Amaka paced about the house, it was nine pm and Soluzo was
nowhere to be found, she tried calling her number but it was switched off so
she called Odili’s.
“Hey Odi…”
“Amaka how far? What’s up with you?” Odili said in an
excited voice.
“I am good ooo, how are you?”

“Very happy…in a number of days, your best friend becomes
my wife, how happier can I be! The countdown just started!”
“Hmm…happy for you.” Amaka said through grit teeth.
“Yes oo…thank you. What’s up?”
“I’m trying to reach Soluzo but can’t get to her, she’s
supposed to be in my house tonight and I haven’t seen her yet.”
“Did you call her aunt?”
“No…I didn’t…”
“Lemme call her aunt and get back to you…I’m sure she’s
held up. You know my baby nah, she can waste time, I’m sure she’s either doing
one thing or the other.”
“Okay, please call her and get back to me.” Amaka said and
quickly hung up, irritated at the open display of affection which was akin to
“Mtchewww…he couldn’t even wait for me to finish my
statement before praising his wife….’you
know my baby na….
’ she mimicked. “Nonsense, na only you don marry before?
Odili placed a call to Soluzo’s aunt who informed him that
his mother had been to the house to take Soluzo to a prayer session. Enraged
that his mother had decided to drag Soluzo into her hallucinations, he called
his mother.
“Odili dear…can you call me back? I am in the middle of
“Listen…mom, I hope you haven’t taken Soluzo to any of
these prayer houses! I will not find that funny!”
“Why am I the only one who’s bothered about this dream and this wedding ehn?
Soluzo is here and prayers have begun, so …”
“Mom! What is all this about? You didn’t even think of
asking for my consent before running off to take her for prayers, she is my
wife to be for petes sake!”
“She is my daughter-in-law to be and whatever happens to her,
affects me as well. I had to bring her here because I know that there’s nothing
that will make you come, so, since the both of you are about to become one, I
took your missing rib along with me!”
“I am trying to be calm, but if you know what is good for
you, bring my wife out of that place, this minute!”
“Look at you? When I was strapping you to my back and
nursing you, did you have the mouth to shout commands at me? Come and beat me
up nah! Foolish boy! I will do whatever I please since I gave birth to a
foolish son who has decided to throw God at the side while preparing for one of the
most important days of his life. Where did I go wrong? Didn’t I bring you up in
the ways of the Lord? Why are you suddenly developing cold feet to pray? Did I
say that I’m bringing your wife to a juju shrine? Please stop burning my phone battery biko…if you have nothing important to say, go and strap yourself to a chair and stop bothering me.” With that, his mother hung up on him.
Odili growled in anger, he picked up the phone and called Amaka
to inform her of his fiance’s whereabouts.
The prayer session ended at about nine-thirty pm and Soluzo
opened her eyes, she was still kneeling before the prayer group. One of them
“I saw something while we were praying and a word came to me
which said that you should abandon wherever you are going to this night and go
Soluzo rolled her eyes, ‘this people and their baseless
visions. Which word came, and how does it come?’ she thought in disbelief.
“Has the prayers ended?” Odili’s mother asked, walking up to
meet them.
“Yes ma…don’t worry, God is all powerful, he will avert
whatever it is that wants to ruin the wedding.” Another said.
“Amen! Thank you so much…God bless you for this.” Odili’s
mother thanked.
Soluzo and Odili’s mother were about to leave when one of
the members of the prayer group said.
“Soluzo, please come.”
Soluzo almost stamped her feet in anger, she didn’t
understand why these people were so bent in killing time. The member brought
out an olive oil and opening it, he poured a generous amount all over her hair. Soluzo almost
screamed, she had just made the hair for the traditional wedding on Saturday, and the oil will make it so greasyy and smelly, she thought.
“Go on, peace be with you.” The prayer group member said.
“And with you brother.” 
Odili’s mother said.

As they left the gates of the church compound and got into
the Odili’s mother’s car, Soluzo felt she had just wasted her time at the
church. The driver started the car and asked his madam, of their destination,
Soluzo quickly called out Amaka’s house address. 
As they headed to Amaka’s house, Soluzo was thankful that her
future mom-in-law was not within earshot when one of the prayer members had
given her the so-called ‘word’ to desist from going anywhere else this night.
She rested her back of the back rest of the car as the driver drove them to
their destinations.
What a night! She thought.

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  1. Not surprised at Soluzo and Hubby attitude. When you have never struggled for something, you tend to take things for granted… In their case, its a lesson, may we never become too comfortable to take people's advice and even our parents' concern for granted

  2. Too long bawo…Ada Ada Ada
    Carry go jare my darling.
    Friends like Amaka exist sha. Best friend for that matter. Soluzo hmn……..Regret tonight not.


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