didn’t know why she couldn’t sleep, it was one am and her husband wasn’t home
yet. Where in the world was he? She wondered as she stared at the clock on the
wall of their bedroom. The kids were long asleep and she was alone in her
bedroom. The lights went off and she hissed;
and their wahala ehn. How are we going to sleep in this heat?” She said aloud.
mind floated back to when the going was good with her husband, they had
installed split air conditioners in all parts of the house but that was not the
case now as her husband had sold all the air conditioners and had only left the
one in the sitting room. Things were so bad for them and she couldn’t believe
that it only took them eight months to get broke. She wondered about the jobs
she’d applied for, no one had answered her yet and she couldn’t blame them. It
was years since she last worked and she really had no experience. She had
learnt catering and could bake cakes and pastries but she needed capital to
start that business too. As she wondered, the words of the pastor slid into her
“See me after service with your children, I want to pray for them.” He’d said.
heart beat frantically for no reason at all and she suddenly sat up on her bed
and stared around in the darkness. She felt some kind of fear grip her and she
got up, fell on her knees beside her bed and began to pray.
father, I don’t know why I feel like this but whatever it is that’s disturbing
me, please take it away because I know that you are with me, you’re with my
family. Please protect my husband and lead him home safe, I do not understand
the kind of meeting he’s holding at this time of the night but I pray that it’s
a good one. Please protect my children Lord…and keep them safe. In Jesus name
I pray. Amen.” She slowly got up and lay on her bed, closing her eyes to sleep.
stared at the image of his son in the mirror, he took in deep breaths and
stared at the mirror over and over again. He had returned back to the ancient
room for the sacrifice and he had been surprised to see only one man instead of
the four he’d seen at first.
are…where are the others?” He’d asked.
more you look, the less you see.” The man had said in reply.
had given him a red piece of cloth to tie around his waist and had instructed
him to strip his clothes. Mike had followed the instructions as Damien watched
he stood before a full length mirror which had a dark bowl in front of it and
agent of Matamamatama held out a knife to him and he stared at it as though it
was a strange object.
need to strike directly at his heart.” The man said.
felt blood rush up to his face, he turned back to look at the mirror and saw
his son lying in bed innocently and asleep and it looked as though he was in
the room with him. Mike turned back to face the man.
I have a minute?” He asked.
The man said. “You must do this now and there’s no turning back.”
need to be strong to do this, once you do it, you’ll find that it’s not that
big of a deal.” Damien coaxed.
hand shook as he held out his hand and received the knife, then turning back to
the mirror, he raised his hands with the knife over his head and stuck directly
at his son’s heart. He heard the piercing scream, he heard the loud cries and
his legs shook and he fell to the ground with a loud cry.
mirror didn’t shatter but blood mysteriously came forth from it and filled the
bowl on the ground.
woke up to the scream, she was so scared, the scream had come from Micah and
Emmanuel’s room. She jumped off her bed and ran out of the room she shared with
Isabella, she was just about entering her brothers room when she saw her mother
also race towards the room.
you hear the scream mommy?” Mercy asked in fear.
heard it, it sounded like Emmanuel’s voice.” Her mother said.
pushed the door of the room open and stepped inside, it was dark as there was
no power supply.
get a torch.” Jennifer said. “Emmanuel! Emma! Did you scream? What is it? Wake
up dear…” Jennifer said as she walked up to the bed and sat beside her son’s
rushed out of the room to bring the rechargeable torch which was charging in
the sitting room.
up.” Jennifer called out as she groped about the bed and touched the boy’s
frame. He wasn’t moving. “Emma…”
rushed back into the room with the torch.
it on…he’s not responding, maybe he’s in a deep sleep and he was dreaming…”
turned on the torch and shone it on her brother. As soon as the flashlight was
directed on Emmanuel, mother and daughter screamed in shock. Emmanuel’s eyes
were closed but his mouth was open and blood trickled from it.
Emmanuel! Wake up please…” Mercy and her mother cried as they began to shake
never woke up.


be continued on Sunday….



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