The walls of the church
crumbled to the ground, people were in shock at the happenings and soon, the
appropriate rescue bodies were called.
Promise was dragged out
from the rubble two hours after the collapse, in the pool of her blood, she was
unconscious as she was placed into the ambulance and driven away. Sir Gideon
was brought out as well but he didn’t have a chance, he’d died long before the
rescuers got to him.

Then, surprisingly,
something happened, after twelve whole hours of searching for traces of anyone was
in collapsed building. Heavy rubble was lifted and two people came out
unscathed, they were holding hands and clutching their bibles firmly. It was
none other than Alice and Japheth. 
Bystanders screamed in shock when they saw
them, they didn’t even have a scratch or even a bruise.
“We’d almost given up
hope that anyone was inside the church.” One of the rescuers said to Alice as
she was led to a chair outside the church.
A reporter quickly
rushed to Alice and Japheth’s side and began to ask questions, the evening was
quite dark so his camera man focused lights on them.
“Good evening sir,
ma…it’s such a miraculous escape, I must say.” The reporter said to them.
Alice and Japheth
nodded, their tongues were tied.
“I would like to ask you
a few questions.” The reporter said.”What really happened in there? Didn’t you
know that the building was collapsing? You came out without a scratch, how did
that happen?”
“When the Lord turned
again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.” Alice said.
“Yes, I understand that
you must be thankful to God for saving your life after being trapped in there
for twelve hours. I can imagine the dust, the discomfort and I also know for
sure that air supply in there is really thin. The two of you don’t look ruffled
or faint.”
“Did you read the story
of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? Or the story of Daniel in the lion’s den? If
you did, then, know our experience was similar to that.” Japheth said.
“Wait a minute, the head
pastor of this church, a very powerful woman of God was trapped in this
building and she was brought out unconscious and in a pool of her own blood,
she is in the intensive care unit of a hospital. The general overseer of one of
the biggest churches in this country who had come for the crusade was also in
the building and reports say he died on the spot. If God wanted to do a
miracle, then, He would have let those two prominent people of God survive.”
“It is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but
of God that sheweth mercy.”
Alice said.
The reporter was stunned
by their answers, he didn’t know what else to say.
The rescuers came to
lead them to the ambulance where they would be taken to the hospital. Before
they got into the ambulance, Alice and Japheth looked at the collapsed church
and sighed, the strong walls of the church had really fallen.
The queen was furious,
she paced the underworld in anger as she stormed from one part of her abode to
the other.
“The crusade is over! It’s
all been brought to waste! Why?” She screamed.
“We have to continue
searching for more souls to win into our kingdom, we can’t back down because we
were defeated.” One of her girls said.
“I didn’t say we’re
backing down! We are not backing down!” The queen screamed.
“What happens to
Promise? She sold her soul to us and we must have her back.” The girl said.
“Leave her to me, I am
sending my demons from the pit of hell to end her life. I can’t have her leave
my fold.”
“But she hasn’t
indicated any interest to return to her former God. Why do we need to end her
“She hasn’t said
anything but I can feel it. I can feel her reluctance to be our servant anymore
and I must cut her off.” The queen said.
“We were defeated!” Another
girl said.
“Yes we were but we can’t
back down! I still have more men and women whom I’ve given powers to and there
are still churches struggling to stand. We will swoop down like a hawk and take
what is ours. Remember, we don’t have any time left, our time is very short.”
The queen said.
Sir Gideon opened his
eyes to see that he was in a strange place.
“Where am I? Who’s
there?” He asked, his voice sounded strangely in his ears.
“You have come to be
judged.” A voice said.
Sir Gideon looked
around, he recalled that he was in Promise’s church and he remembered that the
church had collapsed, and then a surge of panic kicked in.
“Please…please…I am
a man of God.” He cried.
“No you’re not!” The
voice said.
“I proclaimed God’s name
through the nations, I made people revere and worship Him!” Sir Gideon cried
like a baby.
There were no more words
from the voice and as Sir Gideon cried louder, a very hideous creature stormed
up to him. He looked up and recoiled in fear.
“What is it? What do you
want?” Sir Gideon said in trepidation as he stared at the hideous being that
made his heart quicken in fear.
“You belong to us!” The
creature said.
“No! I don’t belong to
you! Noooooooo!” He screamed.
Suddenly the creature
multiplied into thousands and opening their mouths, they made ugly sounds. Sir
Gideon was very afraid, he watched as one of the creatures handed over a piece
of paper signed with blood. Someone collected the paper and looked at it but he
couldn’t see that person.
“He sold his soul to us,
we’ve bought him. He’s cut himself off from the blood of the Christ.” The
creature said.
Sir Gideon fell on his
knees in plea.
let them take me, I made a mistake. I will go back to the world and rectify my
mistake…please…” He cried.
“What does it profit a
man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul?” The voice’s words
floated down to him.
Sir Gideon cried like a
baby, he wailed as his initiation flashed before his eyes;  he saw himself standing at the river and
watched as the blood was drawn from his palm and he saw as he said the words of
the initiation;
‘From today henceforth, I belong to the spirits of the
underworld, I possess their powers, and I will draw as many disciples to the

The words he had said echoed in his head.
“Nooooooo! Nooooooo!”
Sir Gideon cried.
“He’s ours and you can’t
lay claim to him.” The creature said as they dragged him with them.
Sir Gideon cried in pain
and regret, he wished it was all a dream.
Alice sat beside Promise
at the hospital, she was hooked on machines and her breathing was laboured.
Alice marvelled at how she and Japheth had left the church wreckage without
getting hurt and she praised God for their lives. Japheth had quickly gone to
get them something to eat and she was determined to sit by Promise’s side till
she awoke.
Promise’s eyes were
closed but her subconscious mind travelled. She was in the presence of some
demons that had her surrounded within their circle.
“What do you want from me?” She cried.

