Mike quickly shoved the dagger beneath his
frame and shut his eyes a while to catch his breath. It was a failed mission, once again.
Jennifer lay on the ground breathlessly, she
couldn’t believe what had happened. Her husband had actually raised a weapon
and was about to strike her with it. So, what Vanessa said was true, she

“Baby…” Mike called out to her.
Jennifer didn’t know what to say, she just lay
there immovable.
“Baby…” He called out again.
“I…err..I fell off the bed…I thought I saw
something…” She said then sat up on the ground.
“Oh…” Mike said, not knowing what else to
“There’s no light, I’ll err get a torch from
the children’s room.” She said and standing up to her feet, she left the room.
As soon as she shut the door behind her, she
clutched her palm to her chest and thought of what to do. She was living with a
monster who claimed to be her husband. Suddenly, all that Vanessa said to her
over the phone made sense. Mike had held up a dagger and had wanted to stab her
with it, he’d wanted to kill her. She was very positive of it and she was
scared to the roots of her hair. She looked back at the door leading to the
room she shared with her husband and acted quickly, she raced over to her kids’
room and pushed the door open. Thankfully, her girls were at the school so she
could quickly pick up her boys and run.
“Wake up Micah…Emmanuel!” She said in a
shaky voice. “Wake up…” She whispered.
“Mummy…it’s night…is it time for school?”
Micah asked rubbing his eyes.
“Yes…yes…just come with me…” She said
throwing frantic glances at the door of her children’s room.
“Why?” Emmanuel asked as he shrugged out of
“Don’t ask questions…just come with me…”
She said shakily.
Emmanuel and Micah got off the bed and
followed their mother out of the room. Jennifer opened the door and peeked out,
there was no sign of Mike, so she held her children by both hands and made her
way out of the room and towards the back door of the house.
They were almost at the door when a voice
stopped her cold.
“Jennifer! Where do you think you’re going with
my kids?”
A flash light came on and Jennifer stared at
the face of her husband and shuddered.
Vanessa wailed as she lay on the floor of the
bathroom, she wanted to die. She was still drenched and she knew that the water
had something unusual in it because once it was poured on her, she felt so
The door opened and Damien walked in, he
crouched to the ground and stroked her hair.
“Baby…I’m sorry I was too rash with you…I
wanted us to have a bath together and…”
“Don’t touch me! Don’t you dare touch me! I am
the child of the most high! I believe in God the father, I believe in His son
Jesus Christ…I have nothing to do with you! Get away from me! Get off me!”
“What is it? What are you talking about?
Vanessa struggled up to her feet and stared at
him with anger in her eyes. Damien reached out to touch her.
“Don’t you dare!” She screamed at him.
Damien looked worried.
“What is it? Vanessa…what’s wrong?” He asked
“This marriage is over! Don’t think I’m stupid
Damien, I know that you’re into something diabolical…I know that the water
you used on me was not for good but for evil. I don’t know what you’ve soiled
your hands with but I do know that I don’t want anything to do with you.”
Damien’s eyes widened at the words that came
from her mouth, he couldn’t believe what she was saying to him.
“Honey…I have no idea of what you’re talking
about…I never…I mean, the water is just like any other water.” He said as
he reached out to touch her.
“Get back!” She warned. “Get out of my way…”
“No I can’t, you sound senile…I hope you’re
Vanessa struggled to leave the bathroom but
her husband stood in her way.
“Out of my way!” Vanessa said.
“You’re not going anywhere….”
“I will not spend the night in this house,
that will be over my dead body!” She screamed at him.
“Keep your voice down! What is wrong with
you?” He demanded.
“Get out of my way now!”
“Honey, don’t tell me that you’re angry with
me because of the water…that’s baseless.”
“Stay away from me!” She cried.
“Can we go to bed and talk this over in the
Vanessa didn’t know where she got her strength
from but she shoved her husband out of her way with all her might and ran into
the bedroom, pushed open the door and flew down the stairs. She could hear
Damien’s footsteps as he raced after her and she ran as fast as she could, as
though her life depended on it.


To be continued….



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