Mercy wanted to be treated like a teenager, she also wanted to
behave like one but it wasn’t happening. She was the eldest of four children
and she had to play the mother role all the time. Her mother was with Emmanuel
at the hospital and she’d been there all day. Mercy had made lunch and dinner
with the small foodstuff that was left in the house and the last scraps were
used to feed her siblings. After her siblings had gone to sleep, she stayed up
and tried to study, she was an intelligent girl, smart and very astute but of
recent she found that she was lagging behind in class because of the problems
her family faced.

She looked at the clock, it was twelve midnight. Didn’t daddy
say he was returning home today? She wondered. Where was daddy? She asked
herself. He never stayed out late before and after staying out late on Saturday
night which she felt was because of business, she was sure that he won’t stay
out late again especially since Emmanuel was in the hospital. She picked up the
mobile phone her parents had provided for the house and dialled her mother’s

“Hello…mommy.” She said into the receiver.
“Mercy…what is wrong?” Her mother asked sounding sleepy.
“Nothing is wrong mom, I was just wondering why daddy is not home
yet, is he at the hospital with you?” She said.
“He’s not home?” Her mother asked sounding surprised.
“No and it’s midnight.” Mercy said.
“Your dad informed me that he had to go somewhere, I…I think
he’ll be back soon.”
“Are you sure? I hate staying at home alone with my siblings at
this time of the night.”
“I hate it that you guys have to stay home tonight nights too…I
promise it’ll never happen again.” Her mother said.
“Okay..goodnight mommy.” Mercy said and hung up the phone.
She walked up to the television and switched it on, hoping to see
a nice movie on television.
Her parents never let her watch movies late into the night but
since they weren’t at home, she could do whatever she liked. She smiled and
flipped through the channels but soon, the smile disappeared because there was
nothing interesting showing on the television. She was pissed.
Since she wasn’t sleepy, she sat on the sofa and in the process of
doing so, her back hit something. She pulled it out and sighed, it was a bible.
“I’m sure Micah put the bible on the sofa, that boy is something
else.” She complained as she opened the bible and saw that she’d opened the
book of psalms.
“Psalm 35, contend oh Lord with those who contend with me and
fight against those who fight against me…” She read. “I remember Pastor Jude
telling us at bible study that it is appropriate to put in our names where we
want to in the holy bible….hmmm…I think I’ll add Emmanuel’s name to it. I
don’t think anyone is fighting against him though.” She said with a sigh and
read out loud. “Contend oh Lord with those who contend with Emmanuel…”
Emmanuel knew he was alive but he had no idea of where he was.
Suddenly, the world looked strange and nothing mattered to him anymore. He
wasn’t worried about getting better on time, he wasn’t bothered that Micah
loved to tear his books and draw cartoons on them and he wasn’t worried that
his family was growing poorer by the day.
“Where am I?” His voice sang in his ears. “What am I doing here?”
He received no reply but kept moving farther and farther till he
reached a very large compound and saw two men kneeling before a man within a
shrine. He watched them intently.
“You have been given a very important task and it will be to your
own good that you finish this task.” The man said.
“Yes, I promise that I will…” A familiar voice echoed.
Emmanuel knew that voice anywhere and anytime, it was his father’s
“Daddy!” Emmanuel called as he hurried towards his father.
“Repeat after me.” The agent said. “I will only pay in blood… my
son, Emmanuel is my blood and I will pay with his life.”
Emmanuel didn’t hear the words exchanged as he walked over to his
“Daddy…what are you doing here?” Emmanuel asked.
His father didn’t answer him, he just stared straight ahead.
Emmanuel took a peek at the basket placed before his father and was surprised.
Three of his photographs were inside the basket as well as some of his clothes
and even his tooth brush.
“What are all these things doing here dad?” Emmanuel asked but
received no answer.
He regarded his father who was staring straight ahead as though
he’d seen something beyond his reach.
Emmanuel made his way towards his father and tried to touch him
but he couldn’t, something strong held him back.
“Daddy! It’s me Emmanuel! Daddy!” He called out, hoping that his
father who loved him so much would turn towards him.
His father slowly withdrew a dagger from the side of the basket
and taking out one of his pictures which was inside the basket, he struck it
hard with the dagger. Emmanuel didn’t feel anything but he didn’t need a
soothsayer to know what was going on.
His father wanted him dead!
Jennifer was fast asleep when she felt her son move. She sat up
and stared at Emmanuel on the bed. His eyes were open and he was staring at the
“Emmanuel! My good Lord! Thank you Jesus!” She cried.
Emmanuel looked at her silently and said.
“Yes, he’s coming…I promise he’ll come…” She said as tears streamed
down her face. “I’m so glad you’re awake.”
He shook his head slowly and said again.
“Yes, I’ll call him and tell him to come.” Jennifer said
Emmanuel looked at her and said;
“Daddy wants me dead.”
Jennifer stood there and stared at her son in silence, it was as
though the air stood still and the only thing she could hear was her own steady
“Emmanuel…don’t you dare…don’t you say that. You don’t know
what you’re talking about…” She started.
But Emmanuel had slipped back into coma and it was as though he’d
never even woken up at all.


To be continued on Sunday….


  1. Wow wow wow…..Ada you got me hooked on this one. You are an amazing writer. God bless and uplift you continuously love. #ehugs.
    The extent men go to for money. SMH.
    Dear Lord the kind of wealth that will make me neglect and deny you pls don't give it to me. Amen.


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