Nosa almost leapt out of the car and into the house in a bid
to pack up his belongings, his mother stared at him in amazement as he burst
into the one roomed apartment and picked up his bag while his step-father who
was sharing a meal with his daughter stared at him in surprise.
“Ah Ah…you wan break door?” His mother asked.
“Sorry ma, I dey rush go Uyi house now now…de guy na
correct guy! If you see de kain house wey he get ehn!”

“Ehen! So wetin you dey go dia go do? I think say you don go
dia already.” His mother saked.
“Yes ma but Uyi told me to come and stay with him for as
long as I like in his big mansion. Mama, na so luck dey find pesin?” Nosa said
“Osanobua! God I thank you….ehn! See as God wan use Uyi as
special contact take bless you…”  His
mother said.
“Yes mama.” Nosa smiled sheepishly.
“Uyi don promise you anything?” His step-father asked,
speaking for the first time since Nosa stepped into the house.
“Which one be whether e don promise me anything? Uyi talk
say make I arrange myself come him house.” Nosa said.
“Hmmmm…” His step-father murmured.
“What is hmmm?” Nosa asked, troubled at his step-father’s
“I don’t like that Uyi…how pesin wey poor like church rat
go within two years, go yankee, marry wife come back, build mansion and dey
drive big cars? In just two years! E get as e be and the worst thing be say, we
nor even know the kain business wey e dey do. Look at me for instance, my money
comes from my coffin business but as for Uyi, no one can say where his money is
coming from.”
“If na jealousy stop am ooo….which kain rubbish talk be
dat one. Why you go compare yourself with Uyi ehn? How many people dey die in
one year? You nor know say if you begin build mansion and complete am within
two years with your coffin business money, dat mean say, everybody for Benin go
die finish. Abeg stop that rough play ooo…”  Nosa warned rudely.
“I know say you nor go hear! Don’t worry, shebi na Uyi house
you wan go live, dey go! No come here come complain if you nor see everything
you dey expect from am. If I be you, I go find work to do besides I don tell ya
mama say, I need apprentice for shop.” His step-father said, licking a bone
from his soup plate.
“God forbid! I jump and pass dat kain curse…oga abeg watch
am oo…nor dey look me like ordinary pesin abeg.” Turning to his mother, he
said, “Mama, I’ll see you later…you hear…make I go Uyi house.” He said as
he held onto his bag.
“Ok oo…my son, go well…but you nor drop money for ya
mama ooo…” His mother said.
Nosa fished his bag for the remainder of the money that the
hotel had settled him with and handed it over to his mother.
“Since I go dey for Uyi house, expenses nor go dey so, dis
na thirty five thousand naira. Please take five thousand and keep thirty
thousand naira for me.” He said.
His mother accepted the money with thanks and Nosa, not even
bothering to say goodbye to his step-father, left the house and hopped into Uyi’s
car which was waiting for him outside. Life was just about to get sweet he
Amaka arrived Lagos the next day after her trip to the
shrine and knew that she needed to get the items before her two days of grace
were exhausted. She decided to call Soluzo as soon as she stepped into her
“Solu ….Solu mama!” She hailed Soluzo through the phone.
“Hey Amaka dear…how far? Na wah for you oo…I haven’t
heard a word from you in like forever!”
“Sorry dear, I am so busy eh…but you know I can’t abandon
you like that…”
“Of course you can’t.” Soluzo said breezily.
“I got ‘The Meeting’ movie from a friend and I know how much
you want to watch it so, I’m saving it for us tonight. Why don’t you come spend
the night at my place today?”
“Ohhh…I don’t think that would work ooo…I have to be at
hospital very early tomorrow morning and sign off, you know that my leave
starts from tomorrow. After which I quickly have to rush off to the village
with Odili, you know that the traditional wedding comes up this Saturday and
honestly ehn, I’ve not even been planning for it. My focus has been the white
wedding all along.”
“C’mon…haba! we’ve not seen eachother in like three weeks
and tomorrow you are off to the village and you’ll be there till the trad
weekend. After which you’ll begin preparations for the white wedding, which
means you’ll be very busy till the wedding day and you know that after the
wedding, we won’t have time to organize bestie nights as single ladies anymore.
