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Alice closed her eyes and sang from her heart, she couldn’t put a
finger on the reason she had decided to fall on her knees in prayer. She had
gotten home barely an hour ago and the desire to pray filled her heart. She
prayed for everything, the church, herself, Promise, Japheth, Gift and everyone
she could remember, she also prayed that wherever the late pastor Hope was, she
wasn’t disappointed in who her daughter had become or what the church was at
present. Alice knew that even though Promise had suddenly grown more powerful overnight,
and even though it seemed as though the Holy Spirit was with her, there was
some sort of coldness, some kind of bitterness that she couldn’t seem to place
a finger on.

Since Bernard’s death and the strange way Promise had avoided his
funeral, she suspected that something was going on and whatever it was, wasn’t
The crusade was in three days and she couldn’t wait for it to come, all
preparations were ongoing to ensure that it was a resounding success. She was
worried about Gift, as Promise had told her that she was in critical condition
at the hospital. What could have happened and how could a long snake of such
magnitude be in Gift’s office all these while. She shuddered to think that such
slimy creatures took shelter in the church.
She ended her prayer and lay down to sleep, she was retiring quite
early tonight as she had nothing to keep awake for. She wasn’t interested in
watching television and she was so tired from the long day spent at the church.
As soon as her head hit the pillow, she fell into a deep sleep.
Alice opened her eyes and found herself in a large dark cave, it was a
wet place as though water was in the depths of the cave. She took steps forward
and kept walking till she saw another cave with a smaller room within, she
walked inside and heard someone call out her name.

The voice sounded achingly familiar, so she strained her ears to it.
The voice called out.
Alice walked towards the voice and stopped short, there were thousands
of snakes crawling around the cave and a woman hanging upside down at the
center, it was Pastor Hope.
“Pastor…pastor!” Alice screamed as
she rushed into the room and stared at the snakes that bore close resemblance
to the one she had struck its head at Gift’s office.
“Please…untie me…untie

