Ben was awake, it was
some minutes to eleven pm in the night and he was still scrolling through
channels on television.

“Crap! This cable
subscription is just crap!” He said aloud and changed the channel again.

Today was the first day
of his annual leave from work and even though he had more than enough money, he
didn’t want to go on vacation. Last year, he had travelled to the Bahamas with
Chidiogor, the year before it was Mauritius with Kemi, the year before that it
was Trinidad and Tobago with Fatima, he could count over and over again the
different vacations he had gone for and how they all seemed like a honeymoon.

Ben was a womaniser,
there was no denying it! His looks, his charm, his way with words was the
perfect snag for the gullible girl. He knew how to get them too, he caught
unsuspecting ladies like fish and after he was through with them, he became
distant and soon the love ebbed away like the dying fire.

Ben’s looks was his
curse and his blessing too, wherever he went, the ladies swooned and flocked
around like flies and even though this irked his friends and colleagues, no one
could take it away from him, Ben was so good-looking to be true. Aside from his
physical qualities, he was a genius when it came to performance at work. His ability
to turn sand to gold was well-known and the board of the company was very
pleased to have him on-board.

Ben lived in a serviced
apartment in Oniru, which was just a few minutes’ drive from Lekki and a stone
throw from Victoria Island and not far from Ikoyi. His apartment nestled in a
tall block of three bedroom flats with twenty four hours power supply, water
supply, a spacious gym, swimming pool and a park.

In the interiors of his
house, his sitting room was painted in pristine white, while sofas ranged from
black to white as well as the Persian rug. On the wall hug his family portrait
which had his sister, who’s a medical doctor in the States, his elder brother
who presently worked with one of the biggest law firms in Nigeria and his
youngest sister who played Basketball for the country. His family was in a
word, ‘blessed’ and his parents were at the receiving end of it. His dad was a
retired judge while his mother just retired from active service as a matron.

Ben loved neatness, he
liked his house clean and tidy and to this effect, he hired a cleaner to work
in his house each and every day. He also kept fit as the hours he spent in the
gym gave him an extra spice to his already good looks.

He was still flipping
through the channels when his phone rang loud.

“Hey Fred…” He
greeted, laughing as he spoke to his friend.

“Ben! Where are you?”
His friend asked.

“At home! Where else
will I be nigga?” He asked playfully.

“At the club or a
hangout of course!”

“Mehn…I slept all
through the day and I honestly forgot that today’s Friday.” He said.

“I’m at one of the cool
beach spots along Lekki Express way, can you come over? The hangout isn’t fun
without you!” Fred said.

“Really? Sure…why not?
Any side-attractions?” Ben asked in smiles.

“They’ve got lots of
ladies with booties so big that a man can’t stop staring.” Fred said laughing.
“Woooooow…I’ll be
there right away.” Ben said and hung up.

Ben quickly rushed into
his room, showered and dressed in a white sports shirt, blue denim and Nike
sneakers and placing a face cap over his head, he stepped out of his room,
picked up his car keys and left the house.

He got into the elevator
of his building, and soon he was downstairs at the reception.

“Going out sir?” The
security at the reception asked.

“Yes Gabe! Will be back
late tonight….” He said.

Gabe smiled knowingly,
he admired Ben a lot and wished he could be like him. Gabe had worked as the
apartment’s reception security for four years and when Ben moved in about two
years ago, he was there. One thing he knew about Ben was the fact that he
started his year with two girls and ended it with a dozen different ones and most
times he had different girls visit his home week in and week out.

“Have a lovely night
sir.” Gabe said.

definitely will.” Ben said and hurried out.

The night was cool,
holding promises of fun, Ben jumped into his Lexus and started the car, 
off into the night as though he owned it.


Sharon’s father had
brought the prophet home and she was already getting tired of seeing different
men come in and out of her house all in the name of prayers. She looked at this
one, he had introduced himself as prophet Ezekiel and he constantly wiped the
sweat off his face over and over again while staring around the shabby house.

“Thank you for coming
prophet.” Sharon’s mother said. She was lying on the sofa, something she was
always doing, these days.

“Thank you for having me
madam.” The prophet said looking around.

“This is my daughter
Sharon….” Her mother introduced.

