As Melvin drove, Kentura spied him with the side of her eyes, she knew he was quite pissed and she couldn’t really blame him, besides, she’d dragged him to the police station to bail her.

“I…can stop here…my house is not too far from here…” She said to him.
Melvin didn’t respond, his gaze was directed at the road ahead.
“Thank you for bailing me from the police net, I promise to pay you back.” She said.

Melvin turned to regard her, his face was stony.
“I had to give a bribe in order to get you out!” He spat. “Do you know what that means? I stand at the altar and preach against bribery and corruption but today, I did it in order to save your neck!”
“I am sorry…I promise that I’m totally innocent.” She said.
“Innocent? Kentura, the first time I saw you, I thought you were a prostitute and afterward you proved that I was wrong. Last night, you were arrested for prostitution….I really don’t know what to believe.”
“Are you saying that I’m a prostitute?”
“I don’t know…all I know is, you need help.”
“Help? What kind of help? What are you talking about?” She asked. “Like I said earlier at the station, I was at home and…suddenly, I found myself in the police net.”
“I’m taking you home to change and after that, we’re going somewhere.” He said.
Kentura’s heart flipped, she didn’t understand him.
“Going where? I have a lot of work to do at home because I have an important meeting on Monday.”
“You should have thought of that when you got yourself locked up in a cell. If I hadn’t come to get you out, there’s no telling how long you’d have to stay there and if this gets into the ears of your employers at work, you can lose your job.”
She kept silent, he had a point.
“Where do you want to take me?” She asked.
“You’ll know it when you get there.” He said.
They soon arrived at her house and she got in while he waited in the car.

Bianca was going through wedding dresses on bridal websites, she wanted a ball gown for her wedding dress and even though the ones on the sites were so expensive, she really didn’t care. Melvin was a rich man after all. Her mother walked into the bedroom and sat beside her on the bed.

“I like that one…” Her mother said pointing at one of the dresses on the screen.
“Hmmm…me too but isn’t it too revealing…you know I’m marrying the GO, so…I don’t want people to talk.”
“Oh, that’s rubbish! People will always talk …and you can wear whatever you want.”
“Well, I am still searching…I might find something better.”
“How’s Melvin? Have you spoken to him?”
“No…not yet..”
“Why? You should call him.”
“Why do I have to be the one to do the calling, mom? He slept with me and should be the one to call to talk…I want him to call me.”
“Bianca, we don’t want him to slip out of your grasp.”
“He can’t slip out of my grasp mom, and even if I have to tell him that I’m pregnant to hold him down, I’d do it.”
Her mother’s eyes widened.
“Do you think you could be pregnant?” She asked.
“I was safe yesterday so I doubt it…”
Her mother’s shoulders slumped.
“So errr…I was wondering…now that Melvin’s mom is definitely going to die…maybe I can take over the spot as the head of the counseling department of the church. She’s held that role for too long already.”
“Isn’t that supposed to be reserved for the wife of the GO?”
“No, not necessarily… the church makes a decision on who’s to head the department.” Her mother said. “Since you’re marrying Melvin soon, why don’t you talk him into giving me that post?”
“But mom, you aren’t even in the counseling department of the church and I doubt that you have the gift of counseling.”
“Well…I could Google some tips for counseling online and tweak things here and there. C’mon Bianca, that department gets the most funding and anyone in charge is a millionaire.”
Bianca looked at her mother and shook her head.
“That’s my girl…” Her mother smiled.
Kentura had no idea where they were headed, she had dressed in blue denim trousers and a crisp white shirt which had a small drawing of a donkey with its tongue sticking out at the breast-side of her shirt. Melvin wasn’t talking to her and she took it that he was still pissed off about having to give bribe in other to get her out of the cell.
Soon, they drove into a large house with a very beautiful compound filled with flowers of different kinds. Melvin turned off the car engine and alighted while she followed suit, a young man ran up to them.
“Sir…good morning sir…” He greeted.
“Is my mom still in the house?” Melvin asked.
“Yes, sir…but your dad left a while ago.”
Melvin nodded and walked inside while Kentura followed, this is his house, she thought to herself as she made her way into the most beautiful house she’d ever seen.
Kentura’s parents had been quite well-to-do and her family house still sat where it used to, it was unoccupied, haunted and abandoned. It was big too but nowhere near Melvin’s mansion.
They both stepped into the house and Melvin said to her.
“Do have a seat…I’ll be with you shortly.” Melvin hurried up the stairs.
Kentura nodded and sat down, her eyes scanned the large living room and found some family photos of Melvin’s family. From what she saw, he was their only child. She was still seated when she heard voices coming from upstairs.
Melvin descended the stairs with a woman who looked exactly like him, they could pass for twins. As soon as Kentura saw her, something moved inside her and she felt so uncomfortable at once.
The woman took one look at her and stopped.

Melvin’s mother had phoned the doctor who had advised her to come to the hospital as he had some important things to discuss with her when her son had come to ask for her help.

“I need your help mom…” He’d said.
“What is it?” She’d asked.
“Can you please come with me?” He’d said.
Now, as she descended the stairs, her eyes stopped at the woman seated in her living room and suddenly, everywhere turned black.
“Mom…are you alright?” Melvin asked reaching out to touch her.
Melvin’s mother could see things clearly, this woman was the dark cloud she’d seen hovering around her son a while ago. She looked at the woman again and suddenly, the fog cleared.
“Who..who is she?” Melvin’s mother whispered.
“She’s a friend…a new friend…” Melvin said to her.
“Tell her to leave…” His mother said in a whisper.
“Leave? Mom, I brought her here so that you can help her…”
“Help her?” She asked, wondering how she could help the devil in human flesh.
“Counsel her, you’re good at counseling and I feel she needs it…” He said.
Kentura quickly stood up and smiled at Melvin’s mother, then looked at Melvin.
“Your mom is so lovely.” She said. “Good morning ma, my name is Kentura.”
As Melvin’s mother stared at her, she couldn’t explain it but she could see two faces stare back at her, instead of one.


To be continued….


  1. wow! This is the first time i'll be reading a Nigeria author's novel about Multiple Personality Disorder. I've always thought it to be as a result of a person being possessed by an evil spirit.
    I'm really enjoying this series. Have a happy weekend, Adaeze.

    • Hello Inyablesyn,

      The Black Mail series goes up every Thursday and Sunday. You can get the other parts of the story by clicking on the Black Mail tab at the top of the blog.
      Thank you for reading.


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