Japheth woke up with a
start and stared around, his body was in pain, he sat up on the bed and felt a
blinding pain at his back. He was startled to see the cane marks on his body.
“Is this for real?” He
asked aloud. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

Something told him to
call Sir Gideon and explain the dream to him and ask for his prayers but
something told him that he didn’t need to. He got up from the bed and walked
towards the television to turn it on. He caught his reflection in the mirror
almost screamed. His whole body was reddened with cane marks.
The television came on
and he picked up the remote control and changed channels still not taking his
mind off the marks on his body. He flipped channels till he stopped at a gospel
channel where a man was preaching on the television. Japheth wasn’t used to
watching channels where the gospel was preached but today was an exception, he
needed to hear the word of God.
The pastor looked
through the screen and spoke as though speaking to him.
“Are you in bondage? Do
you feel that the devil has taken possession of your dream life? Do you feel
you’re a captive under the devil’s chains? What are you waiting for? Fast and
pray! Call upon the name of the Lord and you shall be saved. The name of the
Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are saved!” The pastor said
through the screen. “Are you experiencing nightmares? Are you afraid? If you
are, then pray with me. Let us pray.” He said.
Japheth found himself
falling on his knees before the television and repeating after the pastor.
“Dearest Jesus, you are
my God, you are my father, you are my redeemer. I love you, come into my heart
and expel all forms of darkness. Come into my heart and fill it with your
goodness and love. Banish from me all forms of devilish attacks, remove from my
dream life, all forms of bondage. Be my Lord and Saviour, now and forever more.
I accept you as my only Lord and I promise to never let you go. Never let me go
Lord, for I place all my hope and trust in you.”
Japheth repeated after
the pastor and when the pastor was done praying he said.
“Are you a Christian? Do
you pray? Do you fast? I call upon you to join my church and congregation in a
seven day prayer and fast to break the yoke of the evil ones. The fasting
starts today, just as you watch this message and will continue till the seventh
day. The bible passages on the screen are for you. Please read them as you
fast. May God bless you.”
Japheth quickly used his
phone to take snapshots of the bible passages on the screen. When he was done,
he walked over to search for a bible and forty minutes later, he was surprised to find that
there was none in the entire house.
Promise was already
tired from the vigil, there had been liberation, healing, miracles and lots of
testimonies. The church accountant was busy in his office making records of
sales and the money kept pouring in. It was almost six am in the morning and she
sat in her office and placed her head on the table to doze off for a bit.
“Promise!” The voice
She opened her eyes and
sat upright. She wasn’t alone in her office. Two of the queen mother’s
daughters were there with her and they stared at her.
“What are you doing
here?” She asked in confusion.
“We own this place…this church you’ve built is from our wealth.” They echoed.
“What do you want?
Someone could walk in and see you.” She said as she regarded them.
They were dressed in red
and black sashes which barely covered their bodies, they glistened of water and
their eyes flashed as though with fire.
“Don’t you worry about
that. We are only visible to the eyes we wish to see us.”
Promise nodded.
“You have been
summoned.” One of them said.
“Summoned? Why? I
thought we were done with the whole rituals.”
“We are never done with
anything. Once you’ve started, it never stops.” One of the queen’s daughter’s
“Am I to travel?”
“Yes but you’ll do that
in spirit. Tonight, we expect to see you.”
“I have…another
programme for tonight, it’s a five day programme and I’ve just concluded day
“Get anyone of your
ministers to stand in your place.” They said.
“I…I…can’t the
people need me.”
She felt a hard slap
fall on her cheek. Promise looked at them, she was surprised as she had not
seen any of the girls raise their hands against her.
“You should never say
you can’t come when summoned. Tonight, we’ll come and pick you up. Make sure
you sleep alone tonight, lock yourself in your room so that no one disturbs
you.” They said and disappeared.
Promise’s heart beat
fast. She heard a knock at her door and she stammered.
“Come…come in…”
The door opened and
Alice stepped in.
“Alice? What are you
doing here?” Promise asked, not too happy to see her.
“I came to apologise for
what I said. I know I upset you pastor Promise… and I am really sorry.”
“I have sent you away
and I can’t bring you back.” Promise said stubbornly.
“Please, forgive me, for
your mother’s sake.”
Promise snapped when she heard ‘for your mother’s sake.’
“It’s okay, all’s
forgiven but someone else has your position now. You can hang around the church
but you have no right to give any orders or instructions.”
“That’s fine by me,
thank you pastor.” Alice said and left the office.
Promise stared at her desk,
she had no idea of why the queen’s girls had come to see her. She needed to
call Sir Gideon and clarify things, she thought.
Japheth watched Promise
mope about the house.
“Promise…” He called.
“You look worried, is
something wrong?”
“Oh nothing, I’m just
trying to call Sir Gideon but his phone is not available. Do you have another
number of his?”
“No, I don’t.” Japheth
said. “Promise, do you know we have no bible in this house?”
“Yes, I checked all
through the morning and I saw nothing. Not even a small bible, you know the one
with only the new testament in it.”
“I think I took all the
bibles to church.” She said.
“Okay…I sent the maid
to get a bible for me at the bookshop.” He said.
Promise nodded absent
minded as she tried Sir Gideon’s number the umpteenth time.
“Japeth…” She called.
“I’ll need the room all
to myself tonight. If you don’t mind.” She said.
“Okay, I’ll go and take some of my stuff out of there.” He said.
Promise nodded and he
walked into the room and closed the door.
Japheth entered the room
and picked some of his clothes, he had just taken a shirt when he saw Promise’s
bible on the table.
“Oh, let me see if I can
borrow hers and use it for the prayer instead of using the one the maid helped
me purchase.” He said to himself as he walked over to pick the bible.
The book had the words ‘Holy Bible’ inscribed at the front. He opened the pages and
saw her name inscribed in the first page of the book, in dark letters. He
smiled and opened the pages of the bible expecting to see the first book of
Genesis. Instead he saw something else. It was a different name entirely. He
felt it was ‘Genesis’ but written in a different language so he started reading the first
chapter and froze.
It was no bible, the
words were written in English but when he opened his mouth to pronounce the words, they sounded demonic and inspired some sort of fear in him. He quickly closed
the book and stared at it in shock.
“This is not a bible! It is not!” He said.

To be continued
on Thursday.


  1. God works in mysterious ways, so the Japheth that was sent to her will get liberation of his own and possibly help her to get hers. Please aunty Ada don't kill off Hope o, there is room for forgiveness.


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