“Hello Sharon, how are
you doing my dear?” The prophet asked sweetly.

Sharon hated it whenever
people spoke to her as though she was a child. She was a child literally but in
reality, she was not, she had lived longer than many people had.

“How old are you Sharon?”
The prophet asked her.

“I’m twelve…” Sharon
replied looking away, she hated the smell of the man’s perfume.
“Really? You’re a big
girl…” The pastor said surprised.

Sharon understood his
surprise, she actually looked nine or ten, she was shorter than her classmates
and looked far younger than they did. She was also quieter than they were,
always keeping to herself and minding her business.

“What class are you in?”
The pastor pushed further.

Sharon stared at him in
anger and excusing herself, she walked away from the sitting room and went into
the small room she shared with her parents.

Sharon was an only
child, she lived with her parents in a two-room house in one of the slummy
areas in Lagos. She hated the compound too and didn’t make too many friends.

She entered the room and
shut the door behind her, thankfully, her father had gone out to buy malt for
the Prophet so there was no one in the room. She sat on the bed and soon, felt
her mates appear from nowhere.

“Another prophet?” Ebony
asked giggling.

“Stop it! It’s not
funny!” Sharon said.

“You didn’t come to play
last night…” White said accusingly.

“You like to hold a
grudge!” Sharon supplied.

“Well…it depends…”
White said.

The door opened and her
companions quickly disappeared as they came.

“Sharon, what are you
doing in the bedroom all by yourself?” Her father asked, peeking at her through
the door.

“I want to read my
books.” Sharon said.

“Is this a good time? I
brought a prophet to help pray for your mother…we can’t bear to lose this
baby again…” He said.

“I know sir…but I have
a test on Monday…” Sharon said.

“Okay then…” Her
father said and closed the door.

Her companions appeared
again, they took the form of little girls but they looked queer and a bit
different from little girls, they weren’t the normal girls that people were
used to seeing, they were wiser and had some kind of animal features. Ebony was
black as the night and her eyes were as wide as the owls while White was as
light as chalk, and her fingers were claw-like. The girls only appeared to
Sharon and she alone, saw them.

Sharon had been born
twelve years ago and till date, she was the only child her parents had. Her
mother had lost countless pregnancies after she was born and will continue to
lose them till she reached menopause because that was what the witches had
planned for her. Sharon was on a mission to destroy the lives of Justin Ekanem
and his wife Layla Ekanem, her earthly parents.

“Oh… was he was
calling you to pray with them.? Hahahahaha…” Ebony laughed.

“Yes…but I declined…”
Sharon said.

“Hmmmm…but it seems
that your earthly mother grew sicker this time.” Ebony said.

“Who wouldn’t? She has
had three miscarriages in five months and she’s carrying another child. That’s dangerous. ” Sharon

“When are we eating this
one?” White asked.

“Tonight….” Sharon

“Hmmmm…” Ebony said.

The three of them kept
silent as they heard the loud shouts of prayer from the sitting room.

“That prophet is fake.”
White said.

“Yep he is…as fake as
rubber!” Sharon said smiling.

“Your father has a
penchant for attracting fake pastors and prophets….he makes our job very easy
for us.” Ebony said.

“Too easy. Even I, can
spot a fake prophet just by looking at his forehead….mtchewww” Sharon said.

“Are you ready?” White
asked, always ready for business.

“Yes…” The girls

They joined hands
together making a circle and as soon as their hands touched, they transformed,
drawing power from one another.

In the sitting room, the
prophet suddenly felt the need to use to toilet and as he screamed the words,
“This child will be
carried to full term…” a loud fart escaped from his anus.

Sharon’s parents looked
at him in surprise and when the fart came again, he quickly excused himself,
picked up his bible and ran out of the house.