Pastor Hope said.
Alice looked at the ropes used to bind her arms and legs together, they
were heavy chains of metal. She looked to the ground and saw various shapes and
sizes of poisonous snakes circling the cave. She knew she couldn’t help her.
“But…you’re dead…you’re
Alice said.
“They chained my
body…they chained …”
Pastor Hope screamed in agony.
“Who chained you?
Who chained your body?”
Alice asked in terror.
As though in answer to her question, a strange looking woman walked in
with many young girls, following them behind was a man Alice recognized from
the day Promise brought him to look at their church when it was still in the
small store. She recalled he’d introduced himself as Sir Gideon. Following him
closely behind was Promise, she looked straight ahead and walked over to stand
beside the strange woman, her girls and the man.
Alice called out.
“Promise! Your
mother…we must help her…Promise!”
Alice shouted.
Promise didn’t budge, instead, she brought out a match and struck it.
Then raising it towards her mother’s form she lit her mother’s body and it went
up in flames.
Alice screamed, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. What had
Promise turned into? What was she doing?
“No! Promise! No!” Alice screamed
and opened her eyes to the world.
She bolted up from her bed and stared around in shock, panting heavily
and taking deep breaths.
“What is happening? My God! What is happening?” Alice asked in fear as
she jumped off her bed, took her bible and began to pray.
Japheth was trying to sleep, he turned on the television and stared at
the channels, there was nothing interesting in the stations that thrilled him.
He wanted to sleep but sleep was far away from him. He stood up and walked over
to his fridge to bring out a bottle of water.
Japheth stopped sharing Promise’s room with her since Sir Gideon had
told him to stop. He wondered if there was a kind of affair going on between
the two pastors but shook his head. Promise was very strict, even when they
shared the same room, she never came on to him, he was the one attracted to her
at first but now he found that there was nothing that attracted him to her. Her
eyes used to look so warm and friendly but now, she looked so wicked and so
He still ran his business in Akwa-Ibom but it was struggling as nothing
seemed to be working and his apprentice had told him that he felt that the
business was under some sort of spell. Japeth was worried about his life and
his growth. He had spent the past months shuffling between Promise’s house and
Akwa-Ibom and somehow he couldn’t find a balance. Perhaps it was time to let
go! He had thought that there was a future for him and Promise but now, it
seemed bleak.
He had just drunk his water when he heard a hard rap at his door.
“Who is it?”
“It’s me…please open up.” Promise said with fear in her voice.
Japheth opened the door and stared at her in surprise, she’d never come
to his room.
“Promise, good evening…”
Promise looked around as though she was chased by a ghost.
“Can…can I come in?” She asked.
He opened the door wider and she stepped into the cool room.
“The house is yours.” He said.
She nodded and headed straight to sit on the bed.
“Is anything the matter? You look shaken.”  He asked.
“No…I’m fine…I just don’t want to sleep alone…” She said.
“You’re welcome to sleep here and if you’re not comfortable with me on
the bed, I’ll take the floor.”
“No…please stay.” She said.
He looked at her worriedly. What was making her act this way? He
Promise lay on his bed and tried to close her eyes but the image wouldn’t
go. She saw Bernard everywhere. At first it had been while she was bathing, she
had rubbed soap on her face and when she poured water on her face and opened
her eyes, he was standing there at the edge of her bathroom. She jumped out of
the bathroom in fright, thankful that she had not slipped and fell. She got
into her room, promising herself that it was nothing but hallucination and just
as she sat before her mirror to apply her lotion, she saw Bernard, standing
right behind her. She had to abandon all prospects for a beautiful skin and ran
out of her room.
Now, as she lay on Japheth’s bed, she felt sleep claim her and she was
so grateful for it. As soon as her eyes closed, she found herself on a
mountain. A man stood at its peak with a scale in his hand, she stood before
the man and stared at him, wondering what was happening. Names were called and
one by one, people trickled to answer to their names, they had stones in their hands,
some stones were big and other stones were small. As the names where called,
they stepped forward one at a time and dropped their stone in the weighing
scale. Those whose stones weighed nothing, jumped for joy while those with
bigger stones cried in sorrow.
Promise’s turn came and she walked forward, she didn’t have a stone in
her hands. As she neared the man with the scale, she heard a loud rumble and
turned to look at what it was, only to see a very large stone which was far
bigger than her, rolling up towards her.
“Your stone is
heavy…you cannot weigh.”
The man said.
“What do you mean?
Why is my stone bigger than the rest?”
She asked.
“You cannot weigh.” The man said.
“What will be my
She asked.
She heard a loud growl and she turned to see them approach, hideous
creatures with dirty looking faces, sharp claws and ugly bodies ran to her.
“She’s ours…she
sold her soul to us…she belongs to us.” 
The most hideous of the creatures said.
“No! No please…she
screamed…please! I don’t belong with them.”
She shouted and woke up.
The room was dark and Japheth lay on the ground asleep. Promise was
terrified, she had just had a nightmare. She stood up to turn on the lights and
there he stood staring at her.
“Promise….you betrayed me!” Bernard said.

To be continued on Sunday….


  1. This is very good, but I have a point of disagreement, Hope is forever gone and can not be chained. I know it was just a dream but I remember their asking for her mother's picture earlier on, there is nothing they can do to her body or picture that would affect her soul. Just my 2kobo, nice read as usual.

    • Yes, we know that once someone is gone, he or she is gone. Alice is in a revelation phase and as you read on, there'll be more revelations of the things Promise has done to be successful. The dream was just to give Alice an idea of what Promise had done to her mother's memory. It was to show that she had forever destroyed her mother's memory and it's not that the evil people destroyed Hope. Her soul is already in heaven with God.
      Please go back to the very first episode of this series where Promise used a chain on her mother's grave. That's what Alice is seeing spiritually.
      Thank you for reading Chu.

  2. I do get where you are coming from even though I don't totally agree. I love your writing anyway, I can't expect to agree ideologically with all I read.


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