisters and mother, he said. “Open
your mouths now and pray!”
Stephanie’s mother and
sisters had hardly started praying when the door opened and someone walked in.
It was Alvin, Auntie Maggie’s first son, he had been away for a while but was back home. He came to pay
Stephanie’s mother and his siblings a visit but found them praying over his
sister who was lying on the ground. Alvin had always been fascinated by prayer
and during his days as an undergraduate, he had been a part of many fellowships
in school even though he had no idea of what made him loose interest
So, seeing his sister
lying on the ground while everyone prayed for her, he too joined in.
Maggie was still flying
around in the spirit realm when she felt the strong blood ties pull her down to
the ground.
“Aaaarrrrggghhh!” She
screamed as she crashed to the ground.
The witches hurried
towards her to help her up.
“My blood!” Maggie
screamed. “Oh my blood has come to wage a war against me…”
“Go! Go! Let us handle Stephanie ourselves and fight hard….if you stay here, you can die because it is
abomination for your child to  help fight against you.”
Maggie cried.
“Go! We will take care
of this….” The witches begged.
Maggie stared on with
“No!” She said. “I’ll
The pastor and his
ministers lifted up songs of praises and began to sing, dancing and praising
the Lord.
“It is good to praise the Lord…Alleluia…” They sang.
Ekweme lay on the sofa
and looked on, his heart beat hard and he couldn’t believe what was happening.
Pastor Emmanuel and his ministers had combed his house in search of all his
native medicine and had brought out everything, from pots, to calabashes and
even effigies.
They had with them, the
most precious of them all, the effigy of Thelma which was a wooden carving of a
woman with an empty stomach. They had been astounded to see that.
As they sang, Thelma,
Evangeline and Chi walked into the house, Thelma’s eyes was swollen with tears,
she still hadn’t seen her husband and she was devastated. The women saw the charms
on the ground at the center of the sitting room and stared at them in surprise.
“Yes…these are all
from the rooms of this house…” Pastor Emmanuel said. “And something tells me that there is more.”
Evangeline stooped low
and picked up the effigy of the woman without the stomach and asked.
“Is this Thelma?”
Thelma and Chi were
“Me?” Thelma asked.
“Yes…look at the face
closely, that effigy is a representation of you…” Pastor Emmanuel said.
Thelma’s mouth hung
open, she was so confused.
“Why…what is he using
that for? What happened to the belly of the carved thing?” She asked with fear
in her voice.
“The belly has been
removed which means that he never intended that you get pregnant or give your
husband children…” Pastor Emmanuel said.
Thelma almost fainted.
“Oh my God! This
explains it all…” She rushes to Ekweme. “You’ll pay for this! You’ll burn in
Evangeline ran to hold
her back.
do anything rash…please…” Evangeline begged. “He is not worth it. Just be
thankful to God that everything was exposed at this time…God has decided to
fight for you and who dare stand against you when the King of Kings is by your
side. Listen to me, Romans chapter eight verses thirty-six to thirty-nine says
and I quote ‘For your sake we are in danger of death at all times, we are
treated like sheep that are going to be slaughtered’ but in all these things we
have complete victory through Him who loved us. For I am certain that nothing
can separate us from the love of God; neither death nor life, angels or other
heavenly rulers and powers, neither the present nor the future, neither the
world above nor the world below. There is nothing in all creation that will
ever be able to separate us from the love of God which is ours through Christ
Jesus our Lord.”
Thelma nodded and began
to cry, her body shook as she let the tears flow. Chi walked up to her uncle
and said;
“Uncle Ekweme, I
…we…took you as our father but little did we know that your plan for us is
downfall…may God punish you! May God never have mercy on you for all that you
have done to us.” She cried.
The ministers continued
singing and Ekweme lay there, wondering how on earth he could escape this
“We will burn these
things….outside…now!” Pastor Emmanuel said.
Ekweme’s eyes widened,
if they burnt all his charms, he was as good as dead.
Nnayelugo ran to Dibia’s
shrine closely followed by his mother.
“Dibia eeee….” His
mother shouted.
Dibia emerged from his
shrine and looked at mother and son in confusion. He saw the boils on Nnayelugo’s
body and shouted in shock.
“He is an abomination!
Take him away! Take him out of here…” Dibia shouted.
“Please…you have to
help him…the pastors said he has to return all he took from you. Here, is the
money and the palm wine…biko…tell your gods not to harm my son.” Ekweme’s
wife cried
“Have you ever seen oil
and water mix? What has pastors got to do with any of this?” The dibia
“The pastors are in our
house…I sent Nnayelugo to call you because of his father’s situation but when
he came here….the pastors arrived our house.”
“Where is Ekweme?”
“He is there…at
home…with the pastors.”
“What? With who?”
“The pastors! Can you please
help my son?” Ekweme’s wife shouted.
“Your son is a minor
case….your husband is in trouble. If those men of God as much as lay their
hands on him, there will be thunder and I will not be struck ooo…I will not
be struck!” The dibia said as he picked up his bag and headed out of the
“Dibia! Where are you
going? Help my son please…”
“Leave me woman! I am
going to help your husband…he needs all the help he can get!” The dibia said
and stormed off.
Ekweme’s wife wailed as
she watched her son, beat himself as he writhed in pain on the grounds of the
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