Princess saw him
immediately he walked into the bar, it was a cold night and the seas raged
louder than before. She smiled and walked seductively past him and went to
perch at the other side of the bar to order a drink.
“That girl is fine!”
Fred declared staring at Princess who had just walked past them.
“Damn too fine!” Ben
stared at her appraisingly.
“She’s my fish dude! I
saw her first…” Fred said as he stood up and walked up to meet her at the
Ben sat there and
watched his friend converse with the lady and soon, they both walked up to the
table where he sat.
The hangout was at one
of the private beaches along the Lekki Expressway, it was a clam place to
lounge during the day but a wild place to chill during the night time. From the
hangout, guests could see the dark blue sea and they enjoyed the view of the shiny stars.
“Hello…” Princess said
to Ben as soon as she walked over to the table.
“She insisted on you
brov…I used all my charms but she wanted the tall handsome dude…” Fred said
feeling disappointed.
“I am flattered…” Ben
said, standing up from his chair and stretching out his hand. “My name is
“I am Princess…” She
“You are so beautiful or
is my head being clouded by the atmosphere?” Ben appraised.
“Hahahaha…I guess you’ll
have to see me during the day to find out.” Princess laughed.
Ben hadn’t seen anyone
as beautiful as Princess in his entire life, she was so appealing, stunning and
very sexy. She was wearing a blood-red sleeveless gown which revealed a thigh
high slit. She was also wearing a glassy pair of heels which was quite unusual
as ladies who patronized the hangout preferred to slip on flats due to the beach
sand. Obviously, she had no problem whatsoever walking on the sand.
“What would you like to
drink?” Ben asked.
“Anything you’re having!”
She said and winked at him.
Ben smiled and whistled
at the bartender who ran hurriedly to them in order to take their orders.
Amanda had just
concluded her prayers, she looked at the time and heaved a sigh of relief, it
was some minutes past three am in the morning which means she had been praying
for three hours. She walked to her bed and fell on it in a thud. She had had
such a long day, as she had spent the day going from house to house on her
lesson rounds. Amanda was a private lesson teacher who took students on French
classes after school hours, she didn’t have a nine to five job like most of her
mates but was content with what she had.
She was one of the rare
young ladies of the world who had found God in her youth and who was willing to
serve Him till her dying day and even after that. Amanda was a very pretty
single who lived with her brother Marcus and his wife in a rented apartment on
the mainland.
She was about to close
her eyes in sleep when there was a knock at the door. Amanda got up from her
bed and walked up to open the door.
“Amanda dear…I am so
sorry to disturb you but I had already gone to sleep when you returned from
lessons this evening…I was so tired ehn…” Her brother’s wife, Calista said.
Amanda smiled, she had a
soft spot for her brother’s humorous wife and the fact that she was pregnant
and clumsy made her look funnier.
“How far jo…come
in…how was work? All you bankers sef….chopping money like no man’s
business.” Amanda said laughing.
“Which kain money? My
boss caught me sleeping in the toilet today…it wasn’t a funny experience…”
Calista said rubbing her belly.
“Really? I hope she didn’t
get upset with you.” Amanda said in concern.
“No! She laughed at me
and said that I reminded her of herself when she was pregnant.”
“Oh thank God…I’ll
hate to hear that you were queried or something…”
“No….well, straight to
why I am here, I have gist for you. There’s this really cool lady in my office
who said that her husband is in partnership with the French consulate of
Nigeria. According to her, they intend to pick exceptionally bright students
and teach them French in three months, she asked if I knew any competent hand
and I was like…hell yeah!” Her sister-in-law said smiling.
“What? Are you serious?
This is big oo….thank God for you ooo….I am so thrilled!” Amanda said
jumping up and down.
“That’s not all
ooo…the pay is big! I’m hearing six figures for those three months.”
“Are you kidding me? Oh my
God! My prayers have been answered…thank you Jesus!” Amanda said with tears
in her eyes.
“Well…as you get the
money, don’t sha forget me ooo…” Calista said.
“Thank you ….oh thank
you…” Amanda said, hugging Calista.
“You’re welcome dear.
The interview is tomorrow oo…at Lekki phase 1…that’s why I knew I had to
tell you tonight….”
“Really? Tomorrow? Ofcourse
I can go tomorrow…” Amanda said.
“Okay…I’d better leave
you to get your beauty sleep…. because you might want to wake up early and join
your brother since he works in Lekki.” Her sister in law said.
“Thank you so much
sister…God bless you for me…” Amanda said.

Calista hugged her and
left the room to retire for the night, Amanda shut the door behind her sister
in law and walking to her bed, she lay on it, said a quick prayer of thanks and
fell asleep.



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