Odili’s mother was wheeled
into the operating room, Uche who had returned to the hospital less than an hour
ago, had followed her mother all the way to the operating room door, till the
nurses had asked that she wait till the doctors were done. Uche was confused,
she wondered why Odili’s phone was suddenly switched off. She remembered the
last time he had called her, he said he was already boarding the airplane.

“But that was hours ago now…what
could have possibly happened?” She asked herself worriedly.
She sat on one of the
chairs at the waiting room waiting for the operation to be over, and wondered
why all this was happening at this time. She scoffed at the thought that she
hadn’t even tried on her bridal train dress for her brother’s wedding yet and
the fact that they should be in Lagos at this moment, preparing for Saturday.
“God! What’s happening? Is
something wrong? Is this wedding meant to be? Why are things taking a turn for
worse?” She asked aloud.
Suddenly, someone came
bounding in, he looked disheveled and almost tattered and when she almost screamed
in alarm at who the hospital security had allowed into the waiting room, the
man shouted.
“Uche! Where is mmmy?” He
“What? Odili! Is this you?
Odili!” Uche asked shocked as she stood up to give her brother a hug, he smelt
stale and a bit of fish.
“My dear…it’s a long story…where
is mom?”
“She’s been wheeled into
the operating room. Ohhh Odili…things have been happening ooo…when I left the
hospital briefly, the nurse said that mom started choking and would have died
if she hadn’t come in to check on her. I am so worried.” His sister cried.
“What? God forbid!” Odili said.
“What happened to you? Did
anything happen? You are a mess…there are even leaves in your hair.” His sister
said as she removed tiny leaves that clung to his hair.
“I was involved in an
accident…I survived because of God’s grace…the taxi cab I entered tumbled into
the river and I came out unscathed…but the taxi man died…” Odili said
“What? You were in
accident?” His sister asked amazed, then shouting aloud she said, “Nurse!
“What are you doing?” Odili
asked, embarrassed at her noise.
“Don’t you know that sixty
percent of accident survivors die within twenty four hours? You might be
bleeding internally and you need a doctor’s attention.”
“I am fine…” Odili assured.
One of the nurses walked up
to them and asked.
“I heard you call for a
“Yes I did…please this is
my brother and he had been involved in an accident…could you kindly take him to
a doctor to examine him? Please….”
“Ohhh come off it!” Odili
“Please come with me sir.”
The nurse said.
“No…I want to see my mother…and
I am not moving till she’s wheeled out of the operating room.” Odili said
“It’s only an alive man
that can see his loved ones…you can’t possibly see her if you drop dead can
you? Don’t joke with internal bleeding, it’s dangerous.” The nurse said to him
as she would a child.
“Okay…but I need to be kept
updated about my mom’s condition.” Odili said.
“No worries…she’s in good
hands.” The nurse assured.
Odili followed the nurse
and they both left the waiting room while Uche waited at the waiting room.
“What are you saying? Where
do you think you’re going?” Amaka barked at Soluzo.
“I don’t feel right…I need
to go…” Soluzo said clutching her small bag firmly and standing adamantly at
Amaka’s sitting room.
“You are not going anywhere…Soluzo
you are not in your right mind…where are you going?”

“I am not a captive am I? I live in Lagos don’t you remember? I know my way
around and I want to go to my aunt’s place…what’s the meaning of this? I don’t like the way you’re treating me. It’s as though I’m a child.” Soluzo asked
angrily, she was still feeling a bit dizzy from the almost over-doze sleeping
pills she had been taking.
“Okay…you can go…but why
don’t you wait till tomorrow…I’ll get someone to drive you there but I can’t
let you leave now…” Amaka started.
“No! I really want to go
now…I don’t want to stay any longer…I need to speak to Odili, I need to explain
things to my family.” Soluzo said, desperation clouded her voice.
“Yes you will go…but why
can’t you wait till maybe next week when you are strong enough to face them?”
Amaka said in a quiet voice.
“No…the wedding is supposed
to be on Saturday remember? I have a responsibility and I need to face it! I
can’t leave Odili alone to cancel the wedding, that’s if we decide to do that…”
“Look at you, still
carrying the torch for that cheat!” Amaka said vehemently.
“I don’t believe that he is
a cheat…Odili loves me and I think that we can get back together and put
everything behind us…” Soluzo said in a small voice.
“Listen to yourself Soluzo!
Just listen to yourself! Odili is a big time womanizer…”
“O don’t believe it, we
dated for a while and I never saw him with another woman…”
“Do you want proof?”
“Proof?” Soluzo asked.
“Yes and I’ll show you…”
Amaka said and storming out of the sitting room she went to her room and came
out a minute later with a digital camera and handed it to Soluzo.
What Soluzo saw, shattered
her, she opened her mouth wide and stared. Right there was proof that Odili had
been indulging in an affair. It was a picture that showed Odili lying on a bed
stark naked with another woman she didn’t recognize because the woman’s face
had been hidden.
“Where…where did…you get
this?” Soluzo asked in a shaky voice. She handed the camera back to Amaka and
sat down on the sofa in a daze.
“When I found out that he
had been cheating on you, I planted this camera in one of the hotels he mostly
visits with his girls and set it to take pictures and that’s how I got the
pictures.” Amaka said.
Soluzo began to cry,
shaking her head in regret.
Odili’s mother was wheeled
out of the operating room, forty-five minutes after she had been wheeled in.
Uche ran up to her and hugged her on the mobile bed, a huge smile on her face.
“The operation was
successful but we suggest she rests for a while before you see her.” The doctor
“Oh okay…thank God!” Uche
“Can you come with me?” The
doctor asked.
Uche nodded and watched as
the nurse wheeled her mom away to her hospital room. Uche followed the doctor
into his office and sat down before his desk. The doctor sat down and stared at
“The operation was
successful but…”
“But what doctor?”
“This is really strange…”
“What is strange?”
“What we extracted from
your mother’s throat is what we call a black widow spider, and an obscenely large one at that.”
“A black widow spider? What’s that
“Yes, it is an
insect which is rated as one of the most dangerous insects in the world.”
“Jesus! What are you
saying? That you saw a spider in my mother’s mouth? What is that supposed to mean?” Uche asked in shock.
“I can’t explain this,
myself…your mother had the black widow spider in her throat and it stung her
repeatedly and its stings are very painful. However, the most alarming thing
is, we removed the insect alive!”

Uche opened her mouth wide
in shock as she stared at the doctor. He had just revealed to her the most bizarre
news ever!
To be continued on Thursday…


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