“Do you think you can speak the truth and go scot free?”
They asked in a sneer.

“Leave me alone!” She cried.

The queen appeared before her and stared at her.

“Sir Gideon is dead and he left the world as a faithful
member of our fold. Now, it’s your turn.” She said.

“No…I will not die…I will not die.” Promise cried.

“Listen to yourself Promise, who do you think you are? Do
you think God loves you? You betrayed Him, you swore an oath that now speaks
against you. You swore an oath of blood and you belong to us.” The queen said.

“No! I don’t belong to you! No!” She cried.

“It’s time for you to die…it’s time you came to us.” The
queen said as she sent fire to her from her mouth.

Promise screamed.

Alice was looking at the
television when she heard Promise’s monitor beep loudly. She stared in shock at
the monitor and something told her that Promise was dying.
“No! You can’t die! No!”
Alice screamed and laying her hands on Promise, she began to ask God for mercy.
“Father, I know she has
sinned, I know she has done wrong but dear Lord, have mercy upon her soul. Have
mercy on Promise…father…have mercy…” Alice cried.
Japheth walked into the
room at that moment and they both started to pray for mercy on Promise’s soul.
Promise was still in the circle with the queen and the
demons, she saw the fire coming her way and she ducked in fear. She expected
the fire to engulf her but she waited but felt nothing. She opened her eyes and
found herself lifted from the circle. The demons and the queen were down below,
screaming and yelling in anger while she was floating peacefully above their

Promise opened her eyes
and saw Alice and Japheth praying by her side. She coughed and they stopped to
look at her.
“Promise! My God…”
Alice said.
“Now, I know that there
is no other God, no other power, higher or greater than the God who made heaven
and earth. Now I know that there is power in the name of Jesus Christ and at
the mention of that name, every knee must bow and every tongue must confess
that Jesus is Lord.” Promise said.
Japheth and Alice bent
over to hug her, their hearts were filled with joy.
Alice and Promise were
at Pastor Hope’s graveside, Promise supported her weight with a pair of
crutches, her legs had been badly damaged at the building’s collapse and she
was yet to recover. The doctors had told her that she might never walk without
the aid of a crutch and even though the news had made Alice cry, Promise was
happy. She deserved worse, she said to herself.
“Thank God for opening
my eyes, and thank you too Alice for standing with me even through it all. God
bless you.” Promise said.
Promise had long removed
the chains she had left at her mother’s graveside with the aid of Alice who’d
proved to be more than a sister to her.
“I am grateful for God’s
mercy.” Alice said.
On their way out of the
graveyard, Alice’s phone rang, she answered the call and smiled.
“Good news?” Promise
“Yes…Japheth was able
to book the hall for our wedding reception and at an affordable price too.”
Alice said.
“I am so happy for you
Alice, you and Japheth deserve each other.”
“I can’t thank you
enough for placing him in my path.” Alice said as she knew that Japheth had
actually come to be with Promise at Sir Gideon’s directive.
Alice and Japheth had
developed such strong bond that when Japheth had asked her to marry him, she
hadn’t hesitated.
“I miss Bernard.”
Promise said with tears in her eyes. “And I will never forgive myself for ending
his life like that.”
“You are paying for it
already and even though it can’t bring him back, it is a way of telling the
world that there are indeed principalities and powers out for our doom.” Alice
said referring to Promise’s speech at the believers’ conference on Thursday
where she would tell the world about her encounters with the underworld.
Promise had met Bernard’s family and had confessed to them and surprisingly,
they had forgiven her. Now, she was to stand before thousands of people and
tell the story of her journey through the hands of death.
The government had taken
over the church as investigations as to why it had collapsed were still
ongoing. Promise realised that the church property wasn’t even in her name but
in Sir Gideon’s name all along so, even if she wanted to claim the land, she
couldn’t. The other lands she had bought with the church money were there, in
her name but she was planning to sell most of them and build a charity center
for the poor. She’d decided that she wasn’t called to be a pastor, but even if
she wasn’t, she could still reach out to lives through her foundation which she’d
already registered as the ‘The Bernard Charity Foundation’ in memory of her
trusted and loyal friend, Bernard.
The two women waved down
a taxi cab and as the cab drove away with them inside it, Promise reached out
and held on to Alice’s hand. She knew she had lost it all but had gained a
sister, a prayer partner and most importantly, a friend.
The End.
I felt teary-eyed as I
ended this episode. I don’t know why? I’m usually tough but….
Anyway, I hope we all
enjoyed this Season of Black Mail and I hope we learnt lots of lessons.
Remember that this is purely a work of fiction and these people or churches do
not exist.

God bless you all for
reading. You are all amaaaaaaaaazzzing!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this and learnt lessons


  2. Mehn what can I say……..They've said it all dear You're amazing. But God is more amazing.THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS….TO BREAK EVERY CHAINS. In it all the name of the Lord remains our place of refuge.
    Promise is lucky to be alive. Not everyone gets 2nd chances but she's lucky to have one.
    May the riches of this world not take us away from God.
    Ada love thank you. Like seriously THANK YOU. From Ayo YOUR NO 1 FAN. Muaaaaah..

  3. You are amazing! The story could not have ended more beautifully.
    I am happy Promise got a second chance, coupled with the fact that Japheth was delivered from darkness and Alice played a key role in it all.

    May your strength ever be renewed and joy your portion forever.


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