Bianca’s mother sat before Prophetess Antonia, she was her last resort. Prophetess Antonia was a woman she’d hoped she’d never have to go to but had to because of the way things were going. Her daughter Bianca was very upset, Melvin had crushed her and she needed to be sure that things were going to be fine.
Bianca’s mother had known Prophetess Antonia long before she’d gotten married, the woman had been an ordinary seer back then when she was still a young woman but now, she had her own church and followers.

The church was painted in white and blue and a large pentagon sign was drawn at the front of the altar and also at the center of the church. There were about three large crosses placed on the table before the altar as well as prayer materials. As Bianca’s mother sat with the prophetess, she could hear a deliverance session going on, not too far from her and some members of the church praying very rapidly. She couldn’t make out their words but their eyes were shut and they were in deep concentration.
“What do you want to know?” The prophetess asked.
“I just want to know if my daughter is going to marry Melvin…I really want her to and I see a future for the two of them.” She said.
“You can’t see the future unless you have the powers to see the future. You just perceive that they are meant for each other.” The prophetess said.
“Yes…right…they are meant for each other.” Bianca’s mother said.
The prophetess looked at Bianca’s mother and sighed.
“Your daughter’s name is Bianca.” She said. “She is a determined lady with the support of a strong mother.”
Bianca’s mother was shocked, she couldn’t recall telling the woman her daughter’s name.
“How…did you know her name?” She asked.
“I see a lot of things.” The prophetess said. “Your daughter is like you, she wants Melvin for herself but he’s already destined for someone else.”
“What? Destined for who? God forbid!”
“In life, we all have destinies…just the way we all have different patterns on our palms, so are our destinies different. The sun and the moon determine most of what we are going to get in life and when two people’s stars do not align, there is no future.”
“How can you say that?” Bianca’s mother said in panic. “Bianca is meant for Melvin. She is the most eligible woman in that church and she deserves him!”
“Yes, she could deserve him but the question is, are they meant for each other? There are marriages and unions that can be toxic even though the couple seems to be meant for each other. If you drag them together, they will barely make it work. In fact, their marriage could destroy the church.” She said.
“No! That’s not possible!”
“It’s what I see and my visions do not lie. My advice is that you let things rest…leave things as they are. Another man will find your daughter and make her happy. There’s no need trying to match make her with Melvin.”
“Impossible! That can never happen! Impossible!” Bianca’s mother cried. “Melvin’s mother is on the verge of death and her death will push her son into the hands of a woman and he will choose my daughter because…he…he…lay with her and I believe that they would marry and…”
“If you have all the answers and solutions, why then are you here? You asked your daughter how her meeting went with Melvin and what did she say?” The prophetess asked. “She told you that he has no interest in marrying her.”
Bianca’s mother stared at the prophetess; it felt as though the woman was looking into her soul.
“Yes but that can be changed…he can learn to love her and…” Bianca’s mother said sounding frustrated. “Can’t you do something to help me? Please…”
“I can work with the wind and the stars to change your daughter’s destiny to fit Melvin’s but I can’t change his, it’s already set and can never be altered.” The prophetess said.
“What does that mean?”
“It means that I can change your daughter’s star so that it can align with Melvin’s but I can’t make his, align with hers. What I’m saying is that once I make these changes, your daughter must try to marry Melvin at all costs or else…”
“Or else what?”
“She can never marry anyone else. Once I alter her destiny, she can never be seen by any other man except Melvin, who by the way might not eventually marry her.”
Bianca’s mother stared at the prophetess, her throat was suddenly parched.
Melvin knelt beside his bed and prayed, he had been praying for the past hour as he’d woken up before dawn.
“Dear Lord…” He prayed. “What am I doing to myself? Why do I feel responsible for Kentura even though I barely know her? After the fire incident at her house, I gave her shelter in the boys’ quarters of my parents’ home even though my mother clearly warned that I stay away from her. Was I wrong to have let her in? Am I wrong to smuggle her into my house without my parent’s knowledge? Am I wrong to have sworn the security and the maids to secrecy? Your word tells us to help those in need and that’s what I’m doing for Kentura. I had no other choice but to help her move in here for the meantime, at least till she’s back on her feet and so far, I have seen her resilience. She has been looking for a new place to stay and I’m sure that she’ll move out soon. I am so worried about everything, Lord, suddenly it seems as though we don’t have the connection we used to have before, I remember hearing you speak to me very clearly but now, it’s so difficult to hear from you. It’s almost like a wall is standing between you and I and I don’t want it. Is it because of my sins with Bianca? Or is it because I got angry with You when my parents told me about my mother’s sickness? Don’t I have the right to be angry even though I am your child and shouldn’t question you? My father didn’t act on his threat to remove me as the GO of the church but he’s stopped speaking to me, I see the hurt in his eyes whenever he looks at me and I feel so bad. My mother’s illness is troubling, she’s been to the hospital again but the answer is still the same, she has a little time to live and there’s no use wasting time on treatments. I am angry Lord, you have abandoned me and I have no one else to turn to…” He prayed.
There was a rap at his door and he suddenly lost track of what he’d been telling the Lord. He sighed and waited for the person at the door to go away. The knock came again, this time it was more persistent. Melvin looked at the time, it was a little after five-thirty am in the morning. He stood up from his kneeling position and made his way to his door. He opened it and was taken aback.
“Kentura, are you out of your mind?” He asked in shock. “What are you doing here?”
“I need a favour…” She said.
He hastily ushered her in and shut the door.
“You ask for too many favours. Why couldn’t you call my phone instead of coming into the house? How many times do I have to tell you that my parents have no idea that you’re here?” He spat.
“I know and I’m so sorry…” She said.
“What do you want?” He spat at her.
“Melvin, I hate it when you speak to me like we’re strangers. You were never like this before, you were so kind, nice and fun to be with but now, you’re always on edge.” She said.
“Get to the point.” He said.
“I actually came to ask for toothpaste. The one that I was using fell into the toilet by mistake and I can’t use it anymore and that’s why I’m here.” She said.
He walked away from her and headed towards his bathroom. Kentura’s eyes scanned the bedroom, it settled on the open bible on the bed. Melvin stepped out of the bathroom with the paste.
“Here you go.” He said as he handed it to her.
“Your bible is open.” She said. “I hope I didn’t disturb you.”
“I was praying.” He said.
“Seriously? Wow! It’s been long since I prayed…I mean…it’s been years since I’ve even opened a bible.” She said. “I don’t even own a bible.”
“How did you find my room?” He asked.
“I asked Agnes for directions and she showed me, I saw her sweeping the sitting room.” She said, referring to the maid.
“How do you communicate with God if you don’t pray?” He asked.
Kentura laughed.
“Communicate with God? Who can do that? I mean…God is somewhere way up in the sky while we’re here on earth. Most people haven’t even communicated effectively with the people around them talk more of a God that we don’t see. Don’t get me wrong, I occasionally go to church but I don’t feel any connection with God.” She said.
“That’s where you’re getting it wrong. You have to learn to communicate and wait to listen to Him.”
Kentura laughed again.
“Listen to Him? Are you nuts? Does He speak?”
“Don’t be ridiculous! Of course, God speaks…”
“I know you’re a pastor and all and I do respect your decision to be that but I have one question to ask. Since you woke up so early to pray to Him, has he spoken to you today?” She asked him mockingly.
Melvin opened his mouth and wanted to speak but he knew the answer so he kept silent.


To be continued on Sunday….


  1. This episode is… hmm, so many thoughts running through my head. The first is, about what the prophetess said, and I would love to hear other viewers thoughts on it. Are some of us destined to be with some one?


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