Is that fair to me? C’mon!”
“Oh gosh! You have a point…mehn! How did life get this
busy? It’s okay, I’ll clear my schedule and come over today…keep chin chin
ooo…you know how much I love those chin chin you buy at the supermarket and
don’t watch ‘The Meeting’ without me, you hear?” Soluzo said.
Amaka laughed, and after chit chatting, she hung up in
Odili’s mother was feeling too restless and this was one of
the reasons she had decided to pay her future daughter-in-law a visit. She arrived
at Soluzo’s aunt’s family house at quarter to six pm and after being ushered by
the gateman, she proceeded into the compound and soon, she reached the door and
knocked hard.
“Who is it?” A voice called out from inside the house.
“It’s your in-law…” She replied.
Soluzo’s aunt opened the door and smiled at her.
“In-law, welcome…ah ah…this one that you are coming in
the evening, I hope everything is alright?” Soluzo’s aunt asked.
“The wise people said that a frog doesn’t run about in
daylight unless it is being pursued…” Odili’s mother said.
“Serious? Please come in…I do not understand this adage
ooo.” Soluzo’s aunt said as she ushered her in.
Once Odili’s mother was seated, she asked for Soluzo.
“She’s inside her room, I think she’s preparing to go out.”
As though on cue, Soluzo appeared from inside the house, she
was well-dressed and carrying a portable over-night bag.
“My beautiful daughter, Akwa-Nwa!” Her mother in-law
“Good evening mommy! What a pleasant surprise!” Soluzo said
as she walked over to hug and greet Odil’s mom.
“How are you pretty angel?”
“I am fine ma…it’s just that Odili is not taking care of
me…” Soluzo said in a babyish voice, as she tried to enact sympathy from her
fiance’s mother.
“That naught boy! Didn’t I teach him how to take care of his
wife? I will spank him when I see him okay…” Odili’s mother said to her
“Okay…what can we get you? If I knew you were coming, I
would have cooked something special but you didn’t tell me anything.” Soluzo
“Something of great importance brings me here…”
“I hope everything is alright?” Soluzo asked worriedly.
“That’s the same question I asked.” Soluzo’s aunt said.
“Hmmm…I had one of my dreams again! You know how I am with
dreams and this one, was not good at all…”
“Really? What was it about?”
“It was concerning you and Odili’s wedding…it didn’t start
well and it didn’t end well in my dream.”
“Chukwu ekwena ihe ojo! God forbid!” Soluzo’s aunt rebuked.
“God forbid it!” Soluzo rebuked as well.
“Amen! May God continue to free us from all harm, may the
prayers of psalm 91 protect us forever!” Odili’s mom said.
“Amen!” They all chorused.
“ I am not here to break down the dream to you, because I am
not a bringer of bad news but I am here to proffer a solution. Soluzo, let us
go for prayers, I have booked a prayer session today, this evening. I had to
beg the prayer group because I called them at short notice but I desperately
need you to come with me, so that we can pray and cancel this thing once and
for all.”
“Awww…wow! I have somewhere I’m going to and I can’t break
my promise. Amaka invited me to spend the night at her place and….”
“And what? What is more important to you now? Your childhood
friendship or your marital life?” Her fiance’s mother asked.
“Mummy don’t get me wrong, they are both important to
me…but can’t this prayer wait? I know that the dream will not happen because
we have faith…”
“Yes we have faith but faith without works is dead! You need
to continue in prayers so as to strengthen your faith and rid you of bad
“Listen, Soluzo…your mother-in-law to be is right! Even
though I am not big on dreams and their meanings, you should go! Remember that
being married is very different from being single. Now, that you are going to
join Odili’s family with yours, you must take his mother as yours and do her
bidding as you would your mother’s.”
Soluzo was so angry, she didn’t understand why she had to go
for prayers instead of going to her friend’s place to watch the meeting and
gist till sundown.
“Okay mom…I guess, I’ll call Amaka and tell her that I can’t
make it.” Soluzo said in a resigned voice.
“Well…you can still go after the prayers…it won’t take
time.” Her mother in-law promised.

Soluzo nodded and picking up her bag, she followed her
future mother-in-law out of the house.
To be continued on Sunday…
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